360° Video of a Viking Battle

In the following interactive 360 ​​° Video we see a Viking battle on 600 Hardcore reenactors with swords and axes armed adjust this and at the same time the peak of Wolin Viking Festivals represent, a mecca for „experimental archeology“…

360° Viking Battle | National Geographic

Up Helly Aa: Photos from the Viking Festival in Scotland

Up Helly Aa“ is a legendary Viking festival and next to the Shetland Folk Festival the annual highlight of traditional customs in the Shetland Islands. always on the last Tuesday in January, a whole day is long the dressing, Fire spectacle, dedicated drinking and partying.

After months of preparation, a grand looking Viking longship is recreated. This is determined from the outset to, the day of „Up Helly Aa“ to be sacrificed following a large reared torchlight procession with atmospheric Schlachtgesang flames. Once it darkens, the lampposts Lerwicks be switched off. After a signal rocket above the town hall lights, the torches are lit. In a slow, from the Music the „Lerwick Brass Band“ and the „Lerwick Pipe Band“ under painted half-hour Prozessionsmarsch the longship with it enthroned Jarl is drawn from a thousand Vikings starring his retinue its destination counter.

The prototype of the Wikingschiffanzündens is the fact, that Viking chiefs were cremated after her death with her longboat, The so-called „Nordic funeral“. The Guizer Jarl performer must naturally climb out at this stoppage, before the flames up beat and by all present the same old song „The Norseman’s Home“ is sung. After the cremation is completed, to disperse the crowds, and into the inns and partly specially set „Dancehalls“, of which aufhaben that day many to eight o'clock in the morning. The nearly thousand „Festive Vikings“ be in 40 shared about 25-member groups, accruing quasi rotation in the banquet halls, contribute to there possible spassige or wild skits or dancing. Central shape throughout the day is the Guizer Jarl – deserved to organize the festival Shetlanders in the role of Viking chief. Together with a 60 Man strong core Entourage, the Jarl Squad, he conducts the Parade and everything related to the bonfire. All around for a day, almost all public life paralyzed on islands. The ensuing Wednesday was officially made a precaution to a non-working holiday.

Up Helly Aa 2017

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Vikings“ Squadron 4, Episode 18: Revenge! …and the battle begins! – Trailer shows the Big Pagan army of Vikings!

the 18. Episode of 4. Squadron „Vikings“ is titled „Revenge“ (German: Revenge) and gives us a foretaste of the army of Vikings, together closes, the murder of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok, King of Denmark, to avenge. Even Ivar, which is affected by his disability, mixed with, dank Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), who built him a car, drawn by a horse. For a long time Ragnar has feared, that his sons will surpass him one day of fame. This fear is now coming true.

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The day of vengeance is here! „Vikings“ Squadron 4 lit another, historical phenomenon, the Big Pagan army, the numerous Viking has brought together, to jointly go into battle. King Aelle will regret his deeds in brief. Northumbria must tremble before the wrath of the Vikings. Aelles daughter Judith has tried, him in the 17. warn episode, but too late. Ragnar's sons are already planning their attack on Northumbria, to avenge her father's death. But not only King Aelle to suffer. Full England should get to feel, that you can not mess with the barbarian warriors from Denmark. Bear (Alexander Ludwig) has returned to Kattegat, to share with his half brothers Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen), Hvitserk (Marco Islø), Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and Sigurd (David Lindstron) In the War draw. Run the famous „Big Pagan army“ an, from which one can read in the history books. In Promo Clip Björn announces aggressively talking with his brothers, that he will be there, who leads the army and gives orders to the warriors. Ivars laughter suggests, however, he own, has other plans, when the struggle against the British begins.

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Since Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) is dead, speculate not only his adult sons for revenge. Many warriors want to take with them into battle, to her famous father to pay tribute. To force their enemies to their knees, need Ragnar sons a powerful army, which should be even greater than that, broke up with Ragnar once to Paris. In this context, we met in the 17. Episode some new characters. One of them is particularly interesting, because it – similar to Ragnar and his sons – once actually lived. We are talking about the Vikings Egil (Charlie Kelly), of Harald Fairhair (Peter Franzén) is presented. According to the American side „Inquisitr“, could the character of the poet and warrior Egill Skallagrímsson based, remained remembered as moody and ugly man. In the TV series Egil coincides with a disfigured face on half, which could be an indication of a connection. As the US side further reported, Egil should have been born in Iceland and his grandson of Kveld-Ulf. That was the nickname „Evening Wolf“, as was made out to be, that he was a shape shifter with superhuman powers.

Ivar the Boneless || Declare War on the Whole World

Interestingly though, the connection of Egils family Harald, that has not been addressed in the series, but in the 5. Squadron „Vikings“ could play a role. Because it was Harald Fairhair, at least according to the Saga, Egils uncle Thorolf killed. Egils father Skalla-Grim and his famous grandfather Kevld-Ulf avenged the murder of Thorolf, by some manner killed by King Harald, before they left Norway finally. The family finally went to Iceland, where Egil was born and – similar to his father Skalla-Grim – a rather ugly man grew, who had a talent for poetry. The question remains: If it is by the same Egil, is its history in „Vikings“ find a place? It should at least be a coincidence, that Egil and King Harald in the 17. Effect „Bad blood“ by Season 4 to encounter. Maybe silent Egil his true origin and is thus a confidant in the ranks of Harald Fairhair. Until he gets the chance, to kill King Harald and to avenge the expulsion of his family from Norway and the murder of his uncle Thorolf.

the „Big Pagan army“ (Great Heathen Army) was in any case thousands of Vikings, that set out for England, to there large parts of the country to loot in raids and conquer numerous areas. According to the legend, the army was commanded by Ragnar Lothbroks sons. The trigger was then – as well as in the TV series – The death Ragnar by King Aelle. According to the story about the sons of the legendary Viking, Ivar should have insisted, to kill King Aelle using the blood eagle, to avenge his father. How cruel is the ritual with the blood eagle, showed „Vikings“ already in the 2. Season with Jarl Borg.

Vikings - Blood Eagle - Ending scene

„Vikings“ Squadron 4, Episode 15: The end of a legend

In the 4. Squadron „Vikings“ had to say goodbye to the fans of an important main character. an exit, which provides plenty of grief and anger among the spectators. In the 15. Episode „snakepit“ the fans have to be separated from an important figure in history. Whether some viewers will implement their announced boycott?

Thanks „Game of Thrones“ we are well prepared, though the main characters once surprisingly passes away. and to Ehrlich to be, can not even tell you, that the in 15. Episode „snakepit“ actually is a surprise. reveals Alone the title, what the audience can expect, If you with the saga of Ragnar Lothbrok are familiar and Knowledge, like the legendary Vikings died: His eternal enemy king Aelle can throw him into a snake pit, finds his sad end in one of the most famous warriors. Who knows this little fragment of history, white at the title 15. Effect „snakepit“ immediately: This is it! Ragnar's death has arrived. Unfortunately happened no wonder, the series does not strike suddenly in another direction or ignored the historical facts. And, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) really dies. The Vikings, the one perhaps in the last four seasons „Vikings“ not always loved and sometimes even hated, receives an unworthy, tragic death.

Ragnar has finished with his life and befriends the violence of King Ecbert (Linus Roache) with the thought of their own death. Maybe he has the much earlier – after all, we have already seen in recent episodes, as he tried, to hang himself. Ragnar acts resigned. Since no desire and will is gone, to rebel or flee. He has only one wish: His son Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) should be safe and be brought back to the Kattegat. By Ivars disability he represents in the eyes of the British anyway not a threat. In a final, touching conversation between father and son, Appeals Ragnar one last time Ivar. In it he sees a worthy successor. one, the underestimate of his enemies, but they will all conquer. It is not the last important speech of Ragnar in this particular episode of „Vikings“ Squadron 4. Ecbert provides Ragnar, continue as a dangerous animal in a cage, an König Aelle (Ivan Kaye) from, the long time for revenge muses. The blind coachman, Ragnar brings to Aelle, weiss, Even now, where Ragnar caught, have manner around him Fear and fear him. His reputation precedes him. Ragnar, the legend. But his downfall is to bear well only painfully bitter and for die-hard fans.

Ragnar dies no heroic death and yet he is a hero to the last second. Aelle can mistreat the Vikings by the armed soldiers and torture. He torments Ragnar and slashes him even a cross on his forehead. And Ragnar? As a Viking, he endured all the pain and not bowing to pressure. at the end, as he looks death in the eye, he speaks one last time to the present Christians, having a pit filled with snakes. He would look forward to it, to come to Odin richly laid table, calls Ragnar, bloodied, into the world. And there he will wait for his sons, so they will tell him their glorious hero stories. Travis Fimmel, the Vikings since 2013 has embodied, remembers with mixed feelings to the filming of this episode. Long he had with „Vikings“-discussed creator Michael Hirst. „I hate speeches“, reveals in an interview with Travis „Entertainment Weekly“. „It was written, that it is a big deal, but I did not, he says it all.“ Hirst recalls also because, Travis told him repeatedly: „My character does not hold any speeches.“ In the end, Ragnar adopted but with words about the dazzling Valhalla by viewers, before dying in the snake pit. The filming of this episode are now a year back.

Suspected it have attentive fans but long. The cast of the History series is active on Instagram. Again and again there are new pictures of the filming of 5. Squadron. Travis Fimmel lacked the snapshots but entirely. Finally, the fear was great, that Clive Standens Rollo the 4. Squadron „Vikings“ would not survive. Because of lacking not only in pictures, but turned also happen to be an action series. This has been superseded and Clive with an Instagram photo back on the set of 5. reported Season. With touching flashback scenes viewers could – together with Ragnar – take a look into the past. then, when everything else, perhaps was better. Ragnar's daughter Gyda lived. The brothers Ragnar and Rollo were not at loggerheads. the Love Ragnar and Lagertha was undimmed. The friendship greatly Floki. And Athelstan was still alive. Athelstan, And, Athelstan. He pulls himself shortly before Ragnar's death continues like a red thread through the history. For years there have been discussions among fans: Does he love now Lagertha or Aslaug? One he loved definitely, maybe sometimes more, than Women, who often cost him a lot of nerve: Athelstan (George Bladgen). Shortly before his death on the cross is sufficient Ragnar, he once received from his good friend and passes it Alfred, Athelstan Sohn. It is a further farewell to a man, has deeply touched him. Now they are united in death.

„Ragnar is dead, but Ragnar lives on“, Announces Michael Hirst, the, he also reveals in the interview, already work on the 16. Episode of Season 5 has finished. With Ragnar a legend has died and a fan favorite of „Vikings“-Viewers. He lives in his sons more. Visually reminiscent especially Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) the young Ragnar. But especially Ivar should be important for the future of the series and represent an exciting character. Because after this not only his mother Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) Lost has, but also his father, he seeks revenge. His anger, who accompanied him throughout his life, now directed to King Ecbert and Aelle, and on Ragnar's first wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), the Aslaug killed. All too soon it is in „Vikings“ so do not be boring. On the contrary, Ragnar leaves five strong, adult sons, with which we can explore entirely new angle and stories of cruel Viking. And in the 15. Episode also has a new, announced mysterious character. A Viking with only one eye, driving seems Kattegat with his boat. Whether it is a friend or another enemy at him?

on twitter, facebook & Co shared many fans their impressions, while the 15. Effect „THE SNAKE PIT“ saw. The mood? Mixed. The thanks for Travis craze representation of Ragnar found but anywhere on the web. While many viewers mourn the loss of Ragnar, are some fans of the series suddenly critical. „Is available for ‚Vikings‘ actually have a future, when the main character is dead?“, ask a lot of fans between the lines. That this is possible, should once already „Game of Thrones“ have proved. We have collected some ideas and opinions to the last episode.


Vikings, Squadron 4, Episode 11: 8 Things, that have changed after the time jump

Finally logs „Vikings“ back with new episodes and thus is the Thursday in the next few weeks all about the Vikings. In the second half of Season 4 we see more of the changes, the time jump has brought within the series itself. From the new Love in Lagerthas Life to adult offspring in the family Lothbrok. Nothing is as it was and nothing remains as it is.

Vikings, Squadron 4, Episode 11: 8 Things, that have changed after the time jump

Amazon Prime published weekly new episodes of the second half „Vikings“ Squadron 4 and thus continues the story of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) Fort. The returned in midseason finale, In the 10. Episode, after a time jump of several years back to his home. The is suddenly no longer minded it so peaceful, as once. Even his grown-up sons are her father over critical. This is also reflected in the 11. Episode „The outsider“. We have once again summarized the main points, that have changed in the years elapsed in Ragnar's absence.


The friendship between Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård) and Ragnar was in recent seasons always put back to the test. But the 11. Episode proves, that all the suffering, the both have done to each other in the past, has never shaken the core of their relationship. Ragnar's return seems to have once again proved Floki, how much he loves Ragnar. This also confirmed Helga (Maude Hirst) their king: everything, what Floki has ever done, he did only, to win the love of Ragnar. Both seem to forgive. It is a touching reunion, which is also the same farewell. Floki will not join Ragnar, to sail to England. The trusts his friend at, that does not release him feel, that they will not meet again, if their separate ways. Ragnar seems suspecting his approaching death already.

Vikings, Squadron 4, Episode 11: 8 Things, that have changed after the time jump

A storm in a teacup

Ragnar's adult sons goods agree on one point: The hatred of her father, they not only left in the lurch, but also a child fathered by an Englishwoman. Hvitserk (Marco Islø) threatened previously to even, Ragnar kill by hand, should this ever come back to Kattegat. The reality looks different. As Ragnar at the outset his sons is the chance, to finish him and learn more about it himself king, hesitation, the four young manner. Only Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) steps forward and shows courage. But there is no struggle. Instead, share a father and son intimate embrace. Ragnar's sons so have not so much guts, as they would like. This has to change, but soon, if they want to follow in the footsteps of her father.

Vikings, Squadron 4, Episode 11: 8 Things, that have changed after the time jump


The romance of Björn (Alexander Ludwig) and Porunn (Gaia Weiss) ended then tragically. From its still unaccounted for, their child died in Bjorn's absence. he could really love the little daughter after the disappearance of his first partner not. Björn showed shockingly apathetic and unaffected, when he learned of his daughter's death. Hopefully he proves in the new episodes better father-qualities, because Björn has become a father again. In the 11. we see a result Torvi (Georgia Hirst) with baby in her arms. In the background we see two more, elder children.


Ragnar want to sail one more time to England, but the Vikings - led by Björn - have other plans. The new target is intended to be Rome. For Björn has let make a strong fleet of Floki, with which they want to explore new countries, to plunder win again. Björn is supported by King Harald Fairhair (Peter Franzén) and his brother. However, Ragnar's sons remain in the Kattegat, to Queen Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) to protect. Only Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) has other plans and wants to join his father, to win the love.

Vikings, Squadron 4, Episode 11: 8 Things, that have changed after the time jump


Since the start of series „Vikings“ she is the woman, the both male, and female spectators will be languishing: Lagertha (Katerhyn Winnick)! We learn in the 11. Episode, that it is again in a relationship. After several failed relationships with men (u.a. with Ragnar), seems Lagertha now wanting new experiences. Your heart has a wife named Astrid (Josefin Asplund) won, we see in the new series for the first time. Really much we know not her partner. only, that it forms Lagertha personally warrior and Astrid also has one eye cast on Ragnar, although it asserts and shows, that she loves Lagertha more. Ragnar visiting Lagertha seems to have awakened old feelings for her. Despite her new liaison with Astrid, are Lagerthas eyes filled with tears, as Ragnar leaves and breaks up the village. She admits Astrid, that she was aware of their feelings for Ragnar never really sure. You would not regret it, that they have gone their separate ways and still regret anything. Lagertha is clearly out- torn. It will be exciting, how that develops in the coming episodes.

Vikings, Squadron 4, Episode 11: 8 Things, that have changed after the time jump


The title The 11. result is „The outsider“. Gradually appears in the episode also, who is meant: Ivar, the not bold by his disability his, can keep healthy brothers. For him, shows that above all, that all his brothers have an affair with one and the same slave, while Ivar is still virgin. His brothers want to change that for him. But when Ivar is asked, denied his virility. That hurts him so much, that he is ready, the slave Margrethe (Ida Marie Nielsen) to kill, thus never know his brothers away, and it stands in its shadow once more. Ultimately, the slave to save themselves with beautiful words, disclose the vulnerability Ivars. He is the outsider, the white, that he will never follow in the footsteps of his father by his disability. should you underestimate him anyway second to none. the Knowledge evidently his brothers. At the dinner table, it is Ivar, of how the head of the family, sitting at the table end.

Vikings, Squadron 4, Episode 11: 8 Things, that have changed after the time jump


It was perhaps the moment in Episode 11, where all spectators holding their breath for a short moment. After his visit to Lagertha Ragnar hanged on a tree. The rope tears finally after a few seconds with the help of a raven, who has taken on the shoulder of wriggling Ragnar Place. Ragnar acts unimpressed. It almost seems, as if it was not the first time, that he had tried, to take life. Obviously, he is testing the gods, which could show him so, that they have other plans for him. If Ragnar feel immortal at the moment, could bring fatal consequences for his trip to England with him. Those who know the history of the real Ragnar, weiss, that the Vikings may well mortal…

„Vikings“ Squadron 4: New episodes of 2. Half shortly after US Premiere

End of November is the day and the second half of 4. Squadron „Vikings“ Starts. German-speaking fans do not have to wait so long this time, because the new episodes are few hours after the US premiere on Amazon Prime available. Every week we must therefore look forward to a new episode.

"Vikings" Squadron 4: New episodes of 2. Half shortly after US Premiere

Lange had fans of the series „Vikings“ awaiting the return of their heroes. the 4. Season ended after ten episodes, Of course if and, when it was particularly exciting for a time jump. at the 30. November starts the second season half on American television and German fans can already on Thursday, the 1. December Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), Bear (Alexander Ludwig), Hvitserk (Marco Islø), Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen), Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and Sigurd (David Lindstron), Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) & see Co on their past forays. Ragnar Lothbrok disappears in 2. half of 4. Squadron always more in the background, his radiant time as a hero seems to approach the end. Instead, there are now above all his five sons in the focus of the story. A fresh breeze is so preprogrammed.

"Vikings" Squadron 4: New episodes of 2. Half shortly after US Premiere

Who does not like changes and very on „Vikings“-Cast depends, should the final episodes of Season 4 again enjoy spending. Because Michael Hirst has confirmed year ago around one in an interview, that we Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) must separate. Four seasons he was the main character of the series, now approaching the end. „It will be devastating for the audience, mitanzusehen, such a great character dies and a fine character comes to an end. Travis was absolutely charismatic and great.“ so Hirst. With Ragnar death, the focus of the story is to focus more on his adult sons. „They will be different, each son has a different fate (…). Instead of following a single charismatic leader, we will hopefully four, Boy, have charismatic leading figures, which we will follow.“

Vikings: Season 4 Returns Comic-Con Full Trailer | history

While pleased fans of the historical series now only once on the return of the Vikings, Cast and crew stuck again in the middle of the shooting. Currently the team is working on the 5. Squadron „Vikings“, the 2017 to be broadcast. Lagertha gets in 5. Season another Tattoo. This is this time clearly visible on her left shoulder and runs up to her upper arm. The photo shows several chains, she herself has the image, among other things with the hashtag „chainmail“ provided. Has the tattoo with Lagerthas fighting Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) doing? In the TRAILER the second season half „Vikings“ was a battle of two Women already confirmed. It is even rumored, that it is the new leader of the Kattegat and retrieving its position by Aslaug. On Instagram is Winnick shows recently with a very special look gloomy, promises a strong season for Lagertha. In their footsteps as a brave warrior Torvi seems (Georgia Hirst) to kick. In an Instagram-Video we see them with shield and sword on the battlefield.

First insights to „Vikings“ Squadron 5

The cast of the History series „Vikings“ holding the fans to the shooting for 5. Season to date. While fans in the second half of Season 4 Wait, offers a preliminary assessment to 5. Season on Instagram. A few of the best shots we have put together for you.

My son don't mess around #vikings

One of Alexander Ludwig (@alexanderludwig) gepostetes Foto am

Squadron 4 is far from over. In November we expect the second half, includes the once ten episodes. Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) has by his affair - from a child has sprung yet - his with the Queen Kwenthrith and his sudden disappearance of the trust and sympathy manner Lost. Seine Frau Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) seems more and more renounce her husband and to strive for the sole authority. And then there were as yet always Ragnar Bruder Rollo (Clive Standen), who was in France a traitor. the 4. Squadron „Vikings“ ended a little too suddenly for many viewers – and this also directly after an exciting time jump, showing the sons of Ragnar than adult men.

Forget yesterday. Today was crazy. @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) gepostetes Foto am

While shooting for 5. Season of the TV series were created following pictures around everyday on set. And not only that, Alexander Ludwig commented a snapshot with Jasper Paakkonen as Halfdan the Black, Alexander Ludwig as Björn Ragnarsson and a small, blond Vikings-Boy, the already holds a sword in his hand, with the words „My son albert not around. #Vikings“. After 10. Episode of Season 4, knew nothing of the audience further offspring. In the new episodes was only revealed, that Siggy, the daughter of Þórunn and Björn, has died. Now Björn father of a male offspring seems to be, whose mother only his mistress Torvi (Georgia Hirst) can be. In the 10. Episode of Season 4 there was a time warp, have elapsed in which about ten years. This can meant, that Björn is now father of several children, we've got just yet to face. as with the 5. Season continues, not yet known. A few of the most recent snapshots around the „Vikings“-Shooting for 5. Season we have gathered here for you.

You know it has been a messy day if you look like this even though make-up already tried to clean you up. ? @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) gepostetes Foto am

When you realise your mom is gonna hate this snap. #sorrynotsorry @historyvikings #season5 #makeupdepartmentoftheyear

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) posted etes Video at the

#brotherlylove with @marcoilsoe

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) video posted on

#brotherlylove @historyvikings #juststupid

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) video posted on

Viking brothers (or maybe sisters). Anyway, I love these fuckers.

One of Marco Ilsø, 21, Copenhagen ⚽?? (@marcoilsoe) gepostetes Foto am

Squad goals ? @historyvikings. Ps who spies new Torvi braids ;)?

A Georgia Hirst (@geehirst) gepostetes Foto am

Just Happy @jordan_patrick_smith

One of Marco Ilsø, 21, Copenhagen ⚽?? (@marcoilsoe) gepostetes Foto am

Which ways West

One of Jordan Patrick Smith (@jordan_patrick_smith) gepostetes Foto am

Happy days on @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) gepostetes Foto am

Stunt rehearsal @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) video posted on

Vikings Season 4B: Trailer for launch in late November

Now the return of the Vikings is finally fixed, at the 30. November starts the second half of the 4. Squadron „Vikings“ in America on a new time slot. In our latitudes, fans have for the time being probably wait a bit, a start date on Amazon Prime is not fixed yet known.

at the 30. November 2016 so the story goes by Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his sons with ten episodes continue. New episodes are now always Wednesdays broadcast, instead of the previous Thursdays. The last episode of the popular Viking series ended, Ragnar that returns to its home after a long absence Kattegat, to make a king room for his sons: It's time for a new Viking ruler. Ragnar's four sons with Aslaug are now grown up and will occupy a large part of the plot. But Björn not fall by the wayside – him a great future was the seer predicted, which must be fulfilled yet. So there seems to be an open secret, that we will soon have to pass by Ragnar us. After four seasons of compassion and Mitfieberns his days will soon be counted, and the series will lose Travis Fimmel a great leading man. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of other characters like Lagertha, Björn and Floki, who has been with us from the start and we (hopefully) Not so fast Leave will.

Vikings: Season 4 Returns Comic-Con Full Trailer | history

„Vikings“ Season 4B: New trailer and images

A few hours ago surprised „Vikings“-Protagonist Travis Fimmel the fans with a new TRAILER the second half of 4. Squadron. The focus is Lagerthas vendetta against Aslaug and Ragnar's confidence in Ivars dazzling future.

"Vikings" Season 4B: New trailer and images

In less than two months, it finally goes with the 11. Episode of 4. Squadron “ Vikings“ more. ZZUM regret the fans the most recent season was interrupted by a pause of approximately seven months. After all, ended the 10. Episode equally thrilling, as well as tragic: Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) returns to his home, but he is there no longer welcome. Even his sons, have grown into young men, do not think much of her father. But Ragnar continues to adhere to the belief in the future of his rumreiche children fixed. This can be seen in a new trailer, the Travis Fimmel has posted a few hours ago itself. On Instagram, he surprised the fans with previously unseen material on the new episodes. Fortunately, the 37-year-old posted the Video again even, because the youtube video link leads to a now locked video.

"Vikings" Season 4B: New trailer and images

The focus of the new trailer Ragnar's confidence, that the acts of his crippled son (Alex Høgh Andersen) enters into the history books. Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is convinced, that there can be only one queen of the Vikings - and that they should be, not Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland). In the trailer we see the current wife of Ragnar with sword and armed men stride through Kattegat. Should a decision of its predecessor in the fight? Rollo (Clive Standen) is obviously no longer convinced of a peaceful future in Paris. Although he loves Princess Gisla, he has suppressed the Vikings too long in itself. Time for a return of Rollo, the Vikings, in Season 4B…

New Trailer on YouTube https://youtu.be/rLpVv02T5sg #Vikings #Episode11 #HistoryVikingsExtras

One of Travis Fimmel (@fimmeltravis) video posted on

„Vikings“ Squadron 4: Epic Trailer shows Ragnar end

Currently finds Comic Con takes and that is for series fans like Christmas. the latest TRAILER to new episodes of 4. Squadron „Vikings“ bring gloomy hours for Ragnar Lothbrok with itself. His sons follow in his footsteps, while the two Women seek power - in his life - and Aslaug Lagertha.

After only ten episodes and adopted 4. Squadron „Vikings“ in a previously indefinite hiatus. Fans wondered especially, as for Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) continues, who has accepted the end of his reign. In new trailer we see, as Ragnar together with his adult sons in the War draws. However, the battle does not seem to fail for its own benefit, because suddenly he is in the power of the enemy. Björn seems to be not very happy about the return of his father and joins with his uncle Rollo (Clive Standen) for an alliance together. Here this is the Vikings like freezing in the back and has allied with the French. Also interesting is the power game of Aslaug and Lagertha, the obvious aim both for power among the Vikings and thereby join each other in the way. Short and sweet: „Vikings“ provides us with an epic trailer for 4. Squadron, which will continue in the fall on US television.

Vikings Season 4 returns | official Comic-Con trailer (2016) history
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