Twitter Cops

An independent group fights bad tweets… :)

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Twitter Cops

Cock compared with Twitter

If one can give at the moment believe the media, is Twitter the ultimate in Web2.0 and will change the world * cough * Well, as yet wonderfully fits the ePenis to, Here you can compare and see her twitter account, Who has the greater, because today everything stands or falls with the popularity on Twitter, oderrrrrrrr? :)

Schwanzvergleich mit Twitter

The Twitter fart

There are always wieder Jungs (and maybe girls?), who are proud of each Fürzchen, which they „escapes“. Randy Sarafan has now decided, to help his office chair and the „Life“ which automatically „document“ und das ganze über ein Twitter Konto zu veröffentlichen.

Installation is surprisingly complex: A gas sensor makes the Sniffer, ein Arduino übernimmt das Denken und ein Squidbee Wireless-Module ist zuständig die Kommunikation. Who now would like to attend the buzz surrounding Sarafan's anus, may his Farts Tweets here follow…

Twitter Furz

(via Gizmodo)

Twitter for Gmail

With TwitterGadget it is possible, Twitter to use directly from Gmail. For this you have only to Gmail Labs in turn can, Use gadget to and you have integrated Twitter. Precisely how it goes in detail, can you step by step in read these instructions.

Now you have displayed in his Sidebar Twitter, what is not optimal, but do not worry, just double-click the arrow next to the title and >> next one is already a prima view, which can be adjusted even after endless and any Gusto, shown in the main window:

Twitter Gadget

Of course, Twitter gadget can also iGoogle or as Standalone Browser Applikation be used. Ürigens you The tomb also in iGoogle integrate ;)

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