Many years ago, let Kinowelt, meanwhile StudioCanal, an order 25 Seconds cut version of „Evil Dead 2“ Check of the Rated, which was stamped with a 16er released. The completely uncut version was in this country to 1993 on the Index. Subsequently, it was full on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray evaluated, but only with SPIO / JK released. Now it wanted StudioCanal exactly Knowledge and let „Evil Dead 2“ Check of the Rated Full-length and behold, the film by Sam Raimi received from the apparently cheerful Rated a release from 16 Years. Thus, one may expect in the near future with further releases of the cult classic. „Evil Dead 1“ is the way always still on the Index. Whether there is a re-examination could cause a similar effect?

The Evil Dead 2: according to new audit released uncut version for minors
(via Schnittberichte)