The Crow Remake: leading actor found? Jason Momoa announces surprise

Names have been over the last five years as Bradley Cooper, Tom Hiddleston, Jack Huston, Mark Wahlberg and Luke Evans for Eric-draven-acted role in the long-planned The Crow Remake. And those were only the official candidate, while additionally rumors about Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Nicholas Hoult, James McAvoy and Jack O'Connell circled. At the director frontage eh similarly turbulent. Steven Norrington took over the remake 2008, followed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and F. Javier Gutierrez. But the production studio Relativity Media can prevent neither the rain change before and behind the camera still from the company's own money worries, fully in the remake of „the crow“ hold. Now the film industry has a new candidate for the lead role targeted: Jason Momoa. For the handsome giant of „Game of Thrones“ and „Stargate: Atlantis“ it would not be the first remake nor his first comic role. The former he covered already with „Conan“ from, the latter for his role as Aquaman in „Batman in superman“ and soon in a separate Aquaman movie.

A few days ago Momoa published on Instagram a picture of himself and the upcoming The Crow director Corin Hardy and announced, that soon beckons him a dream job. The-Hallow-director Hardy has long been off on the project. Whether Momoa will really play the role, but I believe only, when the first door on the set falls. Currently reminds me the remake of the planned remake of „Highlander“, migrating in recent years also by director to director and actor to actor. If it does occur, I hope, that the remake is not so weak as Momoas „Conan“. reached after Brandon Lee's tragic death on the set „the crow“ to displace an almost mythical cult status among film buffs and Lee as Eric Draven from the collective memory, will not be easy. The also have a number of followers in the sequels and TV series failed. Officially, Relativity Media was not ready to submit its.

the crow
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