On the account of director William Brent Bell already go a whole lot of horror movies. Already with „Stay Alive“ (2006), „Devil Inside - No soul is safe“ (2012) and „Who - The beast in you“ (2013) he taught his audience the creeps. In all three films, he was also always involved in writing the screenplay. For „The Boy“ he handed over this task for the first time completely in the hands of another person: Mr. Stacey Newcomerin, whose script was led to Mixtape on the coveted "blacklist" unproduzierter screenplays. The choice of leading lady, which should embody the Nanny, fell to Lauren Cohan, by the Zombie-Series „The Walking Dead“ had acquired in her role as Maggie celebrity and there already could gain experience with horrendous situations.

Greta (Lauren Cohan) gets a little strange elderly couple (Jim Norton und Diana Hardcastle) the task, to give as a nanny to their son 8 years eight, while they go on vacation. The young American is working in the remote English village quite right, tried it but to leave her troubled past behind and to gain a foothold again in Great Britain. Das zu caring „Kind“ but turns out to be a life-size porcelain doll, intended to tide the couple over the loss of her recently deceased son. The Nanny takes the peculiar order to nevertheless. How hard can it be finally, take care of a doll - no matter, how lifelike it may look? But the longer the boy Woman is in charge of the bizarre task, the more they suspects, that the doll in truth is alive… and begins using the food suppliers Malcolm (Rupert Evans) to investigate.

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The Boy Official Trailer #1 (2016) Lauren Cohan Horror Movie HD