when „The Ring“ suddenly becomes real

Friends, you all know the fountain spirit Samara, which all those is visiting, dare, their gruesome VHS-Video to inspect it. but what, when the reality is Schauermär suddenly and the supposed fictional character in life size is facing a? Paramount Pictures wanted more detail Knowledge and the occasion of the theatrical release of „rings“ can prepare the branch of a large electronics store chain with a match. To get there potential customers not just expert advice, but at best, even the fear for life! How have visitors responded to the usual painful contortions of the black-haired Plage spirit, seen in this video. In the cinemas, the vindictive girl leaves then on 2. looking February… Browsing!

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rings - TV Store Prank Samara (2017)

Silence – TRAILER

Andrew Garfield sees with beard somehow weird, as Adam Driver always looks funny. This had to be said. Otherwise, I am actually the never and in any way with the Japan 17. Century and how they as Japanese Christians treated busy. However, that sounds like a terribly interesting topic, of course but also for a rather disturbing, if I among which the Japanese Christians look at myself here on the cross in the sea. Besides the above occur here also Tadanobu Asano, Shin'ya Tsukamoto, Yôsuke Kubozuka, Issei Ogata und Yoshi Oida auf, I also do not know all. Hopefully there to head off the 2. March also with us with subtitles.

Two Jesuit priests, Sebastião Rodrigues and Francis Garrpe, travel to 17th century Japan which has, under the Tokugawa shogunate, banned Catholicism and almost all foreign contact. There they witness the persecution of Japanese Christians at the hands of their own government which wishes to purge Japan of all western influence. Eventually the priests separate and Rodrigues travels the countryside, wondering why God remains silent while His children suffer.

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Silence International Trailer [hd] Adam Driver, ANDREW GARFIELD, Liam Neeson, Martin Scorsese

You make it, we skate it: skating with a skateboard made of glass

Avenue Trucks has the guys at the skate school Braille Skateboarding in the series „You make it, we skate it“ send a skateboard made of glass and so a glass deck's something else. No question, the construction of the screwed axis is certainly awesome, but not necessarily suitable for extreme tricks on a glass skateboard. But look this best by yourself at…

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DBD: Unbreakable – TENSIDE

TENSIDE have a video clip for the song „Unbreakable“ released, of on the current album „Convergence“ finding is. The shekel is since 13. January on the shelves…

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TENSIDE - Unbreakable (Official Videoclip)

As the sandwich was invented

Jessica Oreck tells us in her TED talk by the idea, Eating to put between two slices of bread. the „Sandwich“ was born - and lives to this day. I especially like the small handicraft, which was carried out by it for visualization.

today, it is estimated that 50% of Americans eat at least one sandwich every day. And while it’s all but impossible to imagine a world without them, sandwiches have only been around since 1762.

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How the sandwich was invented | Moments of Vision 5 - Jessica Oreck

So it goes even Trump: As the Netherlands Government explained their country

The Dutch presenter and comedian Arjen Lubach summarizes in his TV show „Sunday Lubach“ (Sunday Lubach) respectively the main events of the week together. Last Sunday was a short presentation video for Trump part of the show. Therein Lubach explained on behalf of the Dutch government, the country's history and how the Dutch tick. And in so idiotic-childish words, as they would also use Trump himself. the Video starts with the announcement in Trump's voice: „Welcome to this introduction video about The Netherlands. It’s going to be a great video. It’s going to be absolutely fantastic!“ What follows, are excessive exaggerations, Denunciations and false claims. Also all das, which stands at Trump on the agenda…

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Introductions to Trump - Sunday Lubach (S06)

The Expanse – Featurette

„The Expanse“ is simply THE sci-fi series and this shows us Featuerette, Do why that is and how excited you of be quiet. But this whole magnificent Space Realism, all the equipment - I'm really looking at the second season, which then finally on 8. February starts. Hopefully there War. That certainly looks totally cute…

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The Expanse | Season 2: The Expanse, Expanded | Syfy

Woodpecker Metal

According to Wikipedia can a woodpecker to 20 Run beats per second, every beat is […] comparable to a collision of the beak with 25 km / h against a wall, wherein a delay of up to 1200 g can be effective - must withstand greater delay than astronauts during a landing from space a hundreds of times.

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Woodpecker - Funny

DBD: Trust No One – DevilDriver

Friends, see here the Video Devildriver to „Trust No One“ from the same, new album. The screen material, have used the DevilDriver for video recordings, was at this year's „Ozzfest“ in the US California. A very special place for the band, as stressed frontman Dez Fafara:

DevilDriver is a California band and we were honored to be part of the return of OZZFEST in California, where it all began. I’m Thankful to Sharon & Ozzy and everyone in the Osbourne Camp that DevilDriver was allowed to shoot a live video that day! The sun was blazing hot on a clear afternoon and the crowd went insane as soon as we took the stage. The pit was giant for us and it was killer to see such a Massive crowd participating in the madness!

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DevilDriver - Trust No One (Official Video) | Napalm Records

The REAL Suicide Squad

This short film shows in principle a literal interpretation of the new „Suicide Squad“-Films. So if you have any problems with suicides, then nothing is probably for you. If her crude humor and really not too bad effects Mögt, then you probably have a bit of fun, but would not admit the. The film comes by the way of Mutt mutt and which are indeed exactly known…

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The REAL Suicide Squad

Eclectic Methods SciFi-Mixtape

27 Minutes SciFi samples and beats from Eclectic Method. In this Jonny Wilson everything verwurstet to science fiction films and series, that you know or may not know. The track is certainly mega and I hope, I find the same again time, even fully to hear him through…

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Sci Fi Mixtape

Parents have to struggle: Sex before and after kids

children change the life completely, even the sex life. After the birth of a child's life the parents is no longer the same as before. You share everything with the young, both the Food and sleepless nights. And of course the leisure, you spend the first few years mostly in wind and weather on the playgrounds of the nearby area. Spontaneity and intimacy goodbye for a few years from the active vocabulary. Plenty of time for romance twosome then first no longer remains the most pairs, because after job, Nachmittagsbespassung and budget you fall only tired on the sofa, nodding off ausgepowert. Similar scenes take place in „Sex before vs. after kids“ from: In the funny Video of Buzzfeed we see a pair, the front of parenthood always and everywhere could indulge in the bed sport and can thereafter rausschlagen place two seeds hours maximum five undiscovered jiff.

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Sex before vs. after kids

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – German Trailer

To 20. Jubilee there is not only the long-awaited „Resident Evil 7“ and a reunion with Leon S. Kennedy in „Resident Evil: Vendetta“, but also the last chapter of the cinematic saga Alice (Milla Jovovich). In exactly this makes us Constantin Film with the final German TRAILER the theatrical release in late January a. , Produced by Constantin Film series played at the box office worldwide to date more than one billion dollars and took regularly the tips of the movie charts. The last part of the franchise promises to be another time Action, massive zombie attack and a tough heroine, knows no mercy. As the only survivor of war, which was planned as the last resistance of humanity against the undead, Alice now has to return there, where the Nightmare started - Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation gathered their forces for a final blow to the survivors of the Apocalypse.

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[3D Trailer] Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - 3D Trailer
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