Atomic Werewolf

This covers the debut album of melodic thrashers Atomic Werewolf I have to stick to the crypt here simply. Hope the sound of the album is also so awesome…

Atomic Werewolf

Underworld 5: Blood Wars – New Trailer

The theatrical release of „Underworld 5: Blood Wars“ has been moved a little backwards, but advertised still busy. Now, there is another TRAILER To horror-Action movies.
For „Blood Wars“ Kate Beckinsale has slipped back into the leathers of powerful bloodsucker. Whether they conquer the Lycans time for good and War a can end once and for all, evident from the 1. December 2016 in German cinemas.

In „Underworld 5: Blood Wars“ is the centuries-old conflict between vampires and werewolves, called Lycans, in the next round. But the latter thanks to threaten always better strategy for their new leader Marius (Tobias Menzies) to gain the upper hand. Das will Vampir-Amazone Selene (Kate Beckinsale), is behind the mighty blood Marius ago, of course, not so easy to accept…

Underworld 5: BLOOD WARS International Trailer 4 (2016)

Underworld: Blood Wars – Wider trailer

Sony leaves fans with the following TRAILER enjoy epic action scenes. If one gives the cast and crew faith, then „Underworld: Blood Wars“ the final chapter, which rotates around Selene. The fourth film now, the comes up with Beckinsale in the role of protagonist, to conclude the story of the vampire slayer. Lovers of the series thus expected next spring that Finale, to not less than 14 Years has been working. As long as it is in fact ago, came since the debut in theaters, neat grossed money and thus paved the way for an entire franchise. In U.S.&A running the film on 6. January 2017 an, with us already on 1. December 2016…

Underworld: Blood Wars (3D) – Trailer 2 - From 1.12.2016 Showtimes!
Underworld: Blood Wars - Official "Legacy" TRAILER

Underworld 5: Blood Wars – Two Trailer and Poster for grand finale

Underworld: Blood Wars - Two Trailer and Poster for grand finale

Expected to last raging this year in the cinemas of War between people, Lycans and vampires. From next November calls Sony Pictures the bitter blood of war. In her signature role as a vampire warrior Selene Kate Beckinsale again to see, now for over 13 Years is an integral part of the cosmos Genre. the sequel was shot in the historical center of Prague, under the directorial baton of newcomer Anna Foerster, whose skills as a second unit director already with titles like „The Day after Tomorrow“ or „White House Down“ were asked. A return to celebrate Theo James and Charles Dance, whose figures David and Thomas were introduced in the latter part Awakening. New on board Tobias Menzies as hazardous Lycans leader Marius, Lara Pulver and Merlin actor Bradley James as villain. Whether Selene and Michael finally together again?

Underworld: BLOOD WARS International Trailer (2017) Kate Beckinsale Vampire Werewolf Movie HD
Underworld: Blood Wars - Official Trailer

Wolfman: Dwayne „The Rock“ Johnson should embody the hairy beast

Wolfman: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson should embody the hairy beast cult

Universal Pictures will, Dwayne „The Rock“ Johnson the makings Wolfman has. Officially, currently Although nothing, the studio had approached but already with a concrete offer to the busy performer, reported Deadline. Should the efforts will be successful, would have to „the mummy“, in which Tom Cruise plays the main role, already the next film in the new Cinematic Monster Universe equipped with a top star of the A-League. The last try, the horror-bring classic for a wide audience to the canvas, flopped. Back then Wolfman disappointed with some damning voices from the Press and a box office earnings of only 130 Million dollars. 2011 blasphemed the former Universal Pictures chief Ron Meyer: „The Wolfman is simply abysmal, is next to Babe 2 certainly the worst, we've ever put on the market.“ At the scheduled release on 30. March 2018 gets Universal Pictures now opportunity, to make it better…


Howl looks after the usual Werewolf horror from, one has already seen a couple of times. The setting is indeed recognized quite interesting, but if you to be TRAILER has considered, one must not expect too much from the strip well. So much for Synopsis:

One night experience the passengers of a train an unpleasant interruption ihrere travel, because their train stops on the open road. Not enough, Sneak even werewolves around him.

Howl (2015) Official Trailer
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