What really women want for Valentine's Day

Friends, just so you know it, a posy posy is ei – The only question, whence the posy is! roses are red, Violets are Blue, I want NEN Strauss Donuts, Burgers and nuggets, I am a woman! :)


Simon’s Cat looking for Love

Even Simon's little cat can not escape the Valentine…

Simon’s Cat looks for love in all the Wrong pla­ces

Simon's Cat - Looking for Love (A Valentine's Collection)

Say It With Beef: Flowers from Beef Jerky, because soon's Valentine!

Friends, it is no longer a long way to Valentine's Day and if you fancy experiencing your wife or girlfriend give something else, as flowers and chocolates, then we have something for you. Actually even flowers, but also not. The US firm „Say It With Beef“ namely offers Bouquets, consisting of Beef Jerky. From more than 200 Grams finest Beef Jerky well understood, there is a dozen flowers, the taste you have a choice of Original Jerky, peppery, Teriyaki and a mixture of all three. The price per flower bunch is around $35.00, die Vase, which is actually a beer glass, one of them. Unfortunately, however, there is a problem, Say It With Beef liefert (more) not abroad…

Cake in human heart shape

Nice idea for Valentine's Day, so of because I give you my heart. Or just for the, who have a broken heart. as well as always, definitely a great job of How To Cake It.

How To Make A HUMAN HEART CAKE! Deep Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Ganache!
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