SUPER-HERO-BOWL: The slaughter if 100 compete superheroes and movie characters against each other

And what a great Carnage! With many allusions, funny jokes and especially correct many deaths, because at the end just only one can win. From the Marvel films is pretty much all here, course star wars, Batman, Deadpool, Harrison Ford made in different versions and of course a few fuzzy types „The Lord of the Rings“. was ArtSpear Entertainment has since tinkered, can really be seen – except maybe the end. Still, very cool!

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Logan – Poster und Extended Red Band Trailer

In his supposedly last adventure as Wolverine Hugh Jackman may again take a big cut. There is a new, longer TRAILER to Logan, the third Wolverine solo film. This time there are more around the mysterious girl X-23 to see, that needs to protect it and new Professor X and the future of mutants.

In the new and perhaps last jackmanisierten Wolverine Adventure „Logan – The Wolverine“ Hugh Jackman offers a Little Miss Bloodfeast at his side a bloody challenge than ever. At least in the context of the X-Men movie series and their age ratings. The new film by James Mangold (Wolverine: Way of the Warrior) is its regular theatrical release on 2. March 2017 Celebrate. Besides Hugh Jackman, waiting Dafne Keen as murderous little Laura Kinney and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier „Logan“ with Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant und Richard E. Grant on.

Logan plays in the near future and shows, how the mutant to a always weakening Professor X (Patrick Stewart) cares, where they hide in Mexico. But Logan (Hugh Jackman) Attempts, to hide him from the world and to preserve his legacy, endangered, as a Boy mutant appears, followed by dark forces…

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Logan - Official Extended Red Band Trailer #2 (2017) Hugh Jackman Wolverine Movie HD

Wolverine fights against Wonder Woman to death

Somewhere buzzes the net obviously an impossible version around, is in which Wonder Woman allegedly win – here is the correct version, because there can be only one! ;)

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WONDER WOMAN vs WOLVERINE - Alternate Ending - Super Power Beat Down

Trailer „Logan“ refreshed with scenes from the old X-Men animated series

I like „Hurt“ Johnny Cash. Unfortunately, Hollywood has now feel, oppressed and suffering figures best with „Hurt“ presented in the version of Johnny Cash. Fits somehow always so good, I could puke, easy and cheap. Uninspiriert, as it will probably also be the movie, the first two parts were still pretty shit. Let us no mistake. The following scenes are from the „X-Men“-Series from the 90s and from „X-Men: Evolution“ and of course from the Trailer „Logan“

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Logan | Official Trailer - 1990's X-Men & X-Men Evolution Cartoon Style

Logan: Wolverines last fight – Red Band Trailer

Logan: Wolverines last fight - Red Band Trailer

Here let the copyright no faithful adaptation of Old Man Logan. does not matter, thinks 20th Century Fox and adapting Mark Millar iconic story about a gealterteten and weakened Wolverine, stumbling through the post-apocalypse and fights against overwhelming odds to villains from the Marvel universe, adapted still loose for Hugh Jackman's last film as Weapon X. And although X-Men as Comic always brought a certain degree of brutality, renounced 20th Century Fox on an implementation for an adult audience and focused on teens and the young at heart. So fans hoped in the past 15 Years in vain for a filming of her Wolverines. But exactly which they are in the spring 2017 get now but. For a rethink in the home Fox made the comic book adaptation Deadpool, also located in the X-Men universe, despite an R rating to the world about it 700 Million dollars brought. No X-Men movie, regardless whether it is actors like Jennifer Lawrence and Patrick Stewart and characters like Mystique or magnetometers, ever achieved such a remarkable result. The film showed with this success, that a higher age rating and the loss of youthful viewers need not necessarily be associated with less revenue. That's why Fox pressed for Logan, the last film of the Wolverine series, one eye and let director James Mangold free hand. As evidence, that really relies on the support of fake blood this time, was a Red Band TRAILER released. Curtain up for Hugh Jackman and his last, bloody appearance as Wolverine Mutant.

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LOGAN Red Band Trailer (2017)

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse – Last trailer

this TRAILER yes again so exciting and so many X-Men are, somehow, at least in the comics, also are all related to each other. After all, the family relationship of Quicksilver and Magneto is addressed, but a bit funny is also, that Nightcrawler's son Mystique and Azazel and Wolverine? Oh yes, That gut, about I come then also away. In U.S.&A start of the film on 27. More, with us on 19. More…

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X-Men: Apocalypse | Official HD Trailer #3 | 2016

X-Men: Danger Room Protocols – Effect 1

The creator of this web series, Joel Furtado, asked, not to be warned of Marvel, what they unfortunately always quite like to do, if you are not careful. The Marvel is because, unfortunately, really a bit bitchy and I hope, that it has not a bad injury for him, because he really the right place in the first episode, was a lot of good. The animations and sounds conjure up the kind of a video game, but it is also a bit exciting and promises to be a pretty cool project. Quick look at, Who knows how long this great clip online is…

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X-men Danger Room Protocols Episódio 1 Part 1

Build yourself your own, Wolverine claws automatic

Now everyone has their own Wolverine like claws build thanks to the Wearable Muscle sensor platform. The project is located on Kickstarter, but already fully funded. The tutorial to own claws to build on Find Makezine. In order to serve the bearing claws, you should allow some time for their assembly. Many of the parts must be printed using a 3D printer, the data it can Downloaded GitHub will. Moreover, some electronics is required, make it work, not only off by simply tensing the muscles, the claws, but also retract again.

Our tutorial will teach you to build bionic claws using our fourth-generation muscle sensor, the MyoWare. Simply flex your forearm muscle and *SNIKT*, a fraction of a second later the 4 inch claws extend out. Relax your forearm to retract the claws. We’ve even added a muscle-activated locking mechanism in case you want the claws to stay out without keeping your muscle flexed.

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MyoWare™ Bionic Claws
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