The Bye Bye Man - Poster and Trailer

„Don’t Think It. Don’t Say It.“ That the „The Bye Bye Man“ is not to be trifled with, you see the following Trailer. An additional warning can now be on the official Poster find, the reminder, merely not to think about the fabled bogeyman. In „The Bye Bye Man“ three college students are in fact one afflicted by this very Bye Bye, which occurs in appearance as a man with an extremely severe form of albinism and always appear there, where helpless victims thinking of you. The gloomy legend goes back to a true case, is to have as happened in the United States. was staged „The Bye Bye Man“, the most 3. June 2016 starts in American cinemas, Stacy Title, for a script written by Jonathan Penner (Black Devil, Hood of Horror).

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The Bye Bye Man | Teaser Trailer | In Theaters January 13, 2017