Trocadero Fixie: The bicycle with the movable frame

Alban Haloche, Alexis Honoré and Johan Le Bon have with Trocadero-Fixie reinvented the wheel: A hinge in the frame ensures completely new maneuvers, extremely small turning circles and very strange looking cornering. According to her own one to the in 10 Minutes have learned and the hinge can be the normal cycle notice again. The whole now looks not elegant follows, but that was not the goal…


Motorized off-road rollerblades

Friends, Here you see the future of personal transportation options! First there was the car, Then there was the Segway. Now is a technology at the start, combines the best of rollerblading and motorized driving experience: EV4! Jack Skopinski has manufactured this unit, which speeds between 14 and 20 km / h can. are powered parts of a 5 kg Battery, which, I suspect, located in a backpack, Therefore, the wiring. is controlled with a hand-held pad. The first prototype quite interesting, let's see what it is…

Electric off roaad rollerblade 3

Grappler Police Bumper: A car safety gear as James Bond

This device is intended to make it possible the police, be able to stop them before fleeing cars from driving out. Reminds a bit of James Bond, but was of course in the US&A developed and exactly in the land of opportunity, I can imagine, that things will come sooner or later to use…

Grappler Police Bumper

You have in life simply times lucky

Pseudo Funny Fail compilations is available from the web as a dime a dozen and there but win compilations are simply much better, if only because only the Karma Points. It does so, ultimately, more fun, if you can be happy with someone about something, instead of someone, of just anything in the head – possibly even physically- has, than to have to serve as Bespassungsvogel. And lucky may also find a place here. Especially since the acts partially as a disguised Fail Compilation, in thanks Fortuna still a win at the end out jumps…

Close Calls & Near Misses Compilation | FailArmy 2016

Something fire on Tankstutzen

I have no idea, why that woman is busy with a lighter in an open tank lid, But I hope, that this is somehow unscathed expired for them.

burned "pistol" at the gas station vSurgute

The worst drivers of all time

A big part, if not every driver thinks of himself: „I'm the only one here on the road, can drive sensibly ". this is exactly what, seem motorists following Video to think of themselves…

Funniest and Craziest Driving Fails || Worst Drivers Ever by FailArmy

Most curses by Sascha the truck drivers

Sascha, the star of the local truck YouTube scene, films his trips and makes them subsequently to its channel. Here is a surprisingly entertaining compilation of his best curse Scenes. And my face, He has every reason to curse…

Best of: Sascha LKW Fahrnünftig (German Truck Driver *English Subtitles included*)

Your packages today come to a little later

Since falls a bit Snow – and the world is in chaos. The first snow in 2017 and for many also the first snow this winter. clear, because you have to first get out to play a bit. The DHL driver is also engaged in another – and the package comes a little later :)

(via Low Life Performance)

How transformed normal cars snowmobiles

How transformed normal cars snowmobiles

Track-N-Go“ transforming ordinary cars with all-wheel drive in snowmobiles. It allows the company AD Biovin conventional truck or SUV just over and through the Snow to drive as Snomobiles. According to the information of the company take to install the crawler only 15 Minutes. Only one drives in the forward caterpillar, then in this for the rear wheels, secures all with chains and tensioners on the vehicle and away you go. For driving the vehicle wheels and directing care should therefore be possible…

Track N Go on Jeep wrangler and Grand Cherokee
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