Walking With Dinosaurs 3D – Trailer HD

Dinos are again totally in. This year we must have on the 3D conversion of „Jurassic Park 3D“ and the presented „Walking With Dinosaurs 3D“ forward and next year the primeval Getiere run in „Jurassic Park IV“ and the Pixar film „The Good Dinosaur“ on the big screen. The end of incipient „Walking With Dinosaurs 3D“ able to impress with the 3D technology James Cameron. The first shots look good and leave the technical assistance of James Cameron impressive 3D hope. In addition, we may well it going, that is not spoken in the film, giving the dinosaurs considerably more authenticity. Kuckt it to you the best of themselves, here the first Trailer to „Walking with Dinosaurs“…

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Walking With Dinosaurs 3D Official Trailer #1 (2013) - CGI Movie HD

Walking with Dinosaurs in Zürich

Next Von Hagens' Body Worlds does this fall just another spectacular exhibition in Zurich: Walking with Dinosaurs!

The show 15 up to 17 Meter tall dinosaur, which life-like before 65 Move millions of years in the hall and is based on the same, award-winning BBC television series. Vivid and entertaining, the show is the story of the dinosaurs, the front 65 Roamed the earth millions of years and then because of the change of climate and probably meteorite impacts were doomed.

T-Rex - Walking with Dinosaurs

This fascinating story vividly implement, has a special team of film, Computer Technology, High-tech animation and designers recreated the dinosaurs in appearance and in the movements to the smallest detail. The 96-minute show consists of both the aforementioned 15 Dinosaurs and the other hand with videos, Light- sound effects and support and are intended to give the viewer the feeling, the heart to be among the dinosaurs. Most of the show is predetermined, but because of the dinosaurs „Puppeteers“ steered, it may well sometimes lead to spontaneous interaction with the audience.

So if you like being part of the action and would like to go with the animals up close, selects the top places with advantage, for the show, which is admired for the first time in German-speaking and in the Zurich Hallenstadion. After her stay in Zurich, the Dinos move on to Germany and Austria.

„Walking with Dinosaurs“ will be held on the following dates and more information, it is dinosaur-leben.ch:

  • Wednesday, 23. to Friday, 25. September ab 19 Clock
  • Saturday, 26. September and Sunday, 27. September: 11 Clock, 15 Clock and 19 Clock
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Walking With Dinosaurs - Promo Video