The ultimate WordPress Upgrade Guide

At gibt es eine prächtige Anleitung zum Upgrade von WordPress, besonders aktuell für den gerade rausgekommenen Release 2.9

The following tips, when the Download des Cheats be served, wieso man nicht automatisch die Aktualisierung durchführen sollte, gelten nicht nur für WordPress ;)

  1. not always ist das PHP Ausführungslimit groß genug.
  2. Many forget this basic things like eg a database backup to make advance, because you just have to click yes on the button.
  3. if something goes wrong, goes wrong with the automatic update much more, than in the FTP.

In the Download contained a. pdf file and a very large image, damit auch diejenigen das Cheat Sheet anschauen können, who do not have PDF Reader.

Wordpress Upgrade Anleitung

WordPress Console

Those who love (I) working with the Console, has now with a new plugin the possibility, With WordPress by Console play around and because an image, or more accurately, a video clip, worth a thousand words, the designer Jerod Santo also equated the following screencast to the grid:

Video Thumbnail
WordPress Console Introduction

Kill WordPress!

Man, Oh man, Sometimes I curse – so good, resp zweckmässig und funktionell sie auch istWordPress dorthin wo der Pfeffer wächst und damit das Teil schneller verschwindet gibt gleich noch ne Ladung aus der AK47 hinterher:Angry: :mace:

Weder das ich neue Plugin oder ähnliches an WordPress rumgeschraubt hätte, no, für einmal kann es sowas nicht gewesen sein und plötzlich funktioniert in ganz WordPress keine einzige Seitenumbruchsnummerierung mehr, respectively in the meantime I've found, that the system assumes, I 0 On the blog, which narrowly 5000 leicht überboten wird und daher wird keinerlei Seitennavi (Vorwärts – backward) disappears, this in both Admin- as well as in the user area. Well class. Hallelujah! :Dead:

But first, in order, and nothing like ran to the debugging. After a long search and many hours I am able to track the cause and have using the following few lines of code, in index.php supported the theme installed, found, where the problem lies:
global $wp_query;
$posts_per_page = intval(get_query_var('posts_per_page'));
$paged = intval(get_query_var('paged'));
echo "posts_per_page: ".$posts_per_page."
echo "paged: ".$paged."
echo "max_page: ".$wp_query->max_num_pages."

It is at paged and max_num_page funny enough, the value of = (NULL) issued, what can not be told how, But obviously this is a known bug in WordPress, sowie ich über die Jungs von Google was able to experience. So serene further isolate the problem and obviously results in „wp-includes/link-template.php“ with the following function get_next_posts_link and the following line :
$max_page = $wp_query->max_num_pages;

with me the max_num_pages Uber $wp_query also the value 0 (NULL) has. So hab ich mir mal die Mühe gemacht und die Datenbank komplett durchsucht, if there is an error, and to ensure the max_num_pages is set, And what can I say, everything in the best… After further rumgesuche I posts_per_page under $wp_query->query_vars[] gefunden und könnte vorerst mal WordPress wieder zu ein bisschen Kooperation bewegen. Here is the first fix:

Replace the following line in wp-includes/link-template.php
$max_page = $wp_query->max_num_pages;
$max_page = $wp_query->query_vars['posts_per_page'];
But that's not working again so my PageNavi, that you could do it, So again sought NEN approach and also found with the following lines of code in the index.php of your theme:

Recent Articles

    < ?php $temp = $wp_query; $wp_query= null; $wp_query = new WP_Query(); $wp_query->query('showposts=5'.'&amp;amp;paged='.$paged);
    < ?php while ($wp_query->have_posts()) : $wp_query->the_post(); ?>

  • < ?php the_title(); ?>
  • < ?php endwhile; ?>

< ?php $wp_query = null; $wp_query = $temp;?>;
OK, the result is again a navigation, mit der man sich vorwärts und rückwärts bewegen kann, zumindest für den Besucher. The Admin page I can directly talk to via URL. Unfortunately, now is the navigation appears on every page, even if it has no following, but better than none…

Falls jemand ähnliche Probleme haben sollte und nen besseren Ansatz kennt, bin ich für jeden Hinweis dankbar!

WordPress 2.6 is there

WordPress 2.6 was – früher als erwartetheute released und für den produktiven Einsatz frei gegeben.

Die neue Version enthält einige nette neue Features, the one with the following Video näher gebracht werden. Looks thus very well, the part, having a moment where I still wait for the upgrade and look, what else to bug fixes therefore gekommt and all the plugins are compatible with the new release.

Nevertheless, I am already looking forward to the new features, they make one but the Life Blogging easier :)

New Image zoom display and contact form

've Allowed again, a bit on the blog, accurate an WordPress rum to Tinker expanding software technology, or. dass von mir desaströs kaputt konfigurierte Caching System wieder zu korrigieren.

I have, You, uns aber auch eine neue Vergrösserungs- oder in neudeutsch Zoomfunktion für die Bilder gegönnt. Für alle die es interessieren sollte, I use the WP FancyZoom WordPress Plugin und der Effekt gefällt mir doch schon sehr. Fancy is therefore not exaggerated 8)

Also, I've finally a halfway clever Contact form online stellen können. So it's now even easier, contact with me. na dann always forth with Zombies, Is worn, Gloomy, Monströsem, Technoidem, Cyborgs und was auch sonst immer an Kuriositäten in den Weiten des Internets rumschwirrt.

Next I have to usability (has, does not sound bad) a so-called „Breadcrumb“ Navigation at the top of the page, just below the title bar, placed, which should show more clearly now, where the blog is located.

WordPress 2.5.1

Sodele, der Upgrade auf WordPress 2.5.1 went without problems of equipping and otherwise I could still make quite a few improvements on the blog, u.a. caching should go much faster, than previously. Subjectively, I have this impression, Apr abe, dass kann täuschen und so warte ich doch lieber das Feedback und paar Tage des Testings ab ;)

I also – because I was too stupid, constantly to empty the spam filter, so after 330, even though it is really just a push of a button – the Comment Funktion erweitert, respectively to be more precise cut a little: Ab sofort muss man zusätzlich einen Code, known as on many other sites, enter, so that the comment can be sent.

And now burn in hell! Spammer! :Evil: