Snowball Machine Gun Build Your Own

How to be a Schneeball.Maschinengewehr, that 13 Snowballs in 0.5 can shoot seconds, himself builds, shows us the following Video Of Mark Rober. So if you have to stand around a leaf blower in the shed, can thus build such a thing…

Here’s how to make a Snowball Machine Gun that can fire 13 snowballs in .5 Seconds. It’s a must have in any self-respecting Uncle’s arsenal.

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Snowball Machine Gun- How to make

A tank has no brakes

I do not know, whether this driver really knows, because he knows only one Stratgie – and goes Front!

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As drive a tank for the party. Mono Club Szubin (04.06.2016) hit! "A self-propelled howitzer 2S1 Carnation!"Ruth is, quite a classy woman

New Russian martial art without names

Be vodka my friend. Freunde, I have no idea, what name this martial art is, but looks interesting. Although the moves look stupid out, but are very effective. Some of you even know the situation well by siblings or the schoolyard. At Fear simply waving uncontrollably and unswervingly forward, always forward. just missing the right name. Do you have suggestions or you know, as is called this martial art?

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New russian fight style, please give a name

How to build a slingshot from his own beard

The crazy self-made weapon Frickler Jörg Sprave is always on the go as ever and who in his Channel one or the other Video has seen from Sprave, will have determined, that the face wool merry hinspriesst with him right, to actually at the moment, where he made the video below. For a Sprave can not simply grow only a beard, also is behind a plan for a new gadget! And so we observe not only, as his beard like a real man shaves with a knife, but rather draws up a slingshot and ammunition from his former facial hair.

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How To Weaponize A Beard

How to build up in five minutes a tank

That's just the thing for concerned citizens, just turning their own, naturally build mobile tanks. Sets a bit craftsmanship advance and a minimum of technical understanding, but as long as the pop bags are busy, make no nonsense. And let's be Ehrlich, a bit cool this thing is already… ;)

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How to make a tank for five minutes? / How to make a tank in five minutes?

Chroma Crisis – A Splatoon Fight

Two Painting crews attract each other in the fight, while they are a variety of Weapons to disposal: Spraypainters, Sprayers, Rolls and brushes for close combat. Ammunition is natural color. This glorious chaos brings us the times of paintball back again. Had to such devices as weapons had, it would be but went around! Eben just like in the following clip:

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Chroma Crisis - A Splatoon Fight

How do you turn a skateboard a powerful slingshot

Jörg Sprave a new spin has tinkered, This time he does a skateboard to. First he cuts the Skateboard, to then rebuild it into a powerful spin, the loose 60 can shoot mm lead ball through chipboard…

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How To Weaponize a Skateboard (Overkill Compound Slingshot)

Jörg Sprave on Pokémon hunting

Also all of our favorite spinning hobbyist Jörg Sprave can not escape the current Pokémon GO fever completely and so he made one of his famous weapons constructions: A Pikachu Hunter shotgun!

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The Pikachu Hunter pump-action (Pokémon Go For Real)

The Katana by an egg cut in slow motion

Katanas are among the sharpest swords, which there are. With them you can not cut through as objects such as logs and machine gun barrels. As can an egg be no special challenge, or? the art therein, to cut an egg so is, the dish clean cut through the middle and not crack into a million pieces. Crazy Russian Hacker has to this slow motion footage of a katana, that through raw eggs cuts like butter…

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Katana Vs Egg - Slow Motion

Next Door

This quirky short film by Drew Mylrea is about a nerdy man with pronounced Mutti complex. He is secretly in love with the pretty neighbor, of which he really knows anything. Not even, to an agent, Terrorist or just a woman with a strong sense of handguns. Little hint: The film is extremely quiet, So turn up quite, otherwise you miss something :)

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Next Door

The mechanics behind a NERF Gun

Engineer Guy Bill Hammack shows, such as plastic weapons of NERF function. How exactly the electroless shooting of soft ammunition? All a matter of airflow, as demonstrated by the example of the NERF blaster.

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NERF Blaster: Air Restriction Mechanism

Yaskawa Bushido Project: An industrial robot against Swordmaster

The following Video is almost a duel of the Samurai. The Japanese Isao Machii dominated like no other the art of Iaidō, a special kind of drawing the sword and it has already done with its skills into Guinness World Records. But he is also an appropriately programmed Robot superior? The company Yaskawa has let his robot model Motoman MH24 compete against the Japanese. Before the machine was, however, fed the movements of the sword master of flesh and blood. Unsurprisingly, the machine was in some disciplines characterized better than humans, especially, when it comes to precision.

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Yaskawa Bushido Project / industrial robot vs sword master
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