Windows 7 Whopper

Windows 7 is there, Burger King did it again and brings a Whopper with seven Fleischpaddies and is thus probably one of the most absurd marketing campaigns of all time…

Windows 7 Whopper

Of course there are already to YouTube videos :)

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Burger King Whopper Windows 7

(via Engadget)

Windows Mobile 6.5 Updates bei HTC

As I have just seen, It is now finally possible, one Upgrade der HTC Handys on Windows Mobile 6.5 perform. I'd spoon-fed to, a HTC Touch Pro use as a business phone and I had to find but with surprise, that the surface of HTC Touch Pro can be used amazingly well with the bare fingers. Nevertheless, once you get this surface leave (must), is the original Windows Mobile 6.1 Surface testing and it is more than just dam….eiden. And for the built-in qwerty keyboard, I'm always grateful (and this is the reason until now, why not me privately iPhone comes into the house, Palm games look so in the quiver) :)

The more beautiful it is now possible, free on Windows Mobile 6.5 to upgrade and take advantage of the new features. What are the, shown in the following Video and yes dear iPhone User, M $ is lagging behind again Doll, I know, and copies will also dolle, But that is indeed nothing new, and no matter, Now the functions shown are finally available for Windows devices. As my business phone zugekittet completely and connect to the PC via USB is not possible – because u so so of Security – but soon I'll bless my favorite ITler :twisted:

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Windows Mobile 6.5 - These are the innovations

Beachball of Death

And suddenly, when you least expect it ... Boom!

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New Windows Ad-The Problem With Macs

Steve Ballmer sells Windows 1.0

An advert from the old days, as Windows 1.0 was the ultimate. Steve Ballmer tried here – on- and insistently – Windows and its benefits to raise awareness. Nostalgie pur! :)

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Ballmer sells windows1.0

Blue Screen of Olympic opening

The opening of the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing last Friday was really impressive and since not only had tens of thousands of participants and athletes their grand entrance, No Microsoft's operating system Windows caused a part of the elaborate mega show. A majority of the projections in the National Stadium were created by servers based on Windows XP Embedded.

The systems were also responsible for the play of light on the many different surfaces at the stage. They are housed in the server room of the stadium, wherein it is the biggest installation of this type, which has been used ever at a live event. The servers are connected to the control equipment for light systems and projectors with movable heads and traditional special effects in real time. U.a. the projection images were matched to the shape of the respective surfaces, so that there were no distortions.

The competent team at Microsoft reported on his blog full of enthusiasm of the opening ceremony, is a minor drawback, however, it: Some viewers noticed towards the end of the several-hour ceremony, that one of the projectors used to control the server systems with a „Bluescreen of Death“ refused to serve…

Rocking Our Sales

Gorgeous, This promotional video Microsoft. With sound and song Vistas is the first service pack and honored at the end of the presentation, then the benefits of the operating system including SP1 listed. Probably would be the Video intended only for internal purposes. Just, for which?

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Stupid Internal Microsoft Vista SP1 Video

Vista Service Pack Toiletten Paper

In Japan, in time for the release of Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista came to matching toilet paper in the trade. On the package you will find the famous Vista logo.

The toilet paper is sold in a plastic bag, which was modeled on the original. On each sheet, the functions of the operating system printed. The benefits of the service pack 1 be made clear. Their intention is to improve the dissemination of large patch collection, so as to ensure the security of PCs in Japan.

What is good in Japan arrives, in Germany would probably especially popular among Windows-haters :)

Computer Sounds

Here are two video clips are mixed in which operating system your own sounds to create a sound. First, the Windows Version:

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Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98!

Click here for all our Mac friends :)

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Apple Soundtrack

GUI Gallery

Nathan Lineback, in its GUI Gallery so some Screenshoots beautiful old user interfaces such as Xerox Alto, Xerox Star, Amiga OS, GEOS, RISC OS, Deskmate, OS2, Linux / Unix as well as all Apple and Windows Compiled GUIs. Something for veterans and those, the watch as it used to be :)

Windows Vista Special delivery

To the sales figures of Windows Vista further boost was set today for the Asian region Kai Noi, which is now available in person with her motorcycle takes care of the delivery of Windows Vista :)

Windows Vista Special delivery

Windows Update

Which Windows User does not know the? You leave for a few minutes the PC and again was an automatic update of the operating system in such a short time and made a matter of course all the windows were closed :/

re-ality in his Flickr-Album a small message, such as from Microsoft practiced, adjusted…

Windows Update


Since I'm short Wula alpha testers and must say, The thing I like it very well. is a new way, how files Internet save, can publish and share. It is a personal, Online persistent storage based on a peer-to-peer systems offer. Its own data is encrypted and distributed over a plurality of other computers, is accessed but as local file, which also friends of access may be allowed. It is the service for free users and the more memory a user clicks on its own hard drive for releases, and the longer he is online, the more memory is available online.

Wual.lais an easy-to-use program for Windows and Mac. Compared with conventional on-line storage is decentralized and uses the idle resources of the individual Computer, therefrom a large, create safe and reliable storage. This new technology has a number of files can be uploaded Vorteilen.Es, to access it from other computers, even if the user's computer is offline. Or files as e.g.. Photos, Videos, Music or documents can be shared with friends or groups. It is also possible, Files to be published around the world and the public sector can be searched and poked around in the public files of other people. Files can be stored in any size and in any format. And the downloads are fast and there are no monthly transfer limits.

It starts with 1 GB of online storage available. Later, if more space was needed, may at any time be changed a little bit of local disk storage for online storage. The idea behind is not, to give a total of more memory, but to change the quality of the memory: From local storage is online storage, on which you can access from anywhere, anytime, even if the user's computer is offline. is safe and protects the privacy: All files are encrypted, so you can only access itself and the people it, which has been explicitly granted access. The Ver- and decryption always only locally performed and the password is leaving your own computer never. comes as a free, simple desktop application for Windows and Mac therefore. Files can easily reach the Embed (Drag and Drop) be opened and stored in Wuala in the preferred application. Videos and music can be played directly (Streaming), even before the file is completely downloaded.

One can over this site register, so you can participate in testing the application, which from the beginning 2008 should be available for everyone for free.

And if you want to be informed more about the Servie, so be on the interview with Dominik Grolimund, the Wuala has worked with Luzius Meisser at ETH Zurich, on recommended.


With Foto-Mosaik You can create pictures or images from a mosaic, which is composed of many small pictures.

The individual images are arbitrary and are grouped by the program according to the analysis in one or more databases. As a basis you can e.g.. uses private collection of images or even whole photo CDs are added to the database.

The operation of these freeware / Postcardware is very easy and it takes a wizard, of creating their own mosaic images a breeze, through the program.

MS-DOS Upgrade, something new!

Well, if you are the „new“ Windows View anguckt, is one where everything touted as absolute novelty. Obviously – how can certainly remember some – was this marketing strategy also has to MS-DOS times as: No groundbreaking news on the sector, shall, because of MS „discovered“ and was introduced to their products, sold as the absolutely brilliant novelty – making full use of other manufacturers and products, these technologies already looooong time, only MS is again later jumped on the train :-)

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Talking about MS and later jumped on the train, The New York Times columnist David Pogue explains in this Video, why Windows Vista is not a copy of Apple's OSX :-) I can see, the ladies and gentlemen from Redmond are at least as creative and innovative as our guild from the Swiss Policy.

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Windows did not steal ideas from Mac OS X!
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