Originally, the role of Ray Kroc from „The Founder“ Tom Hanks was offered, However, they refused. Filmmaker John Lee Hancock hit the zoom borne him directing task initially also from, but could then nevertheless be persuaded to read the script, woraufhin er seine Meinung änderte und den Film sein eigen machte. He approached Michael Keaton, to convince him, to take on the role of the protagonist. Michael Keaton schaute sich für die Vorbereitung auf seinen Part Unmengen an Videomaterial von Ray Kroc an, um ihn überzeugend nachahmen zu können. Darüber hinaus sprach er mit Angehörigen der Kroc-Familie und musste zusätzlich ein paar Kilo zulegen, um seinen Körper dem des 1984 With 81 customize years late fast food prototype.

„The Founder“ erzählt die Geschichte wie McDonald’s zur weltweit grössten Fast-Food-Kette aufstieg. „The Founder“, So the founder, is McDonald's, anders als der Name der Fastfood-Kette nahelegen würde, not a member of the McDonald family. Instead, the resounding success of the brand with the yellow M Ray Kroc ascribable. The seller of Illinois is with Ethel Kroc (Laura Dern) married and enter into the '50s to the siblings Mac McDonald (John Carroll Lynch) and Dick McDonald (Nick Offerman) wonder. The two leading Southern California a Burger Company, has no plans, to enlarge beyond the borders of their own state out. However, Ray Kroc leads the company to a billion-strong sales and turns them into a global brand - and the brothers maneuvered in the course of this from their own business out.