How to fall a traffic light

With a club course! but it could be a fake. On the other hand, the Russian Federation -- and since everything is well known, possible…

Crosswalk Light Timber

prank: The blind man

Remi Gaillard was once again on the road, veräppeln people. This time he pretended, to be blind, and put them out with the famous white stick and a dark sunglasses, to go to the most unlikely places. Gaillard went on foot through busy streets, along a roof rail, on escalators and everywhere people are horrified and try, to help him…

BLIND MAN PRANK (Remi Gaillard)

Want to accelerate later, you need without Grasleben!

Whether that keeps the kids from smoking pot is questionable, at least the Prevention city and county Giessen is convinced. but leaves you wanting more funny rhymes, as:

Do you want to race fast later, let the coke out of your nose!

Will not you walk home, Maximal 2 drinking beer Mass!

Want a driving license Stress, then not trippe on Crystal Meth.

Want 'nen BMW, then stay away from LSD!

More of it there at reddit

English undertaker company uses Rolls-Royce hearse

There is indeed a wise saying, which reads: "The last car always . "Thus, it is a combination of a particularly noble Kombi, has the undertaker company A. In. Lymn from the English city of Nottingham has a fleet of vehicles of luxury manufacturer Rolls-Royce. In addition there are some models made by Bentley. Overall 39 this high-quality cars are allowed on the company, However, very few have been of them actually turned into a hearse. Many of them serve as a support vehicle for friends and relatives of the deceased person. Should one of the Rolls-Royce but serve to transport a coffin, then it is stretched to a length of seven meters. In addition, its roof is raised, the rear seats removed and installed an electrically retractable stretcher made of stainless steel instead. Still to be Rolls-Royce looks after a revision of the chassis and the electronics of the vehicle concerned. Nobel perish the world…

English undertaker company uses Rolls-Royce hearse

(via Motor-Talk)

Truck collision with truck full color

This was definitely not his day! And I assume, that it goes all parties well. Rear-end collisions are ever quite uncool. Yet much more uncool but it is, when the truck traveling ahead yellow color has charged for road marking. the „bit“ Yellow on the highway noted sure hardly anyone… :)

A driver was left coated in yellow dye after his lorry crashed into a truck carrying paint for use as road markings. The man had been DRIVING the truck along a highway in Russia.

Yellow driver, car crash in Russia (Part 1) - The truck drove into the truck with yellow paint (Part 1)

Trocadero Fixie: The bicycle with the movable frame

Alban Haloche, Alexis Honoré and Johan Le Bon have with Trocadero-Fixie reinvented the wheel: A hinge in the frame ensures completely new maneuvers, extremely small turning circles and very strange looking cornering. According to her own one to the in 10 Minutes have learned and the hinge can be the normal cycle notice again. The whole now looks not elegant follows, but that was not the goal…


Motorized off-road rollerblades

Friends, Here you see the future of personal transportation options! First there was the car, Then there was the Segway. Now is a technology at the start, combines the best of rollerblading and motorized driving experience: EV4! Jack Skopinski has manufactured this unit, which speeds between 14 and 20 km / h can. are powered parts of a 5 kg Battery, which, I suspect, located in a backpack, Therefore, the wiring. is controlled with a hand-held pad. The first prototype quite interesting, let's see what it is…

Electric off roaad rollerblade 3

Grappler Police Bumper: A car safety gear as James Bond

This device is intended to make it possible the police, be able to stop them before fleeing cars from driving out. Reminds a bit of James Bond, but was of course in the US&A developed and exactly in the land of opportunity, I can imagine, that things will come sooner or later to use…

Grappler Police Bumper

You have in life simply times lucky

Pseudo Funny Fail compilations is available from the web as a dime a dozen and there but win compilations are simply much better, if only because only the Karma Points. It does so, ultimately, more fun, if you can be happy with someone about something, instead of someone, of just anything in the head – possibly even physically- has, than to have to serve as Bespassungsvogel. And lucky may also find a place here. Especially since the acts partially as a disguised Fail Compilation, in thanks Fortuna still a win at the end out jumps…

Close Calls & Near Misses Compilation | FailArmy 2016
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