Itkrus: Round ball soaring with happy ending

„Eat like the, wanna be the du“, as the motto of the Edeka-spot and it looks: Set in stunning fairy-tale world in a loud tubby man, the gray goo Eating, dreams of small Boy „Itkrus“ of flying. The overarching theme is healthy food, the food chain on a Action Website with daily tips, a body mass index calculator and now the „Itkrus“-presents spot…

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EATKARUS - EDEKA advertising #issso

Easy Rider 2017

Friends, if you want to find, what of Peter Fonda 48 was years later, looks you absolutely spot on! Joel and Ethan Coen have for a Super Bowl Advertising may turn, the smooth as a continuation of dating 1969 coming film „Easy Rider“ could pass – only that Biker a bit older have become… OK, they are a bit much older, but some things never change, like the legendary song of Steppenwolf…

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Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Commercial "Easy Driver" – Directed by The Coen Brothers

All official movie trailer and the best commercials from Super Bowl 2017

Each year offers us the Super Bowl magnificent American Football, a spectacular halftime show and movie buffs especially important: Lots of new movie trailers. Also 2017 during the 51. Super Bowls were numerous brand new TRAILER broadcast and commercials. So you do not miss any of them, Here for you a summary of the official trailer and the best commercials.

So sends T-Mobile Justin Bieber in the race, who tells us the story of jubilation after a touchdown. Google advertises its smart voice assistant Google Home, Nintendo has the new games console switch and the Game „Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild“ in the program, and the web host Godaddy larded his spot with numerous references to Internet-Memes. Intel has even be able to secure the services of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, whose everyday actually quite normal in 360 degree Replay mode comes across really cool.

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the 2. Season the Netflix series „Stranger Things“ there was a trailer. Paramount Pictures has already a few days ago the official Super Bowl spot for „Ghost in the Shell“ published on the net and in the Night on Monday with spots for the mega spectacle „Transformers: The Last Knight“ and the action comedy „Baywatch“ reloading, where Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron unzip their pants. Lionsgate has beforehand powerful the drum for „John Wick: Chapter 2“ stirred and with two short spots winking over „Fifty Shades of Grey“ made fun, which is expected to be released on the same day. Walt Disney has his two stallions „Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2“ and „Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's revenge“ fielded, while 20th Century Fox his bet on „A Cure for Wellness“ and „Logan“ placed. From Sony Pictures, a first trailer was to „The Dark Tower“ expected, Instead, it remained at a (excellent) new trailer for the Sci-Fi Thriller „life“, the sharply Alien recalls. shot the bird but clearly Universal Pictures for Spot „fast & Furious 8!“ Why, asks her? Now, see for yourself!

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SUPER BOWL All Movie Trailers & TV Spots (2017)

Gravity Cat

Gravity gimmick is actually always quite amusing and the wall- and overhead cat has what! Wonderful crazed commercial for the game „Gravity Rush 2„…

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#重力猫『GRAVITY CAT / Gravity Vertigo sub cat series "presented by GRAVITY DAZE 2

George Lucas in six Japanese Vintage Star Wars commercials for Panasonic

Year 1987, the tenth anniversary of Jubiliäum star wars, George Lucas has lent himself and his toys for a few Panasonic Ads. This appeared in magazines, he participated in special events in part and there is a total of six commercials. I was the campaign until a few minutes completely unknown. Especially the small advertising clips are fantastic and bizarre and wonderfully kitschy witnesses of their time. The videos were on secret and the Skywalker Ranch turned around and were only meant for Japan. 30 Years later these things end up naturally in the internetwork…

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George Lucas in 6 vintage Japanese STAR WARS commercials for Panasonic

Be proud of your beer belly!

manner like beer, which is in some difficult to see even on the circumference of the abdomen. But instead of the bump to hide bashfully or even to think about losing weight, advocates the Brewery Bergedorfer for this, to carry the beer belly with pride in front of them. Exactly, as does a woman with her pregnancy belly. With the thought of two advertising themes have emerged, the corpulent men show, the loving care of their corpulence…

Be proud of your beer belly!
Be proud of your beer belly!

The best Japanese commercials 2016

The most original and craziest commercials, which can be seen in Japan so, be for 2011 annually by JPCMHD a Best of-Video compiled. After approximately ten minutes last year, could this year seem quite difficult to separate content, so we around here 13 get to see minutes tangled material…

The time has come! (☆ ^ over ^ ☆) Let’s have a look back at all those great Japanese commercials that 2016 gave us (∩_∩) The selection process was tough again with more than 2200 commercials to choose from so, as I always say, sorry if your favorite commercial was not included!

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Frankie’s Holiday: As Frankenstein's Monster Christmas evokes emotions

Apple awakened with a pretty emotional spot a well-known Monster to live – and you can spend an unusual step. We're talking about Frankenstein's monster, the beginning of the clip receives a packet. With it comes down to the village, where residents course Fear have before imposing appearance. But then the monster screwed two colorful light bulbs in the neck and begins to sing. This will soften the hearts of men, and the charity vanquished fear. The monster is incidentally played by Brad Garrett, the series fans perhaps by a brother of the title character „Everybody Loves Raymond“ have remembered.

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Apple — Frankie’s Holiday

Metallica for Xmas

granny knows, what's good! Long has it not as seen in the music industry a well-oiled marketing machine, as the release of the new disc of METALLICA. In November you could hardly escape before, mitzubekommen somewhere, that „The Four Horsemen“ what new have at the start. Accordingly strong the sales of „Hardwired… To Self-Destruct“, so the album could be the third of the strongest release weeks of the year in the highly competitive US music market. Who does not call the new album its own or knows someone, should definitely have it, can be picked up with the new advertising spot of Metallica for Christmas gifts a tip now, because Grandma white, what's good! …and I thought the point of the selloff was the Rammstein reached singing Heino…

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