Evil Dead

Glory, Gory, Hallelujah! After the controversial horror-Classic by Sam Raimi has already been acquitted in August of various seizure orders, has the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM) Now also the since 32 devoted years existing indexing and this lifted immediately! Evil Dead thus may finally be again sold and advertised publicly. A final step on the road to home theater Premiere must hire it but still complete, because by the abolition of confiscation and indexing, the company now has the opportunity, submit the film to a retest at the FSK. Currently we prepare already the next steps before, at „to bring the classics unabridged version in trade“ and him online or in retail stores to make accessible. Long it will no longer take, may invest up to pick up the first horror adventure from Ash officially and in quality Featuring home!

In The Evil Dead was followed by two sequels: „Evil Dead II - Now is danced more“ (1987), „Army of Darkness“ (1992) and the critically acclaimed remake „Evil Dead“ (2013), again produced by Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell. Designed as a spin-off TV series „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ Since September 2016 also available in our latitudes. Great news at this 10. October 2016!