Twisted Metal: The Game Review for destruction orgy

Last Wednesday was the anarcho-Racer „twisted Metal“ published and Silvan has for the tomb a Game Review to Sweet Tooth, the anti-hero of the now well- 17 Year old game series „Twisted Metal“ written, which I hereby also want to thank the same and thus Silvan equal to the word to War the cars – the vehicle could come from a „Mad Max“-Film are – surrender:

Zur Story:
The story is actually quite simple, it comes to Kane, Eismann one of his family to kill his daughter. This could escape him, but when she is forced by him into a corner, they hurt him with scissors and can escape so. Since then, he is in search of her. In this search, he meets a man named Calypso, he submitted the, on its competition „Twisted Metal“ – a deathmatch, where there is only one survivor in every round, the then progresses – participate and win when it's, Calypso him to his victim, his daughter, brings.

ARVE Error:
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For graphic:
In my opinion, the graphics of the game not bad, but could be better in certain places. It is now simply used to better. The cutscenes are very well done but, partly with real actors, staged partly in game graphics and convince both stylistically and in content.

To control:
The controls are rather getting used to start and looks more complicated in the first game moments, but after a short time and a little practice, it is actually pretty easy. Especially has the key assignment (me) rather confused, but as I said, you get used quickly with a little practice it.

Although I was actually more of a different kind of games „Twisted Metal“ am, I like the game well. is beautiful and especially, that is not just a death match race is left after the other, because that would be boring. Of course it is in every round about wipe out his opponents, However, one has to solve in each round a few additional tasks, of which are difficult round to round and nastier. However, this provides the necessary variety and lots of gameplay. In my opinion, „Twisted Metal“ definitely worth a purchase.