„Greasly Strangler“ is the sort Troma-Trash, the Troma has never managed. The film is a test of the limits of his audience, a deliberate humiliation of good taste, an exercise in masochism. „The Greasy Strangler“ is in all its trashy Abartigkeit, be beaten in the greasy pizza with double cheese Mampfs holes in faces and eyes grilled over campfire, a totally unique Art-Concoction full of brightly colored brilliance and the gigantic cock fluttered all the while prominent in the center, clearly visible through the pink-transparent Disco Dress and surrounded by heaps schwarzgekräuseltem pubic hair. they are complemented by the absurdestem splatter and dialogues, rotating in minute-long loops to the same absurd gags and their deliberate anti-punch. And somewhere in his plot around a love triangle lies a classic Greek tragedy, presented just not in shakespearschem meter offers, but deep dunked into a barrel full of fat. Freak-Cinema at it’s best!

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THE GREASY STRANGLER Official Red Band Trailer (2016) Comedy Horror Movie HD