Ubuntu Edge: Mobile phone with 128 GB of memory and 4 GB of RAM via Croudsourcing

Powerful and cheaper than iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 to the new Ubuntu Be Edge. Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder engages an unconventional financing model: He wants to fund the smartphone by Croudsourcing, ie anyone can participate and it should also, because this smartphone and PC in one device. The Ubuntu Edge is dual-booting and can be used with Ubuntu Phone OS and Android be started, as can be achieved by connecting to a monitor the phone into a full-fledged PC.

Ubuntu Edge

The open source software Ubuntu wanted always be more than one operating system. Ubuntu is a vision: Users decide on technical innovations. Not Apple, which prefers are to be inserted in the high-security vault of a bank to the source code of its iPhone and not Samsung with its Galaxy S4. No, the user should decide, what brings the smartphone and so is the first open-source smartphone „Ubuntu Edge“ be something very great and very different: Twice as much memory (128 GB) such as the iPhone 5, twice as much RAM (4 GB) like the Galaxy S4, more powerful batteries, dual-booting, with sapphire crystal display and stereo headphones and all cheaper than the devices of the top dogs Apple and Samsung (see table below). The Ubuntu Edge can be started with both Ubuntu Phone OS as well as Android and can be transformed by connecting to a PC monitor into a full-. „Ubuntu Edge is the ultimate Konvergenzegrät and question the existing concepts for PCs and smartphones to the test“, says Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Canonical. To the smartphone and PC in one device 695 U.S. dollar cost, and in May 2014 come on the market.

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Ubuntu Edge Teaser Promo

In order to make the vision a reality, Shuttleworth is an increasingly popular financing model forming a: Crowdsourcing. The aim of the Crowdsourcing-Kampagne auf Indiegogo is, until 21. August 32 Millionen US-Dollar für eine limitierte Produktionsserie von 40.000 Ubuntu-Edge-Geräten zu sammeln. According to Canonical, the Bloomberg news agency has a quota of devices 80 Exemplaren beteiligt und aktuell sind sage und schreibe bereits 11’201’500 Dollar zusammengekommen. Dennoch braucht das Projekt jede Unterstützung die es kriegen kann, the day only a few are open until the end date, um weitere 20 Millionen Dollar zu sammeln. Wer also heute 695 Dollars using, gets in May 2014 sent a brand-new Ubuntu Edge. For the case, that 32 Not come together millions, get the crowdsourcing investors their use of 695 Dollars refunded, Canonical promises.

Ubuntu Edge Apple iPhone 5 Samsung Galaxy S4
Mobile OS Dual-boots Android and Ubuntu Mobile iOS Android
Desktop OS Ubuntu Desktop No No
Internal storage 128GB 64GB 16GB
Screen 720 x 1,280, 4.5 inches 640 x 1,136, 4 inches 1,080 x 1,920, 5 inches
Protection Sapphire Glass Corning Gorilla Glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Connectivity Dual-LTE, GSM LTE, GSM LTE, GSM
Speakers Stereo Mono Mono
Battery Silicon anode Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion
Price $695 $849* $750**

So friends, Just go ahead and secure an Ubuntu Edge, because this would finally truly an innovation in the current stagnant smartphone market! Who the project, in any kind always wants to help finance, click on the following widget: