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Damn the First, which surrounded a piece of land with a fence and got the idea to say „This is mine“ and the people took, that were simple enough, to believe him, was the real founder of civil society. How many crimes, wars, Murders, how much misery and horrors would have been spared the human race, if someone had pulled the piles and shouted his fellow: „Beware, to give the scammers faith; you are Lost, if you forget, that although the fruit all, but the earth belongs to no one.“

Jean-Jaques Rousseau, 1712 – 1778, French-language writers, Philosopher, pedagogue, Naturalist and composer of the Enlightenment

The development of mankind

Einst haben die Kerls auf den Bäumen gehockt,
behaart und mit böser Visage.
Then you have lured them from the jungle
and the world paved and increased,
bis zur dreißigsten Etage.

Da saßen sie nun, den Flöhen entflohn,
in zentralgeheizten Räumen.
As they sit on the phone.
And there is still exactly the same sound
wie seinerzeit auf den Bäumen.

Sie hören weit. they watch TV.
Sie sind mit dem Weltall in Fühlung.
Sie putzen die Zähne. Breathe modern.
The earth is an educated rating
mit sehr viel Wasserspülung.

Sie schießen die Briefschaften durch ein Rohr.
Sie jagen und züchten Mikroben.
You versehn nature with all the comforts.
Fly steeply into the sky
and stay for two weeks up.

Was ihre Verdauung übrigläßt,
they processed into cotton.
They split atoms. They heal incest.
And they note by Style investigations,
daß Cäsar Plattfüße hatte.

They have the head and the mouth
created the human progress.
But it apart and
considered in the light they are in the ground
more always the old monkey.

Erich Kästner, 1899 – 1974, German writer, publicist, Screenwriter

Quote of the Day

No man chooses evil Because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.
Mary Shelley, 1797 – 1851, British writer

Mary Shelley

Thank you, neoliberalism!

Racism and exclusion has many causes. One of them can be seen in the unequal distribution of resources and education. Der österreichische Schauspieler Josef Hader hat dazu ein paar schlaue Dinge gesagt, which perhaps should be one or the other go through your head: „Since you can calmly say that again: Thank you, neoliberalism!“

Quote of the Day

We live in a country where Frauenversteher and gooder and pacifist foul language are. – Have we truly hingekriegt.

Hagen Rether, 1969 in Bukarest, deutscher Kabarettist

Quote of the Day

I regret nothing. Repentance is pointless. It is already too late. You have it already made, or? You lived your life. It is useless to you, to wish, It would be different.

Ian Fraser „Lemmy“ Kilmister, 1945 – 2015, British rock musician

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