Firearms automatically detect artificial intelligence

Friends, soon it's time! The final step in an OCP approved ED-209-compatible future: „Automatic Handgun Detection Alarm in Videos Using Deep Learning“ (PDF)…

Current surveillance and control systems still require human supervision and intervention. This work presents a novel automatic handgun detection system in videos appropriate for both, surveillance and control purposes. We reformulate this detection problem into the problem of minimizing false positives and solve it by building the key training data-set guided by the results of a deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) classifier, then assessing the best classification model under two approaches, the sliding window approach and region proposal approach.

The most promising results are obtained by Faster R-CNN based model trained on our new database. The best detector show a high potential even in low quality youtube videos and provides satisfactory results as automatic alarm system. Among 30 scenes, it successfully activates the alarm after five successive true positives in less than 0.2 Seconds, In 27 scenes. We also define a new metric, Alarm Activation per Interval (bullying), to assess the performance of a detection model as an automatic detection system in videos.

And in case something should go wrong:

RoboCop (1987) - the glitch scene HD

Go Guarded: Ring for self-defense for active women

Go Guarded: Ring for self-defense for active women

This anti-storm-ring is perfect for Women, who like to walk alone jogging. Just Go Guarded pulled over the fingers and go. It is a convenient, comfortable and effective way, to defend itself, if the unthinkable should happen. The ring itself is a plastic weapon with a serrated edge, which can easily be worn on any finger. When I think of, the claw sunk in the flesh of a possible attacker, this will be probably soon from his victim from. And unlike a brass knuckles or a pepper spray, Must Go Guarded:be out rummaged not only from the waist pack, but is always ready for use, to ward off an attack. Go Guarded are in the colors magenta or blue and can be ordered here

Go Guarded: Ring for self-defense for active women
Go Guarded: Ring for self-defense for active women
Go Guarded: Ring for self-defense for active women


The darknet

In darknet you get Drugs, Weapons and all sorts of perverse movies? This ARD documentary shows the other side of the dark Internet. At least from the 19. Minute this 45-minute documentary. Before it comes Usual - how to get in via Tor? Where can I buy drugs? How do I as a journalist Contacting sellers on? But then it comes to the, which is just as well possible about the dark power: be journalistic activities in the digital underground of a dictatorial acting State. As the Turkish opposition works? How it protects from prosecution and against Hacker on behalf of governments? The documentary picks up speed, about ruined lives works, Photos, the bugs are, former hackers of Syrian intelligence and the seemingly hopeless situation in China. Even if you just Google wants to use…

[ Doku 2017 ] The darknet - The Story of the First - Reportage Dokumentation HD ard

How to make children in USA pleasure: With a Beretta 686 shotgun

„I Can’t breathe!“, Already, I do not even. There are indeed all kinds of sweet ideas, to his child to give pleasure. In U.S.&A do you do that as follows. One could also propose and write a bridge to Trump, as it is mistaken, to be afraid of Muslims, if sticking at home kids finger prints… but nee, We have that…

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Flamethrower in Slow Motion

The guys from YouTube channel The Slo Mo Guys be a flamethrower have worried and filmed the whole spectacle with a high-speed camera. So we now have the ability to slow motion to see how the flames shooting out of the metal tube. 15 Yards injected the fountain of highly flammable liquid forward, to catch a moment later fire. According to far-reaching the flames, look simply spectacular in Slow Motion.

50 ft Flamethrower in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

How to make a cheese-ball Machine Gun

Friends, Cheese Ball Machine Gun, as more can I say?! This project was the result of a request from a viewer, Which NightHawkInLight has received more than six months. During this time he came to different designs, until he landed with a leaf blower…

How To Make A Cheese Ball Machine Gun - NightHawkInLight

Snowball Machine Gun Build Your Own

How to be a Schneeball.Maschinengewehr, that 13 Snowballs in 0.5 can shoot seconds, himself builds, shows us the following Video Of Mark Rober. So if you have to stand around a leaf blower in the shed, can thus build such a thing…

Here’s how to make a Snowball Machine Gun that can fire 13 snowballs in .5 Seconds. It’s a must have in any self-respecting Uncle’s arsenal.

Snowball Machine Gun- How to make

A tank has no brakes

I do not know, whether this driver really knows, because he knows only one Stratgie – and goes Front!

As drive a tank for the party. Mono Club Szubin (04.06.2016) hit! "A self-propelled howitzer 2S1 Carnation!"Ruth is, quite a classy woman

New Russian martial art without names

Be vodka my friend. Freunde, I have no idea, what name this martial art is, but looks interesting. Although the moves look stupid out, but are very effective. Some of you even know the situation well by siblings or the schoolyard. At Fear simply waving uncontrollably and unswervingly forward, always forward. just missing the right name. Do you have suggestions or you know, as is called this martial art?

New russian fight style, please give a name

How to build a slingshot from his own beard

The crazy self-made weapon Frickler Jörg Sprave is always on the go as ever and who in his Channel one or the other Video has seen from Sprave, will have determined, that the face wool merry hinspriesst with him right, to actually at the moment, where he made the video below. For a Sprave can not simply grow only a beard, also is behind a plan for a new gadget! And so we observe not only, as his beard like a real man shaves with a knife, but rather draws up a slingshot and ammunition from his former facial hair.

How To Weaponize A Beard
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