Brady Corbet, the actor u.a. In „Funny Games U.S.“ and „Escobar – Paradise Lost“ was seen, are with „The Childhood of a Leader“ his directorial debut. In the press to film it says, dieser sei lose an die Kindheitserinnerungen europäischer Diktatoren im 20. ajar century. In an echo of World War I draws an American government official and his family to France, to participate there in the drafting of the Treaty of Versailles. Während sich die Welt um den kleinen Sohn des Regierungsbeamten herum im verwirrenden Umbruch befindet, entwickelt dieser eine zunehmend aggressive Persönlichkeit, with neither the mother nor the staff of the house to help Knowledge. When the drama with Robert Pattinson, Liam Cunningham, Bérénice Bejo, Tim Roth and young actor Tom Sweet will be on display in Germany, not yet known.