The Greasy Strangler - Poster

The Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood (The Last Witch Hunter) is to be found almost exclusively in genre roles in cinema since Alexandre Aja's Maniac. No wonder, Behind the scenes he is in fact long been taken on behalf of the macabre go. With his production company he SpectreVision is for projects such as „Open Windows“ or „Cooties“ responsible. The latest project of the Americans called „The Greasy Strangler“ and is dedicated to unsavory, idiosyncratic fashion the history of a father-son-trailer, the a crush in Los Angeles just in the same woman. Your trip to the west coast but soon the emergence of an oily, overshadowed slimy and inhuman psychopaths, going to looting in the streets of Flitterstadt and only the „Greasy Strangler“ (greasy Strangler) is called. The first traces of his „mucilaginous“ Activity can be divided into the following TRAILER account, to serve as an introduction to the planned US theatrical release this October…

The Greasy Strangler - Official Teaser Trailer