In Horror „The Blackcoat’s Daughter“ sitting of Oz Perkins two girls in their school firmly and are haunted by an eerie power. Emma Roberts has also off the American horror Story prove strong nerves. In the horror film embodies Joan, an attractive, but haunted by ghosts woman, which sets out on a pilgrimage toward a private school for girls. There she wants with her two good friends Kat and Rose (Lucy Boynton) Meeting. But the farther Joan the stranded girl approaches, the worse visions plaguing Kate, while an invisible, takes evil power of Rose owned. A sinister odyssey through the frozen land starts. What horrors lurk in the desert on the Scream 4 star, reveals the official movie trailer for the upcoming release in the US&A. Other roles in horror thrillers take Kiernan Shipka, James Remar, Lucy Bounton und Lauren Holly.