Capitalism in the digital age

Either you have time or you have money! Mag sein, that there are few people, which both in Balance can bring. Nevertheless, the time, as the philosopher and journalist Richard David Precht says so beautiful, the biggest luxury in prosperity. The vision of a work-life balance is nothing more than an egg and spoon race. Perhaps we have short stops, which we may call or leisure holiday, but sometimes quite Ehrlich, whoever does not have the time here in the eye? Globalization and networking also means comparability. In the economic and cultural sense. Because where money rules, there is no alternative weights. The basis of money: Everyone is corrupt above a certain amount…

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Richard David Precht to capitalism in the digital age

Google Earth Timelapse: Thus, the surface of the earth has changed in recent years

At Google Earth Timelapse there for a few years the possibility, the marvel Earth Time Lapse. It is 32 looked years into the past. To see gets you not only breathtaking nature from above and the growth of cities, but also frightening reality of global warming. Now Google Earth Timelapse has been extended to some important features, so you get an even more detailed overview. Both the presentation of the individual areas was sharpened, supplemented and missing years. Most images are from Landsat, which are mainly used for civilian observations of USGS / NASA, hold to changes in the continental earth's surface and the coastal regions.

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Google Earth Timelapses show climate change
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Google Timelapse: Miami, Florida
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Google Timelapse: Berlin, Germany

Clay Kids

Die Stop-Motion-Serie „Clay Kids“ runs among others in the UK, Spanish and Finnish television. Some episodes are also published in full on the official YouTube channel available. The creators have produced a clip, showing, like a character is built from the series. From the sketch of the origin of the metal skeleton through to colorful figure we have at every step by this lapse. In the end, the skater-boy moves thanks to stop-motion even.

It is also interesting to see, how many mouths represent the facial expressions available and looks like the frame, with which the figure is maintained. The idea for „Clay Kids“ comes from Spaniard Javier Tostado, of the concept in the summer 2013 could sell to television. Since then there 52 Episodes with approximately eleven minutes in length. The series revolves around seven teens, experience all kinds of adventures.

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Clay Kids - Making of Flippy
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Making FLIPPY. Discover the magic of the stop motion animation

Gordon Ramsay: 5 Skills, everyone (Hobby-) Koch should dominate

Probably all of you have ever seen, as Gordon Ramsey's in foreign hotels and restaurants, and whether the inability of the owners desperately. Does each all something very provided, but if it just boils and thereby is excited and enjoys his craft, He's a pretty nice guy, which is a pleasure watching. In the following clip he gives us practical advice and that the bulb is mistaken practically and with the rice sounds cool. Where I have to disagree with him, is, that one should give olive oil into the water. When the noodles namely does not boil over and they can be just al dente, not glue them together. Much more, the oil ensures, that adhere no sauce on the pasta remains and that is also not the intention…

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How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills - Gordon Ramsay

crack How to padlocks with two wrenches

When the body of the padlock is made of steel, works the trick the following clip does not guarantee. The other padlocks but that will fold up as shown, since gaining leverage…

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How to open a lock with a nut wrench

Plastic Bottle Village

To give meaning to the plastic trash madness Robert Bezeau has developed a method to Bocas del Toro in Panama, from empty plastic bottles to build houses. His goal is a village, consisting of such houses built. He argues, that in this way built homes could do without air conditioning, and would be more resistant to earthquakes than conventionally built homes there. I myself am just not sure, how this approach could thus change the plastic waste madness sustainable. Perhaps he shifts the problem to only a few decades, but at least not end the for installed bottles first in the sea. Over one million bottles Bezeau has been collected for his project – and first prospective, the wish to receive a house in this village, There are probably already…

After collecting more than a million plastic bottles, Robert Bezeau made an unconventional decision — to build an entire village out of plastic bottles. One study has found that there could be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, so essentially anything else is preferable, no matter how out of the ordinary. For this one we traveled to the island of Bocas Del Toro in Panama to meet the young couple about to move into their first plastic bottle home.

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Plastic Bottle Village

Greil Marcus, Punk Spirit

Arte Tracks mit Greil Marcus (Punk connoisseur and the first review editor of Stone) about the history of punk:

Punk's not dead - and yet the movement is much older, than many want to admit. A short stroll through the punk history with Greil Marcus, a renowned expert for the Sex Pistols.

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Reasons why women have come to the asylum

Interesting small list of reasons for the introduction of Women in an insane asylum in 19. Century. Since there are some pretty funny things, of course, the list of reasons is valid only for, why the women were instructed and not, that they would have been admitted for a flat rate said things. Actually, I'm in some of the reasons probably, that the husbands of women to have their finger in the pie…

Reasons why women have come to the asylum
(via reddit)

The Worlds Quietest Song

With the sound of butterfly wings, and of course the purr of a cat. Andrew Huang, by the way, also for the „Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows„-Song is responsible and otherwise great stuff with things and Music power, shows us, how quiet the song can also be…

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The World's Quietest Song | Andrew Huang Has A Field Day

Anatomy of sweets

Mike McCormick is a medical student at Glasgow University and provides Anatomy-Charts after having sweets. I imagine just the sugar orgy, he immediately after shooting his „Candy Anatomy“-Photos tore off the fence and it falls ago… More Anatomy motifs to eat up there on his Instagram-Profil to see.

Anatomy of sweets

Five myths about microwave ovens unmasked

The microwave has been more than half a century an integral part in any kitchen and yet is constantly told, that the radiation that Eating „unhealthy“ making and that cooking food covered with lid and foil, sich leicht entzünden können. But the truth behind these myths?

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No, Your Microwave Isn't Dangerous - Food Myths #1

The chemistry of coating oil Zern

The actual procedure takes just tenths of a second, but within this short time, is a lot going on. American Chemical Society tried by means of a high-speed camera 4000 To illustrate frames per second, which takes place on a series of chemical reactions, when a Streicholz is lit.…

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How Do Matches Work?

What are social bots and what they do?

Can bots make mood and manipulate and how does it work? This question is ZDFzoom in her report „Everything just lie?“ and after this they visited among others a Distributor Likes, Comments and Views, and a data forensics.

It sounds like science fiction, but is a reality. In social media is tricked vigorously. One can buy everything, which customers can appear successful on the net.

A company from Hamburg, for example, conveys Likes, Comments and clicks. Who pays much, gets a lot of artificial resonance. If there are in a hurry, also social bots are used.

A bot, a digital Robot, feigns, to be a human user in the social media. Simon Hegelich, Professor of political science data at TU Munich, examined on behalf of "ZDFzoom" 30 Million facebook-Activities and five million twitter-News. Can he prove, that the refugee debate is manipulated in social media? It starts a search for clues, to figure, who is behind. Are there also social bots at work? Who could have an interest, to do with refugee topics mood?

The refugee debate divides Germany. It is additionally fueled by hate comments on Facebook and Twitter. Not only the AFD and the Pegida Movement Knowledge, the importance of propaganda for the success. Are manipulated opinions in social media? And - you can information from the social networks ever dare yet?

"ZDFzoom" shows, what effect bots already unfold in social media and how they interact with the refugee debate.

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What's on, if you cut a giant rubber band ball

This project failed at the first time, because the camera has not been used properly. lesson learned. And cut this version of the rubber band ball looks like a lot of fun out. This despite the preparations took this clip several years…

The world of rubber band ball building is quite interesting. Thanks to all those that made this Video possible by spending years of your life putting elastic bands together into giant balls. :)

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What's inside a Giant Rubber Band Ball?

IKEA shows, as a family of ten lives in Syria

The Norwegian Red Cross calls every year the inhabitants of the land to Donate and this time also the furniture giant IKEA has participated. The furniture giant has in its Norwegian flagship store in Slependen a 25 Square transformed large exhibition area in the interior of a Syrian house. That the very different from the usual IKEA-living, should be clear, This starts with the stone walls have. Beds are as nil as other soft furnishings. Instead, the inhabitants sleep on mattresses and wash with water from a canister. Instead of the typical IKEA Product visitors can read, how in Syria with limited access to clean water, Eating and medicine lives. There are on each plate information, how to donate. The model for the Syrian house is the dwelling of a woman with nine children near Damascus…

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25m2 SYRIA

Iguana surrounded and chased by snakes

Magnificent photographs of the Planet Earth BBC1 documentary 2. How can merely make such impressive pictures ever? Madness!

The footage on BBC1 showed some iguanas outrun the snakes to safety by the sea while others were caught before the snakes wrapped themselves around them.
When the crew saw the snakes for the first time, they were too shocked to film – and host Sir David Attenborough had never seen anything like it either, it was claimed.
Among the millions of viewers captivated by the footage shown at 8pm last night was Olympic rower Will Satch, who described it as a ‚Real Life horror film‘.

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Iguana chased by snakes - Planet Earth II: Islands - BBC One
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