Zattoo mit Twitter im Browser

For some time I may the Browser version of Zattoo test. And what can I say, Zattoo is stylish and functional than Wilmaa, offers 10 More stations, a much better sound quality and the Programmquide for browsing the transmitter is not missing. Now was also Twitter integrated.

New one can talk about the current TV via Twitter and this is where we called the Hashtags uses. It is easily a small window below the TV channel appears, the – if you look, for example, Pro7 – All tweets with the hashtag # # pro7 zattoo shows. By clicking onto Twitter icon will open a new window with the Twitter entry and identified the appropriate hashtags, so that one can express itself immediately and without delay to the TV program.

Personally, I prefer yes always nor the Desktop version of Zattoo the browser-based front and hope, Web development that also receives the client catchment. Zattoo transmits conventional television legally over the net and it has signed agreements with national television stations and transmitters. The application download and use free of charge. Anyone who wants to increase the quality of the stream, can upgrade to the paid premium offer HiQ. Another source of income are short commercials during the channel change.

Zattoo Web Browser