Album Review: Inviolable – Blessing and a curse

presenting to ten-year band anniversary „Inviolable„, the German punk rockers from South Tyrol, with her latest album „Curse & Blessing“ a shekel, with which they have to hide despite many competitors no. This is their fifth album, that time for 10 anniversary of the band is published. Already from the first song („Out Of The Fog“) until the end of the album is well done. „Inviolable“ provide with „Blessing and a curse“ A good mix of punk and, from the house of Rookies & Known Kings, German rock.

Inviolable - Blessing and a curse

Frankly, I've so far only here and there a few songs of „Inviolable“ belongs. Because now is the perfect opportunity, to familiarize themselves with the new album your own impression of the band. The disc was determined prior to this review 40 Times by my hearing, I'm just not have gotten rid of. „Inviolable“ No copying of „Frei.Wild“, even if they musically and geographically, have in common with the band a lot. What I at „Inviolable“ can not quite share, is the genre description. Her style is a certain way punk rock and the riffs and chords have a lot of the genre, but lyrically the guys are much better, As the, whatever we know under Punk Rock. Here is looked into the soul and spoken of it. This is not about drinking or blatant political statements, this is about real life.


Singer Joggl has this certain smoky voice, every song accompanied correctly. Schon der Opener „Out Of The Fog“ has achieved a good speed. Musically, with some „Betontod“ Flip side, the „Toten Hosen“ in the undergrowth and light „Third choice“ Nuances, Start a skilful, the desire to make more songs. „In Thee, on me“ provides fast riffs and a catchy chorus, the immediately catchy and stays there. This song is about friendship and the ups and downs in life, obtained by standing together. „For always my“ is about the eternal Love To Tattoos. Although the sting of a tattoo can be painful, yet it is the only true love, which would never cheat and lasts forever. This song is the first single Video, which at 1. May, published this year, and is represented again as a ballad at the end of the album.

Inviolable - Forever My [Official video]

„I have lived“ is an offbeat song, the sign says as the title, is about saying farewell. Here, drawn from life kehlkopfverrauchte voice of frontman Joggl comes well into play and gives the song exactly „certain something“. The acoustic guitars together with Joggl's voice give an indescribable feeling. The song rises more and more and come in the end even a few choruses used. With „Against the Current“ it goes with some more dirt under the nails to the cause, despite the geglättenden melodies. At „Inviolable“ sounds to me the kind of rebellion somehow to draw, between melody construct the Toten Hosen or light „Third choice“ influences. On concerts the song is determined one or another animate the Pogo and has felt the fastest played song and also the shortest on the entire plate. „Your stone“ reserves the pace, but belongs to one of the songs, not remain permanently in the ear. There are simply stronger tracks on the CD.


At „Run!“ is finally clear to me, to whom reminds me of the larynx-heavy voice of Joggl: At the German dubbing voice of A.L.F., sprich Tommi Piper, the here would vocally to his godfather. At „Run!“ is it a constructive Song. Although there is often defeats in life, you should not run away from it, but always see the positives in life and thus its Fear offer and fear forehead, even if it does not fall often very easy. „No end in sight“ is an ode to friendship. Ein flotter Track, but one would have wished for a little variety. Somehow you slowly get the impression, the riffs them are very similar. With „Bombs from the sky“ breaks new hope from the fog, not only thematically, but also musically! Here flash highlights the potential of „Inviolable“ By. Drive satt, Soli and attitude, despite melodies. Already, that the Drive in connection with „We remain standing“ not Lost goes. This song was arranged varied and is a good, snappy encouragement.


That was already in the rock version „Forever My“ you can now as an acoustic piano version come into play and it seems to me to be obvious, where the strengths of this band are. Oddly, the lyrics come over here much better. On this version there is nothing to complain about, On the contrary, here it flows really thinly past goosebumps showers. It is now on course for album end and „Lose or governance“ would have done wonderfully in the middle of the album. A song in which it happens socially critical and tried to show, as many a politician thinks and his ideologies attempted to enforce. „Your life!“ is a powerful song, that comes along on a musical and lyrical level with lots of content. But there is a little bonus track, the Lichtausknipser „Fight us (Special Version)“ scores again fully. Especially the female Sangespart here complemented wonderfully with the voice of Joggl. A worthy conclusion!

Inviolable - Blessing and a curse

Musically offer „Inviolable“ typical German rock without surprises and deliver their new record „Blessing and a curse“ forward driving punk songs, Ballads and rocking numbers. Sounds like the concept „Böhse Onkelz“ and exactly precisely that clients want to use. Lyrically resorting to tried and tested and therefore is all about love, Tattoos, Friendships, War or even the failure of the heads at the top. A concrete discussion of these topics, however, remains, and will remain what is left are spongy texts, which Music accompany. With the opener „Out Of The Fog“ is supposedly cleaned up with its own hooligan and nationalist past, but that is unfortunately using the vocabulary from that very scene. The band knows their stuff and creates clean and well-arranged catchy suitable numbers. What remains is an average piece Punk Rock, which provides nothing new. just right for Spiesserpunks and who on songs with powerful riffs, good solos, fast drums and smoky voice is, which should be „Blessing or Curse“ get. Even those who „Die Toten Hosen“ still deems politically sensitive should here like, as well as the „Frei.Wild Fan“, access.

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Untouchable band


  1. Out Of The Fog
  2. In Thee, on me
  3. Forever My
  4. I have lived
  5. Against the Current
  6. Your stone
  7. Run!
  8. No end in sight
  9. Bombs from the sky
  10. We remain standing
  11. Forever My (Ballad)
  12. Lose or governance
  13. Your life!
  14. Fight Us (Special Version)
Album Review: Inviolable - Blessing and a curse
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