Album Review: UFO – A Conspiracy Of Stars

The British rock veterans UFO come these days with her 22. Studio album around the corner. One of the most British rock bands in music history for the first time in over 20 Resumed a studio album in their native England years. Means the work „A Conspiracy Of Stars“ and to take one thing first: Big surprises does not include the part. The band breathes lyrically and stylistically precisely those British sovereignty, for this band for more than 45 It has been known. A strong piece Music, which extends over eleven new songs and all that combines, what the group around frontman Phil Mogg is: kernige Riffs, significant Hooks, varied songwriting, intelligent lyrics and a generally serene attitude, how it has always been of UFO knows.

UFO - A Conspiracy Of Stars

They have roused again, with the 22. Studio album name "A Conspiracy Of Stars" set the British rockers UFO its almost incredible list of produced albums of still on it and like on the previous discs rock is rock solid with the album Classic comes in a modern sound dress. The album UFO ask first before their current occupation: In addition to the original members Phil Mogg (Singing), Paul Raymond (Keyboards, Guitar) and Andy Parker (Drums) and since the 2004 firm belonging to the group lead guitarist Vinnie Moore has been one 2012 and the American bassist Rob De Luca to the band. De Luca is not only a brilliant instrumentalist, but has also contributed as a songwriter two pieces for the new album. The majority of the new material comes from Vinnie Moore, In addition, there is also a song by Paul Raymond and cooperation between the Raymond and De Luca. All texts were as always written by frontman Phil Mogg.

UFO - Band

The fact, that „A Conspiracy Of Stars“ by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, U. A.) was produced and mixed, also can be seen as another crucial pieces of the puzzle in itself a coherent publication. All this is not enough, however, creative approach to the classics of the times with Michael Schenker. Sound and craftsmanship of the parties, however, are beyond reproach and the band has some real bangers on the plate as the opener „The Killing Kind“ or the original quasi-reggae „The Real Deal“. The width of the compositions are missing, however, a little highlights, although no real failures. 50 Minutes is allowed to attend the Rock / Hard Rock show of UFO and the disk shows, how past and present merge into a homogeneous unit.

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UFO · "A Conspiracy Of Stars" Teaser

UFO presses for more than 45 Years of experience, very homogeneous and solid arrangements on the blank. The melodies are thoroughly and put immediately fixed and the riffs are meaty and crisp drums. Once again proves Mogg his skills as precise observers of the human species. The Briton has remained a man of the people, despite its unique position in the international rock'n'roll Business. Mogg sympathized with the working class of England, Here are his roots, To these people, the UFO singer feels still attracted. You can hear this origin in his songs, his texts, which always show his absolute grip on all puns and deliberate ambiguity.

UFO - Band

Since 1969 mix the gentlemen now up in business and Tsangarides was already 14 years as an intern in the studio, als UFO 1970 in England, their debut album UFO 1 produced. Her latest work is an output beyond compare. „A Conspiracy Of Stars“ has a very varied songwriting and thus is never a dull moment. Cleverly they obstruct one or the other solo and make a whole disk very round and more than audible. Eleven tracks full of listening and overall win Mogg & Co the showdown with the collected ex-bandmates „House of X“ - Previously known as X-UFO - have a stylistically similar disc at the start. „A Conspiracy Of Stars“ has become a great album, the tour for the album for spring 2015 is already booked solid and UFO are well prepared, in the meantime 22. Aufzuschlagen chapter of their career. Respect!

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  1. The Killing Kind
  2. Run Boy Run
  3. Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun
  4. Sugar Cane
  5. Devils In The Detail
  6. Precious Cargo
  7. The Real Deal
  8. One And Only
  9. Messiah Of Love
  10. Rolling Rolling
  11. King Of The Hill (Bonus Track)
Album Review: UFO - A Conspiracy Of Stars
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