Wild Zombie Blast Guide – Debut album for free download

Wild Zombie Blast Guide, The German thrash core band with members of The New Black, Saltatio Mortis und Consfearacy, is most 4. April her self-titled debut album as a free download via Bandcamp provide. „Wild Zombie Blast Guide“ but there is also a CD and listen to my mind quite at after a purchase, but as I said, at the 4. April, the disc also gibts free…

„Wild Zombie Blast Guide“ Tracklist:

  1. Shut Up (03.48 Clock)
  2. Dark Sun (03:08)
  3. The Harder You Fall (4.04)
  4. DoubleTap (03.52 Clock)
  5. Momentum (04.03 Clock)
  6. Blood War (04:00)
  7. Evolving In Illusions (03.15 Clock)
  8. Wrong Turn (03:22)
  9. Kill The Brain (02.34 Clock)
  10. Researchers Eye (03:46)