As we have already reported, gibt es den japanischen Selbstmordwald mit Namen Aokigahara tatsächlich und man sagt, that it is there to give comic magnetic fields, what is not busy. Much more could an author there his protagonist committing suicide, weswegen dort auch viele Leser den Freitod wählten. Meanwhile, it is probably just one of those things, dass man für den Selbstmord dahin geht, because you perhaps just so.

Now the Yanks come along and turn it into a horror story, because American Horror stories, based on Japanese movies or Say, like for example „Ju-On“ or „The Ring“ yes function totally good. well, let's see… at the 14. January, the film will then come with us to the cinema, but I do not think, dass ich dafür unbedingt das Haus verlassen wollen würde