Originally had the supernatural slasher „The Bye Bye Man“ in the summer to see the light of the world, but then lenders STX decided to, to relocate the project by Stacy Title in the cooler season. There then expected especially fans of teen Slashern get their money. As Hanger namely serves a figure, the only „The Bye Bye Man“ was known. In the film with Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount and Douglas Jones are three college students Man haunted by a sinister character called Bye Bye, which occurs in appearance as a man with an extremely severe form of albinism and always appear there, where helpless victims thinking of you. The gloomy legend goes back to a true case, is to have as happened in the United States. was staged „The Bye Bye Man“ Stacy Title and with a script written by Jonathan Penner.

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The Bye Bye Man: Trailer #1