When wearing a piano, play on another piano

The Russian movers Vatan Seitumerov seems to be a true all-rounder and as if that was not mentioned in the title already impressive enough, is in this Video additionally also someone on the supported piano, should actually play the guitar. But he does not really, so it is not completely cool…

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vatan seitumerov

Skeleton Tapete

Yeah, there would be slightly morbid, but my heart! How's that again okras fully to my taste and certainly ideal, in order to equip a nursery. To have this gibts „Animal Magic Gray and Black“ Rug bei Paperboy for £ 120.00…

Recordable Wall Color – The wall as a notebook

Well, but something of genius! The wall as an oversized notebook. „Ideapaint“ Color is, which can be described and clean again, and so the whole room becomes a Whiteboard! As you can see on the example photos of the manufacturer, adheres the paint in the kitchen or on tables – gorgeous, Live in a large post-it notes :)


IdeaPaint is flexible and easy to install. It can be applied to anything you can paint – drywall, plaster, chalkboard, whiteboard, tables, bikes, garden gnomes, small ceramic cats. Just prep and prime the surface before you start. IdeaPaint will be as smooth as the surface you paint. […] IdeaPaint is a two-part coating that is mixed right before application. It works like any standard roller-applied paint

The operation is simple: you get a kind of two-component color, the blending together on site and then to a surface such as color pinselt – as a wall. Seven days later, then you can write on and wipe off the written again. Finally an end to the limited space of small blackboards :)

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IdeaPaint @Dwell on Design '09

Horror movie shower curtain and bath mat

This beautiful home accessories me Sitamun attention (Thank you very much!) and I must admit, zuhaben ordered the curtain and carpet equal, I like it because something damned good in the bathroom, even better than the Psycho Shower Curtain. I ordered the shower spray guard for $14.99 and matching carpet for $17.99 with ThinkGeek and now the Packerl also arrived. The beautifully bloody parts delight me but at least each morning afresh and that is to say what a morning person like me… :michaelmyers: :lol:

Horror Movie Duschvorhang und Badezimmer Teppich
Badezimmer Teppich

Toilet seat with skull

I'm always still looking for a, two home accessories while at deviantART on the users ~ AirCap pushed, has gebrusht this absolutely brilliant toilet seat. May, there would be to buy something, I was the first, of the ordered :)

Toilettensitz mit Schädel

Three plants for better indoor air quality

Kamal Meattle in New Delhi business park uses only three indoor plants to increase the oxygen content in the air and as the air filter, and since I'm on the move, I may use such information to fresh interiors certainly good.

Three plants

Meattle shows in his presentation at the TED conference 2009 Details for great success, with thousands of plants for hundreds of workers.

In every living- or work space, the three plants Betel- oder Arekapalme, Snake plant or mother-tongue and Pothos are used, in order to promote the conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen, filtering organic compounds, and in general to filter the air, and to improve. Needs to be installed for a single person in the minimum 11 Plant… Let's see, I did not really have a green thumb, and when I received the green then, it is not sooooo dolle… More at gibts Lifehacker.

X-Ray Lampe

This lamp by designer Sture Pallarp made from X-ray images is now sitting around in my apartment is not related!

X-Ray Lampe

Apartment Application

Now off you go… Pants abelah…

Although one can write „Sülz“ and „Laber“
a landlord interested but
more the facts and data
drum lay the cards on the table.
Descriptive names, Age, Place
Job, Content, Animal, and so on.
Do you aim at success,
avoid as far as possible coffee stains.

My home is my castle

What is the most fun? Watching other people at work, involved without it being :)

Here is a stop motion-Video the indentation of a young gentleman in his new apartment in a film of 2800 Frames, backed by Brian Ferry „The Way You Look Tonight“ and when I look at all the work, I'm so very tired of the soon upcoming Parade. What does it matter?, what must, the need…

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