DBD: In Deepest Silence – Undertow

Undertow“ have on 6. December her new album „In Deepest Silence“ placed in the dealer shelves, and today you can listen here in the crypt in the new work. The silver disc contains ten regular numbers and two bonus tracks, the quartet as „Thank you for twenty years of fan loyalty“ top drauflegt. Here is the tracklist to „In Deepest Silence“:

  1. Barefaced (Intro)
  2. Canvas Ghosts
  3. Box Shaped Heart
  4. These Boots
  5. In Deepest Silence
  6. Inside One
  7. Slatesoul
  8. Everember
  9. The Strain
  10. Now And Forever
  11. 34this (Acoustic Version) – Bonus Track
  12. Smoke Garden (Acoustic Version) – Bonus Track
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undertow (08) Everember - In The Deepest Silence