World Cup final in 8-bit

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Matheus Toscano accompanied the World Cup 2014 mit seinen 8-Bit Oldschool Pixel-Graphics. Ursprünglich erstellte er die Grafiken mit MS-Paint, increased according to „The Verge“ but now on the iPad App Sprite Something at.

I draw each player separately, and the background. I start with their shape, then adjust details such as team Shirt, Shading, etc. Once I have all elements, I put them in a pitch background, to compose the scene.

The teams in the World Cup final: Germany vs Argentina

The teams in the World Cup final: Germany vs Argentina

Mario Götze - Hits German World Cup

Mario Götze – Hits German World Cup

Low,  Scolari and the coaches of the last four World Cup teams

Low, Scolari and the coaches of the last four World Cup teams

(via 8bit-Football)

After the defeat of Brazil: Chaos Panik und an der Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro

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After the defeat of Brazil Germany the situation escalated at the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. Loud Media reports broke in the „Fanfest“ a stampede of. Blame were gangs of street thieves have been, the viewers bags, Jewelry and cell phones have stolen and mass brawls between fans at public viewing. A local resident was able to film these scenes from the balcony.

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Video: massive theft in Copacabana during the Brazil-Germany

Suarez: The Walking Dead Biter

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After Beissattacke Luis Suarez he is now threatening an exclusion at the Football World Cup. But that will take care of him a little, because he has already received an initial offer of the Walking Dead makers as biters. True to the motto: If you can’t beat them, eat them!

Suarez: The Walking Dead Biter

Vengaboys – 2 Brazil! (uncensored)

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For WM produce countless artists and weak Maten calculated mass-songs, to provide with a little luck the singalong classic summer. The Vengaboys with their number „2 Brazil!“ or more precisely the Video attract quite a bit… of attention… So you produce a successful World Cup song! ;)

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Vengaboys - 2 Brazil! (uncensored)

Bloody price of a „clean“ World Cup 2014 – The Price of the World Cup

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In Brazil are any Night Shot street children, so the cities during the World Cup „clean“ are and give a good picture. This shocking news spread of independent journalist Mikkel Jensen from Denmark and correspondent in Rio de Janeiro. Jensen, a staunch football fan, had traveled a few months before the World Cup to Brazil, to document the World Cup preparations. To this end, he also came to Fortaleza, one of the cities in the country gewaltätigsten. Here are six World Cup matches in the newly converted „Gouverneur Placido Castelo-Stadion“ take place. What Jensen observed on the streets of Fortaleza, shocked him: „The purest horror, I have never experienced“, he said on facebook. He had discovered, what Brazil did everything, to impress foreigners and international journalists, to report only positive. he had five months to document the preparation and effects of the World Cup, including the restructuring of the armed forces and the military police in the communities, Corruption and neglect of social projects. Its written in Danish report from blog „“ translated into German, here are some excerpts:

„I wonder, is the price of the implementation of the World Cup? Is the World Cup worth it, that you murdered street children because of their? Today I am back in Denmark and will never return again to Brazil. My present task is to report it, what ugly Price Brazil is willing to pay for the World Cup.“

„Because people like me are in danger“

„In March I went to Fortaleza, a huge city. I talked to several people, who told me, they always Had contact with street children and them Eating gave and now noticed, that some were missing.

If those children came in an area, which hosts many tourists, they were murdered. And why??? To the city for foreign and international Press to keep clean.

In Fortaleza traf ich Allison, 13 Years, who lives in the city streets. When we met he had nothing, only a pack of peanuts. But his life is in danger, because of people like me - foreigners, Journalists.

He risks, to be victims of the next cleaning shaft, performs the town at irregular intervals and homeless people slaughtered.“

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The Price of the World Cup (ENG/POR/ESP/GER)

How to play astronauts on the ISS Soccer

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Far too expensive stadiums in far too poor countries, where they had spent the coal rather for other luxury. Roads and schools and hospitals or such cheese, nobody needs, the love to Football looks… The best thing about football, but I find really, when people, playing the, Have fun on it. Be it some kids, the contact or a few bigger kids an old ball against a wall, the play in zero gravity on the ISS…

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Astronauts to Watch World Cup Aboard Space Station

Integrate official World Cup Schedule in your own Google Calendar

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Now it's here, the Soccer World Cup and before us are numerous games. Who now the Google Calendar used and not lose track wants, can easily integrate into their calendar the official World Cup Schedule.

To the World Championship calendar has in the Google Calendar you just the web version of the service under visit with the access to their own Google Account. On the left side there is the option „Other Calendars“ and beside her a drop-down menu. By clicking on Choose „Add by URL“ and copied to the field now opened the following feed URL:

in english:
or in German:

The World Cup game plan now appears in its own web calendar. Now you can still select the account in the app on your smartphone and Settings, with which you have just linked the World Cup Schedule. At the bottom of the list should now this now also appear. Now it is next to the hook, so that it will henceforth be synchronized with the mobile Google Calendar. and you're always im Photo, when each country competes.

Football World Cup

The wedding card for the World Cup

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Today we congratulate Sunniva and Bryllup Eirik from Norway, who met all appearances in the FIFA Soccer. This type of mixed-marriage, Liverpool Fan und Man U Fan, we give 6 Months… ;)

The wedding card for the World Cup

Code of conduct for women during the World Cup 2014

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Football World Cup 2014

Here is the code of conduct for wives and concubines during the Soccer World Cup 2014. The whole can download ye below as PDF, to print and hang :)

House Rules in the period from 12. June to 13. July 2014

§ 1 In the period from 12. June to 13. July 2014 the man is absolute ruler of TV and associated remote control.
§ 2 During this time, the busy woman silently with domestic work outside the television room.
§ 3 Before each game, the husband is to provide a box with cool beer containing alcohol in addition to the TV chair, where the emphasis is on cool.
§ 4 During a game of women's residence is prohibited in the TV room. However, the subsequent delivery of snacks and beer is possible.
§ 5 In the half-time is to empty and replace empty bottles through fresh chilled full bottles for the woman, a 15-minute right of access to the ashtray. If necessary, various snacks can be served. The rustling of bags is prohibited, as is the use of verbal communication not permitted.
§ 6 No later than 30 Minutes before the start of a game is the man with a Love to hand prepared meal. In order not to disturb the man's mental game preparation, must be kept closed during this time the Schnatterluke.
§ 7 During the World Cup are all actions, could serve the reproduction, to refrain. Also, refrain from wearing clothes, that could trigger the man the desire for such acts. However Wearing appropriate clothing and appropriate actions can be rescheduled after the final whistle, if the result of the satisfaction of the man failed.
§ 8 If the man allow his generosity of Mrs., one way or another minute to take a look at the game, are questions, that would betray the football technical intellect of woman (of. B. what „Offside“, what „Advantage“) to refrain.
§ 9 It is forbidden to women in connection with the threat of space reference strictly, to judge the appearance of players.
§ 10 If under § 3 to § 5 conditions mentioned (Snacks and beer) and under § 6 said meal to the satisfaction of the man fails, he may allow the woman, to spend the Soccer evenings away with good friends. In this case the man but can not be bothered with trivialities such as speech contents of the evening after coming home the woman.
§ 11 If time permits the household budget of woman, can they buy a small television for personal use, in order to at least 10 consume meters from man gibberish branded Bold and the Beautiful or love dramas. The volume is, however, to make such, that the man is not disturbed.

Love Women, If you notice these minimal rules of conduct, will thank you and your husband try
– to spill beer
– not every square inch within three yards of his coach chair (= Recliner) vollzubröseln
– the consumption of under § 6 said meal you do not constantly remind us of the culinary skills of his mother

All you can download it as a PDF file and hang ;) :lol:

Code of Conduct Women World Cup 2014
(119.3 KIB, 65 downloads)

Nike Football: The Last Game ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Zlatan, Iniesta & MORE

I like it!

This Nike commercial is probably funniest Advertising for this World Cup and exudes a refreshing touch of humor in the otherwise very serious and pathetic Soccer advertising business: Nike allows himself a small, but excellent animated Soccer World Cup adventure, in the world equipped by Nike stars will be replaced by a cunning scientist through improved clones and come onto the field again only by a secret action of ex-superstar Ronaldo…

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