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Jeff Frosts Timelapse-Clips are just great, This time he has with the camera wildfires in the US&A detained…

US wildfires burned 10 million acres in the US last year exceeding six billion dollars in costs, making it the most destructive annual natural disaster in the world. Fire Chasers plunges deeper into California wildfires than ever before with unprecedented access granted by CalFire and the breathtaking imagery of acclaimed film and photo artist, Jeff Frost.

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California On Fire Preview

Hurricane Matthew: Headbanger defies with Slayer and American flag hurricane

He rocked the hurricane! The American Lane Pittman aus Florida trotzte mit nacktem Oberkörper und einer gehörigen Dröhnung Slayer Hurricane Matthew. Während der Wind durch die Strassen peitschte, he let the song „Raining Blood“ his hair flying, headbanging middle of the road and waved to a US flag. He could thereby hardly left to give, but obviously made him simply fun, einem tödlichen Wirbelsturm ins Gesicht zu lachen. „It was an emotional roller coaster“, said Pittman local Press. When he his actions did not refrain despite police order, took him with the cops. Before Hurricane Matthew had called in the Caribbean several hundreds of deaths…

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Hurricane Matthew Meets Slayer


Alexandre Farto, also known under the name Vhils, ist portugiesischer StreetArt-Künstler und war in Brasilien unterwegs, in order to implement his socially critical project against globalization. It is in this case to the primitive people of the Guarani and their resettlement by the government. Dieses Projekt soll diese fast vergessene Aktion wieder in die kollektive Erinnerung zurückrufen.

We are all products of the chaos that surrounds us,” says Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto – aka Vhils – in André Santos’s film, which documents the indigenous village of Araçaí, Brazil, Where 90 Guaraní people were moved by the government at the turn of this century, displacing them from their ancestral lands. Immortalizing these forgotten people, Farto carves their portraits onto buildings and the doors of their homes – mixing indigenous and new techniques – giving them the voice and dignity they have been denied.

Vielfalt ist gut für die Weltgemeinschaft und das soll im Vordergrund stehen – as Alexandre had again unmistakably jackhammer-style, faces of 90 umgesiedelten Menschen an die Hauswände und Türen gezaubert. class action, as always implemented grandiose. Nowness has to a small, featured mini documentary of scarce 6 Customised minutes. Natürlich auch die altbekannte Art wie Vhils durch Destruktion neue Ansichten bzw. Portraits creates.

I believe that art has the power to bring these issues to the fore and perhaps create Change, as both the government and the media seem to ignore their plight,” says Farto, who recently created the hypnotic music Video for U2’s “Raised by Wolves.” “Indigenous communities around the world are struggling to maintain their LOCAL heritage and keep customs alive in face of this overwhelming model of development that is leaving them behind.

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Wheels : Incision - The street artist artist's ode to Brazil's forgotten community, the Guaraní

People of Nowhere

Lior Sperandeo has been traveling with his camera on the Greek island of Lesbos. The result is this 2-minute short film, the fortiori „relaxed“ begins, but then almost overturns according to the local events in dramaturgy and screen violence…

I have heard and read different opinions about the wave of Syrian refugees who try to make their way in to EU. Then I went to Lesvos. 7 Days on the Greek Island gave me a healthier human perspective on the situation. Seeing in my own eyes the people behind the headlines and feeling their deep struggle, broke my heart.
Is this the “threat” people talk about? All I could see was courages people in a crisis.

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People of Nowhere

Giant wave in train in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires city was in 2010 after a storm under water. This train created a huge wave when driving and the poor people are soaked in water…

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Train causes a huge wave

Cloud tsunami Sydney

About the Bondi Beach near Sydney there last week to see extraordinary: A storm clouds, looks like a tsunami in the sky…

Cloud tsunami Sydney
Cloud tsunami Sydney
Cloud tsunami Sydney
Cloud tsunami Sydney
Cloud tsunami Sydney
Cloud tsunami Sydney
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What really happens, if we throw away plastic

Glücklicherweise werden heutzutage Plastikflaschen und Behälter grösstenteils recycelt. But what actually happens with the plastic, if we simply throw him? Emma Bryce draws the life cycles of three different plastic bottles and shows us, was wir kommenden Generationen für ein „Gift“ leave.

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What really happens to the plastic you throw away - Emma Bryce

L’histoire de Petit Navire et la pêche au thon

Greenpeace has implemented an important message in a very creative and webaffine way. Bestimmt habt ihr auch schon von fiesen Fisch-Methoden gehört, want to have the tuna, but simply catch everything, was sie ins Netz bekommen – nur um es dann zu entsorgen. Greenpeace Frankreich hat sich dem Thema auf originelle Weise angenommen und eine Adaption der Webserie Simon’s Cat umgesetzt, the… Well… terminates somewhat different. An online petition calling for action can be found here and can thus help, dass bösen Fischern der Bootsführerschein entzogen wird!

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L'histoire de Petit Navire et la pêche au thon

Cabulco: Volcanic eruption in fast motion

Cabulco is a 2300 Meter high volcano in Chile, of a few days ago for the first time since 42 Jahen is active again. And if when the apocalypse look so beautiful, may they be happy because of me…

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Calbuco volcano explosion / Calbuco volcano explodes! / The calbuco volcanic explosion! / eruption

Lego: Everything is NOT awesome!

Schon seit langer Zeit arbeitet Lego mit dem Ölkonzern Shell zusammen. Somehow, no wonder, immerhin ist der Grundstoff der Plastikbausteine das Kerngeschäft des niederländischen Unternehmens. Greenpeace warns now in a stunning short film the termination of this alliance.
Greenpeace takes in the Video den Vorstoss der Ölkonzerne in die Arktis ins Visier. Die Umweltschäden einer möglichen Havarie lassen sich kaum beziffern, be visualized but looking ahead to the Spot. Die vermeintlich romantische Szenerie mit Eisbären, Huskys und den Arbeitern der Ölplattform gerät nach einem Unfall zum disaster. Here, Greenpeace served on title song of the latest Lego game film, transforming „Everything is awesome“ in a sad ballad, die dem Spot so die nötige Schwere verleiht.

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Lego: Everything is NOT awesome.

Eye to eye with a tornado

Im US-Bundesstaat North Dakota hat ein Tornado ein Camp von Ölarbeitern zerstört. Der Wirbelsturm raste über die Wohnwagen der Arbeiter rund acht Kilometer südlich von Watford City hinweg. How something looks, wenn man mittendrin steckt zeigt das folgende Video

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Extreme Close-up Tornado Footage!

„Anti-Smog“ iPhone Camera App

The camera Appvon Xiamen Meitu Technology from China with built-in „DeSmog“-Feature turns versmogeten, smoky sky in bright blue. Offensichtlich eine einfache Auto-Tonwertkorrektur mit Anhebung der Blautöne. The Chinese original there at iTunes-China: 美图秀秀

"Anti-Smog" iPhone Camera App

Firenado from Hell

Firenado from Hell

In der Nähe von Denver zog ein kleiner Wirbelsturm auf, as the fire department wanted to just leave a field controlled burn. In keeping with the soundtrack, then took the metalste event of all time!

Fully prepared and trained firefighters from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, South Metro, Denver, Fairmount, and West Metro Fire Departments conducted the prescribed fire to clear overgrown vegetation, reduce wildfire risk to nearby homes, and stimulate growth of native switchgrass and Indian grass. Burns are regularly scheduled at the Refuge to reduce the possibility of accidental fires on our prairie. This Video dramatically demonstrates the need for this program. Another burn took place on Wednesday, March 19th, during which an additional 678 acres were burned according to plan.

what we saw and how we reacted is exactly what we want out of our fire crews — well planned with plenty of on-site resources to manage contingencies, Safety first, and well trained folks got after it quickly,” said Refuge Manager David Lucas.

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RX Burn Rocky Mtn Arsenal 3/14/2014

(via io9)

Earthlings – Earthlings with German subtitles

Earthlings (Earthlings) is a documentary, produced by Shaun Monson, who also wrote the screenplay and directed by. Was co-produced by Earthlings Persia White, the speaker is Hollywood actor and animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix and the soundtrack comes from Moby. The film is a documentary feature-length on the absolute dependence of man from animals and illustrates our disdain for the so-called „non-human providers“.

The film shows the bare reality of the absolute dependence of man from animal life in general, as food, Clothing, Social partners, Entertainment, Economy, as well as a test subject in the context of animal experiments. Unfortunately, the reality is not easy to bear often, if it is shown without makeup and unadorned. This film rouses, because he shows unsparingly, how little respect, Respect and appreciation of the human to the animal shows, although this secures most of its existence. With an in-depth study on Livestock, Animal shelters, as well as factory farms, the leather- and fur trade, the sport- and the entertainment industry, and ultimately the medical and scientific use, showing the film using hidden cameras and secretly made recording photo daily misery of Animals. Focus is also the greed of big industries, the animal products market and are therefore economically dependent on the use of animals.

The first part of the film, as 20 Minutes, not so hard. The remainder is divided into different sections – the sections on animals and later on wildlife are pretty hefty. For children and a nervous disposition do not recommend people! This film is despite the terrible images neither sensational nor voyeuristic, but full of appreciation for the living „Tier“. Earthlings is an important and valuable film, because he helps people through relentless openness, to develop a greater awareness in dealing with animals and animal products.

I became aware of this film through the post by Tom (here goes his blog) and who would like to read the text from the film in German, may be due to Scribd do. Incidentally, with Unity Another documentary by Shaun Monson in the making, which 2012 to be published. The film deals with the already-announced in Earthlings correlation between animals, Nature and humanity. Monson assumes, that we all (Minerals, Animals, Plant) have the same origin, namely the earth. Thus we are not all equal, but equal in value. This, according to Monson, the central idea of ​​the film.

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