DBD: At The Crack Of Dawn – Vanderbuyst

Das holländischen Hard Rock Trio Vanderbuyst haben zum Titeltrack ihres neuen Albums „At The Crack Of Dawn“ a Video twisted. Commented the band:

When you work with a real artist like Jérome Siegelaer, you get the best result when you surrender to his creative mind. For this video he took us to his natural habitat, that is heathlands and forests, for a mini adventure. It was a very easy to lose yourself in this breathtaking environment. The highlight at the crack of dawn, with the rising of the sun, was a true spiritual experience.

Vanderbuyst - At The Crack Of Dawn (Official Video)

DBD: Walking On Tightrope – Vanderbuyst

The new „Vanderbuyst“ Album trägt den Titel „At The Crack Of Dawn“ and in October 2014 appear. The band has a Lyric Video the new song „Walking On Tightrope“ Added…

Vanderbuyst - Walking On Tightrope (Lyric Video)

DBD: Little Sister – Vanderbuyst

Die niederländischen Hardrocker „Vanderbuyst“ veröffentlichten eine auf 500 Limited edition of 7″-Vinyl single with two new tracks: „Little Sister“ and „Shakira“. Erhältlich ist die Single via Ván Records sowie auf den Konzerten, Fans sollten also schnellstmöglich zugreifen!

Vanderbuyst - "Little Sister"