Artist Jesse and his family in a big house in the countryside and is soon followed by guttural voices and only painted satanic messages. In between we see the former occupants Ray case, as he tries desperately, his obsession with loud Metal and a Flying V to distribute, what it naturally does not really succeed well and he continues to sacrifice children's souls to the devil - the Devils Candy just… The characters are fundamentally sympathetic by the Bank, including the enormously creepy villains played by Pruitt Taylor Vince, its crazy eye rolling me already in films such as Natural Born Killers, Identity, Jacob's Ladder and Monster has made insane. The artist Jesse, gepielt of Ethan Embry, however, looks like Catweazle. The slightly stale Possession Story replaced by metal spinning a very nice makeover and ever is the soundtrack with METALLICA, healthy und Slayer Simply great!