DBD: Post Society – Voivod

Voivod put here the title track of their EP „Post Society“ before. The disc of Canadians includes five songs and will be released on 26. February…

Voivod - Post Society (EP Track)

DBD: Kluskap O‘ Come – Voivod

The progressive metallers from Canada have a Video Clip for the song „Kluskap O'Kom "veröffentlicht, the from the current album „Target Earth“ dates and so a little bit scary to come off. The video was made in collaboration with Syl Disjonk, known for its horror-Short film „Ethereal Chrysalis“ and JP Bernier (DESPISED ICON). The Meaning Behind „Kluskap O'Kom“ disclosed Voivod singer Denis „Snake“ Bélanger:

„Sometimes described as a giant, that comes out of the woods, sometimes referred to as a Monster in the lake, or sometimes as a powerful creature, comes down from heaven – Kluskap the name for this strange character and O'Kom is the place, upon which he lives. Kluskap is from a Canadian tribe with the name „Micmacs“ inspired. One day he came to earth, all dinosaurs to kill and to help people, to take over the planet. Sometime Kluskap will return to the people with a different mission… So here it is! Hört den Donner, I am, I come back! Kluskap O'Kom!“

Voivod - Kluskap O 'Kom (Official Video)

I kept running in the woods
As fast as the ancients could
Could not fight these kinds of beasts
Who live for gigantic feasts
I don’t want ‚em to cut my hair
My strength would fall from my head
Changing the way I speak
Until I’m becoming weak

We’ll be reborn (Kluskap O'Kom!)
Behind the sun (Kluskap O'Kom!)
Just like the storm (Kluskap O'Kom!)
Will ever come (Kluskap O'Kom!)

There goes the self-esteem
In the fumes of gasoline