Wonder Woman shows us how to make hero sandwiches

Somehow the following clip fascinating, a bit confusing and makes me wonder about the why, But no matter, now I have a recipe for a presumably quite satisfactory Sandwich. The only thing missing Wonder Woman, that I prepared the…

Hot in the Kitchen - Episode 3 - Sexy Super Hero!

Wonder Woman shoes homemade

Today, there again a little special for the woman of the world. Women, tinkers you your spangled Wonder Woman shoes need yourself! How this works, you see in the following Video and what you need to, are only a pair of red shoes, Glue, Glitter in red and gold, a scalpel, some paper and a fineliner. The finished product looks pretty cool and is quite a pencil sharpener for guys like me… ;)

DIY: Wonder Woman glittering shoes

Double Wonder Woman

Here Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the arms of her stunt double Jeannie Epper.