Approximately one year after the US launch, more precisely at the 8. March 2017, strikes it supernatural spook with Silent Hill Victims Radha Mitchell and Kevin Bacon (Echoes, Hollow Man) now to us, although local Genre fans must be content with a direct evaluation on DVD and Blu-ray. In the film,, the nearly three years ago originally under the name „6 Miranda Drive“ was announced, bring a family from vacation unknowingly a supernatural force home. The presence feeds on the fears of local residents and ensures destruction of life and home, with terrible consequences. Expectations were high, as Wolf Creek creator Greg McLean (Rogue) his US debut announced. could Withstand „The Darkness“ this not indeed, was at the movies then but at least as successful, that almost 11 jumped out millions of dollars in revenue for lenders High Top Releasing and production house Blum House.