Grosser Krampus Blu-ray competition

Grosser Krampus Blu-ray competition

Krampus could develop for an alternative program and cult film in the annual Christmas Trott. The film is very consistent, as their our review can be found. Who has enough of embroidered Jingle Bells and reindeer sweaters, the place in the horror film of Michael Dougherty certainly distraction. Although Christmas trees already are down again. For horror fans there this week to 2x Blu-ray „Krampus“ to win.

UPDATE: Since our blog this week was not permanently reliably reachable due to maintenance, we decided to, the deadline: on Monday, the 16. More 2016, 20.00 to extend pm. Good luck friends!

We are giving away with the support of Grayling Switzerland to Krampus twice the Blu-ray. To participate in the draw simply following question must be answered correctly. Who knows the right answer, send an email to draven [at], Subject / Subject: „Krampus“, with solving letters and postal address, to participate in the raffle. Incomplete entries will not be considered. Deadline: Sunday, 15. More 2016, 20.00 Clock. The winners will be personally at the latest on 19. More 2016 notified. The prize will be sent you to your home.

Who Serial role Conchata Ferrell was „Dorothy Tante“ known?
a.) Jeannie in „Dream of Jeannie“
b.) John Casey (C. J.) Parker in „Baywatch“
c.) Berta in „Two and a Half Men“
d.) Peggy Bundy in „A horrible nice family“

The question you should after reading our Reviews can answer easily.

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Krampus - German Trailer / german HD

Paris: Instead the Eiffel Tower, even sleep with sharks

Paris: Instead the Eiffel Tower, even sleep with sharks

Bei Airbnb kann man Paris auf ganz besondere Art erleben, denn es gibt zwei Nächte im Aquarium gewinnen, accurate: Im Hai-Aquarium. Grundvoraussetzungen für den Aufenthalt ist, man sollte gesund und fit sein, nicht mehr als 190kg wiegen und beim Anblick von Haien nicht in Schnappatmung verfallen. Wer Lust auf ein bisschen Nemo-Feeling hat, sollte sich gleich hier bewerben, die Aktion läuft nur noch bis zum 3. April!

Paris: Instead the Eiffel Tower, even sleep with sharks
Paris: Instead the Eiffel Tower, even sleep with sharks
Paris: Instead the Eiffel Tower, even sleep with sharks

Maleficent win game of the movie start

The film „Maleficent: The dark fairy“ is the spectacular 3D fantasy adventure starring Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie in the title role. The film tells the unknown story of the iconic witch figure from Disney Tale Animation classic „Sleeping Beauty“ (1959) showing, as Maleficent was so hard-hearted and evil, that they cursed the baby Aurora. To celebrate the launch of „Maleficent: The dark fairy“ are now at „Karneval Universe“ redeemed zwei genius Maleficent Fanpakete.

Maleficent: The dark fairy

According to a smaller movie break, which was probably also due to its preventive breast cancer surgery, versa Hollywood-Queen and About Mother Angelina Jolie now emotional return to the big screen and entangled in a „Am I good or evil?“-Dilemma. She plays the evil Disney fairy Maleficent (it was called in German Synchro of the animated classic „Sleeping Beauty“) and purely visual transmission of the figure is well done in a live action context. The debutant director Robert Stromberg has 20 years of professional experience as a visual effects supervisor and is in his career instrumental in visual highlights such as „Aviator“, „Shutter Island“, „Alice in Wonderland“ or even „Avatar“ been involved, This may also explain, why the film 180 Million dollars was expensive. Zur Story:

Along with many other fairytale characters live the little fairy Maleficent in a landscape of moors a contented life. When one days of human boy Stefan lost to Elfenreich, creates an intense friendship. But the magical life one day changes abruptly, is threatened as the peace and harmony in the kingdom by the invasion of a hostile army. Maleficent tries to defend their country by all means, but a ruthless betrayal of Stefan begins to turn her pure heart in stone. This betrayal deeply aggrieved, Maleficent declares himself to the Queen about the fairy realm and seals off it with nasty thorns against the outside world. When she learns, that the hated King Stephen, a daughter was born, takes the fate run its course and Maleficent cursed his newborn child Aurora. With the grow Aurora's Maleficent recognize, however,, that boy Girl is not only the key to peace in the Kingdom, but perhaps the key to their own happiness Maleficent!

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Maleficent - THE DARK FAIRY - Official Trailer German / German - Disney

To celebrate the launch of „Maleficent: The dark fairy“ Two Maleficent fan packages, each consisting of 1x Maleficent T-Shirt, 1x Maleficent Armbanduhr und 1x Maleficent Cap, raffled. To participate in the contest, have you in easily Karneval Universe answer a question correctly. Good luck!

Maleficent win game of the movie start

Mover and PlayStation 3 Move Kit beget

To get the right background music for this competition, Please fire up the following players!

Ab September 2010 there for the Playstation 3 a new controller: MOVE called. This detects any movements of the player thanks to the built-in 3-axis gyroscope, and thanks to this technology is extremely accurate. Thanks to the two controllers with advanced motion sensors, including three axis gyro, triaxial accelerometer, terrestrial magnetic sensor and a color-changing ball, which is captured by the PlayStation Eye camera, Playstation MOVE detects motion in 3D with unprecedented accuracy and thus promises a very precise playability.

MOVE is supposed to be even better than Wii. So now also has a motion controller Sony's Playstation, the imaginative as „Move“ ie. The similarity to the controller for Nintendo's Wii can not be dismissed out of hand. Specifically, however, seems to MOVE, that in addition to position sensors and a force feedback system, the integration of Eye camera contains. PlayStation MOVE among the winners at the Gamescom 2010. The new Playstation motion controller by the Jury, from the well-known experts from the publishing- and media was, in the category of „Best Hardware Accessories“ chosen as a winner.

Now is your interest is aroused? You want to be a gifted gambler „Move“ and are for the exclusive group include, that can test the new controller? And be given opportunities, one brand-new PlayStation 3 with Eye Cam and the new MOVE controller plus matching MOVE Games abzustauben? The best „Move“ So to win a whole Playstation Move Kit!

The Tomb explores the freakigsten, posable, ausdruckstarksten photos of Movers. Hence, five gladiators selected, which can test the MOVE and invited in early September after the Zurich Film Studio to test and Video be dispelled. Towards the middle of September, the films of the five gladiators asked here in the crypt into the network and who gets moved to the coolest and most Likes, has the main prize, one brand-new PlayStation 3, won.

So friends, moved all it's stuff, grabs the camera and keep it for posterity. To participate in the competition, you posting the pictures with words and the title of your moves on the Wall of Playstation Switzerland, say your posting on the bulletin board should look like this: walking dead move

Until Sunday 29. August 2010 lets you create your image on the Facebook page and charge for compete as a gladiator. So join it and MOVE! Good luck!