Jesse, a, quarreling with themselves, Artist hopes new inspiration and progress in his life, when he relates the house of his dreams in the rural part of Texas with his family. But fast this hope turns into a nightmare, when the artist seems to be afflicted with a diabolical demon and is immediately followed by guttural voices and only satanic messages paints. In between we see the former occupants Ray case, as he tries desperately, his obsession with loud Metal and a Flying V to distribute, what it naturally does not succeed and he continued to sacrifice children's souls to the devil. The slightly stale Possession Story replaced by metal spinning a very nice makeover and sizes found on the soundtrack as METALLICA or Slayer. Unfortunately, the heavy metal of the film remains too superficial, the film to „real“ to make entry in the subgenre of metal Horrors, such as „Shock ‚Em Dead“, „Hardrock Zombies“ or „Ragman“. Nevertheless, the film has enough sense of timing and provides a highly exciting final.

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