„The Walking Dead“ Squadron 7: These details you might in the 1. Follow missed so dramatic it continues – Trailer und Sneak Peek

The 7. Season of „The Walking Dead“ Create the shocking Death of two main characters. Negan Rick broke and seized power himself. In the 1. Episode So much has happened, that small details are perhaps completely disappeared during a single view. We have interesting elements from the start of the 7. Season for you culled and clarify, how it goes.

"The Walking Dead" Squadron 7: These details in a row 1 you've probably missed so dramatic it continues

The undead have lost seven years after the first appearance none of its fascination. This proved the hit series on Sunday and Monday to start the 7. Squadron. The audience showed considerable interest and bestowed the format, the highest since the Season 5 launch in 2014. With 17 Million viewers scratched „The Walking Dead“ then only comes on-time record. The interest in the changing undead is thus unbroken, even if the Horror-Hit struggled even in the last year with slightly declining rates. However, the arrival of Negan seems to cast a spell especially many former viewers, and an end to the dramatic events can not be predicted. No wonder then, that AMC recently confirmed the production of an eighth season, which as usual in the fall 2017 is to be launched.

"The Walking Dead" Squadron 7: These details in a row 1 you've probably missed so dramatic it continues

The start of the 7. Season the US series began with the might gloomiest and bloodiest episode of all time. The survivors, we for years in their fight against Zombies were allowed to accompany, have their personal boss found. Negan and his Saviors are the new, omnipresent threat and do so even the biters competition. In the premiere of 7. Season killed Negan two main characters: Abraham and Glenn. Through all the drama but perhaps some small details were completely under. Here are some observations, we have made during the episode. „The Walking Dead“ like in the 7. Season maybe two characters lost have, but also has a great main character won. Negan is now an integral part of the cast. Therefore, it was no big surprise, to see his name in the intro, with corresponding Scene: An old-fashioned iron, the heats in a sizzling fire. An allusion to a famous scene from the comics. As we know Dwight the first time in the series, he fled just from the Sanctuary and before Negan. The next time you encounter his face is disfigured suddenly. The story behind, which has not been told in the series: After Dwight's return to Negan, this will be punished by the leader of the Saviors. Negan pressed the hot iron in Dwight's face, so that never forgets when looking in the mirror, what awaits him in disobedience.

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TWD: Abraham and Glenn's Death

In the 6. Squadron „The Walking Dead“ Explore Rick's squad for the first time a base of Saviors. Ironically, Glenn discovers a collection of gruesome photographs on a wall. show all victims of Negan, their heads were smashed with Lucille. While the group in the 1. Episode of season 7 is still in shock, seen in the background, how to withdraw the Saviors. One of them makes with his camera around and photographed the crushed head of Glenn's corpse. A reminder for Negan and another photo for the wall. It would be no surprise, if the picture in a later episode appears again, to torment example Daryl Sanctuary. When they all arrived at the nadir, emerges a vision suddenly before Ricks eyes: What would have been, when the group from Alexandria would never encountered Negan and his people? He imagines a small, private garden party in Alexandria before. Glenn and Abraham are still alive. They all laugh and carefree. It is a scene, as we may never in „Walking Dead“ get to see. Because we are all too focused on Glenn and Maggie's son, is a small detail almost lost: Sss Bbibuc, which under its Shirt looming. Had they never met Negan, had started a family and Abraham Sasha. Or Sasha is even pregnant?

"The Walking Dead" Squadron 7: These details in a row 1 you've probably missed so dramatic it continues

Anyone familiar with the comic books by Robert Kirkman, already knows, that we can expect an interesting Negan / Carl storyline in the new episodes. Already in the final of 6. Season has Negan made more than clear, that he likes Carl a strange way. He is impressed, as cold and strongly indicates precisely the youngest in the group. Carl deny neckt, by designating him as a future serial killer. And actually, while Glenn is killed, we see the reactions on the faces of others. All are dismayed and cry. Even on Daryl's face shows pure desperation. As Carl's face you can see a very different emotion: Recesses of the earth Hatred. No Fear. Perhaps a single tear. But above all, anger and hatred. What will make this hatred from Carl?

"The Walking Dead" Squadron 7: These details in a row 1 you've probably missed so dramatic it continues

Glenn manages, to say a few final words to Maggie: „Maggie, I find you.“ And Abraham? He seems to accept his death without comment, hurls Negan merely a disparaging remark against. It has also Abraham of the woman, he loves, adopted. But the scene is just as short to see, that many fans have overlooked it. Just before he is killed by Negan, makes Abraham the peace sign in Sasha's direction. It is his way, to tell her goodbye. Some fans may be wondering now: Why did not he just looked at her and says goodbye, as did Glenn at Maggie? Why Abraham instead Negans replies views and made only the peace sign with his left hand? The answer lies in the final of 6. Squadron, because there we see the final seconds through the eyes of the victim. The victim looks straight to Negan and accepts his own death in Purchase. Because this moment already so was in the box, you could in the 7. not deviate Season. If Abraham had his head turned to the side, to exchange a last look with Sasha, would have had to see that already in the POV scene in the season finale. Michael Cudlitz therefore had no choice, than to look forward and to return Negans views. Nevertheless, he insisted, Abraham said goodbye on a hidden type of Sasha.

"The Walking Dead" Squadron 7: These details in a row 1 you've probably missed so dramatic it continues

According to „The Talking Dead“ spoilerte Host Chris Hardwick's future Maggie Greene, which will not settle after the death of Glenn with their own lives. Quite the reverse, in the comics she leaves Alexandria and is the new leader of the Hilltop Colony. So far there was no sign, that this storyline is also implemented in the TV series. But Lauren Cohan's annoyed expression in „The Talking Dead“ spoke volumes. Obviously she was not pleased, that the future of her character was casually gespoilert an audience of millions. One day before the premiere of 7. Season a dove Video on the web, showing the death of Maggie. But what's behind? AMC has obviously turned prolonged death scenes for each character, to aggravate a Leak. The shown, short death scenes of all characters have caused plenty of confusion among the fans. Background of screenings: Negan calls to mind Rick, what could happen, if he does not obey him. Rick turns doing Visualize, that more friends could die, if he opposes Negan. The scenes follow him, as he makes his way back to the caravan, return to the ax.

"The Walking Dead" Squadron 7: These details in a row 1 you've probably missed so dramatic it continues

But what awaits us in the new episode? For one, we learn, how it will go with Daryl Dixon. On the side of Daryl, we can first take a look at the Sanctuary, the base of the Saviors. He is hard times: Daryl is one of many other slaves, holds the Negan like dogs. Meanwhile have Rick and his people in Alexandria barely time to catch: Negan announces itself. He visited the small community of survivors, claiming for its possession and to take, what he wants. Thanks snapshots of shooting wissen we already, that an interesting scene will occur from the comics in the series: Negan forcing Rick to, to wear Lucille and follow him, while he as a god by Alexandria strolls. After ax scene Negan plays one more time with the former sheriff and will do anything, to humiliate him and out to remember, that it is worth nothing.

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THE WALKING DEAD Season 7 ep2 Trailer "The Well" ( 2016 ) HD

But where really stuck Carol and Morgan? This we learn in the new episodes. Im Finale der 6. Season they were rescued by two unidentified men in strange armor. In the 7. we see Season, which group includes foreigners. Fans of the comics already know: The two Men belong to „The Kingdom“, a big, well-organized society, which is under the leadership of King Ezekiel. And in Ezekiel's side watching a real tiger named Shiva. The only question, we really see it all in a single episode? Some fans suspect - based shooting - that we the „Kingdom“ only in Episode 3 Getting to know. Effect 2 should concentrate on the Sanctuary and Daryl Dixon therefore mainly. Especially after the season premiere it would be interesting, see now, as Negan and his men tick. This is for the time being, however, only a speculation. What exactly are the next week 2. expected result, then shows up probably until Monday night. FOX sends the new episode to 21.00 Clock. A broadcast in the early morning is there, as at the premiere, to not give.

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THE WALKING DEAD Season 7 Episode 2 Preview ( 2016 ) amc Series HD

Salem, Squadron 3 – Trailer

Also 2016 ensure the witches of Salem again for plenty of mischief and disturbing developments same settlers town. In this country, you get the new season on 6. November and thus only four days after the first broadcast in the US&A series on TNT to face. Always Sundays there to 22:35 then seeing pm each new episode. If you want to call the last events in memory, may at 29., 30. and 31. Immerse in October with the repetitions of the first and second season in the murky world of Salem. In Season 3 can the witches their deserved triumph to savor only briefly. Because the devil conjured arises soon as a liar out and not remember, to create a world free from prudish hypocrisy. Instead, he brings death, Destruction and enslavement upon the inhabitants of Salem. And there is only one person, which this project can halt - precisely those witch, that brought him to the world. Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) however long dead. Or not?

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Salem: Season 3 First Look - NYCC 2016

Planet Earth II – Trailer

The BBC documentary series “Planet Earth“ considered a milestone in nature documentaries, not least because of the consistently filmed in HD material. But what 2006 or. 2007 still in high art was, acts today in view of the trend towards 4K smooth a little low-tech, So high time for an update, the BBC with the third season of the series also provides soon. The new portrait of our planet called “Planet Earth II“ was continuously filmed in 4K and consists of six one-hour episodes, which in turn acts as spokesman David Attenborough. Although the BBC holds as far back yet with an exact broadcast date, but at least there is already now an appetite-stimulating Trailer

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Planet Earth II: Trailer - BBC One

„The Walking Dead“ Squadron 7: Video from death – so nobody expected – surfaced

There we are only a few hours before the premiere of tragic „The Walking Dead“ Squadron 7 and now a clip on the Web has surfaced, showing the death of a main character. But it is obvious that there is a real scene from the 1. Effect? There is a blurred, blurred Video - more precisely: a video of a video, which proves the poor quality. Nevertheless, it is clear and clearly visible, what character the bold stroke of Negan meets. Caution Spoiler!

The Walking Dead: What we in the 7. Staffel - Trailer and Images

Not only, because Glenn desperate yells the name of the victim: It's Maggie! The pregnant Maggie, each of which was sure, that they will be spared from Negan. After the first shock to Maggie struggles to re. Negan is impressed, how tough it is. Even now, after the first injury, Maggie is not small at. It shows itself defiantly, resists the natural reflex, to cry or to take flight. Instead, she opens her mouth and spits blood in Negans direction. He wants to see them beg for their lives - a satisfaction, they do not give him.

Then follows the second, crushing blow, caught the Maggie with full force on the skull. One still hears the wounded groan, then the video ends abruptly. There are only a few seconds, but they are sufficient, to enable the fan base in unrest. For weeks is reported from all sides, that Glenn and Abraham will die. The video footage of the dying Maggie is too good, as it could turn to a fake. However, this need not mean, that precisely this scene in the 1. Sequence of „The Walking Dead“ Squadron 7 is used. After all, even for several months is known, that AMC has the same shot several death scenes. This could be turning around one of these said scenes. A death, exists indeed, but will not appear in the series itself.

Or Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero and the cast is actually managed, half a year to lead the fans astray and Maggie is the victim? It would prove Negans brutality once again. It is striking, however,, that the clip of Maggie's death scene yet always online is. A Leak-Video from the final of the 6. Squadron „The Walking Dead“ was then tackled such, it on Youtube a few minutes later was himself again offline. Here AMC does not intervene…

ARVE Error: Oembed Call failed: The endpoint located at https://www.youtube.com/oembed?format=json&url=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dt89FSOKjGPk returned a 404 error.
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The Walking Dead: What is the start of 7. Season should know

Nearly half a year we had to wait, until Zombies again are within reach, but soon the time has come and the 7. Squadron „The Walking Dead“ started! At the premiere of Season 7 FOX offers a special service: Once the 1. Episode in the original language as early as 4.00 shown in the morning. Who spoilers so want to go out of the way, therefore arises very early in the clock. All other episodes are then regularly from Monday to 21.00 broadcast aM. Other important information, Speculation and news, we have summarized again here for you.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Finally the wait is almost over. In a few hours starts Season 7 „The Walking Dead“. Shortly after the US premiere also German fans will enjoy the new episodes. You've already forgotten, what happened in the last scenes? Then there is the refresh a Fast forward by John Cleese or one of us, the last episodes of 6. Squadron: After Rick and his people have obliterated a camp of Saviors, they think, that the new enemy defeated and is defeated. Life in Alexandria on as normal. Suddenly there are complications in pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohan). You want it as soon as possible bring Hilltop, where there is a trained physician, can help her. But on the way there suddenly members of Saviors block the roads - more, than previously ever seen.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Ultimately grope Rick and his men into a trap of Saviors. Finally, shows for the first time leaders Negan (with his baseball bat Lucille. He tells them, that he will teach them a lesson, by he will kill one of them. Overall kneel eleven main characters at this time before Negan: Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl and Eugene. The finale ends with, that Negan striking out with his baseball bat and kill one of the characters. Wen? That was the great mystery of the last months. More advance would like to test, when it comes to 1. Episode of 7. Season hits, makes our quiz.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Meanwhile both have Greg Nicotero, and actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirmed, that in the premiere of 7. Season "The Walking Dead" will be more than just a victim. In addition to the character, who was beaten to death in the finale of it, there is still another loss for people Ricks. Fans must therefore already now adjust psychologically it, that the comeback of Zombie-Series with the loss of several main characters starts. A gloomy season premiere, which is to leave the group of our survivors completely broken. Among the eleven main characters, the need to fear for their lives, are four Women. Nevertheless, many fans and many years are „Walking Dead“-experts agree, the survival of the female characters, we must not fear. Negan is cruel, would kill in this situation, but not a woman, since the Comic-readers agree.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

AMC published nearly three minutes of 1. Episode, the especially a conversation between Rick and Negan show - shortly after the cruel murder. Rick schwört Deny, that he would kill him sooner or later. Then Negan grabs an ax and pulls Rick in the caravan. If he loses his hand now? This rumor spread like wildfire on the Web. Even in the comics loses Rick a Hand, However, by the Governor and not by Negan. Then draws the eye of the camera over a bloody mess on the ground. Nearby Daryl is ceiling. Finally, you recognize, it is not only the blood - there are the remains of a head. The other survivors are obviously so in shock, that you can hardly hear them in the background. The whimpers and screams are almost completely silenced. Negan won and thus initiates a gloomy 7. Season one of the zombie series.

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The Walking Dead - New Season 7 sneak peek!

Abraham to be killed according to various rumors as the first character. His death we have already seen in cliffhanger short. Shortly thereafter, it shall die, another character. Daryl disobeyed Negan and is killed in a cruel manner: Negan kills another character - due Daryls disobedience. In this character, it should be calculated act to Glenn, is beaten before the eyes of Maggie to death. In the comics „The Walking Dead“ there are in this situation, only one dead: Glenn. Therefore, many fans were after the cliffhanger safe, that he was killed by Negan. Apparently to this assumption - though minimal delay - true. If the leak rumors, Abraham dies first. Glenns death should be inspired by the comic book. In addition to a recent call for Maggie, to the scene to be similarly represented graphically and brutally. Squeamish viewers should better keep his eyes here.

"The Walking Dead" Squadron 7: Two new teaser with unseen scenes and new images

If Rick does not lose his hand, which means the little speech about the „right hand“ really? To this we must take a step back, to look at the group and decide, Who is Rick's right hand among the survivors. Most fans would probably respond Daryl Dixon or Glenn at this point. If this is true, results also Negans talk sense: Daryl is - the wissen We of the shooting - deported to the Sanctuary, so would Rick lose an important man at his side. And if the rumors are true, that Glenn, as in the comics, is killed by Negan, are two long-time friends and advisers as „right hand“ missing. Moreover, there are indications, that we in Season 7 another group will get to know of opponents: Die Whisperer. Speculation about the introduction of this hostile group are not new. Even with the release of the trailer was rumored, that were seen Whisperer. On top of the casting call for another leader, which should be seen in the new episodes. And now even the Instagram image (see below).

You’ve been warned – #TWD premieres October 23.

One of The Walking Dead (@amcthewalkingdead) gepostetes Foto am

But what does this picture have to do with the Whisperern? In the comics kidnap a number of Alexandria residents and kill them not only, they behead their victims and even impale the severed heads on. At this point we want to mention any names, but the Whisperer are responsible for the death of several „Walking Dead“-main characters. Negan is not therefore the only threat, lurking outside the walls of Alexandria on the survivors. At „The Whisperers“ is it a group of ice-cold killers, which are equated with the „Wolves“, we in Season 6 to have met. They are a kind of cult, wearing the skin of the biter as masks and thus move among them and live among them. It took its name obtained by, that they would like to chat whispers - they talk too loud each other, they could thus attract the attention of the zombies on yourself. They are led by a woman named Alpha.

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The Walking Dead - Season 7 - Comic-Con Trailer

AMC has also published a summary of the new Season. This gives us a foretaste, what the survivors of the zombie apocalypse expected future. The English original can be found on inter alia „Comicbook.com„. Here freely translated:

Until that time, our characters have survived conflicts ... disease, Hunger, hundreds of undead, tragedies, Betrayal and unimaginable loss. This helped them respekteinflössend. Powerful. Unstoppable. To start the 7. Season taken them this power. Spotted security and stability. They have created a home. they thought, the world would be their. they thought, They know the world. They were wrong. The first half of 7. Season shows our group broke, shattered, mourning and as they pick up the pieces, while forced to live in oppression.

The Walking Dead: What to start 7. Season should know

Negan brought the survivors with success under his control and with brutal means and a deadly and cruel example, what's happening, if they oppose, convinced, after his Rules to live. Other characters do not know, what's happened, because they were separated by an incident or of his own accord from the group - they will learn, that they can not escape this new turn of her world. This season is about half of these characters, the need to start from scratch. The overarching theme of the season is "start over". The world is not so, as they thought. It is larger and more dangerous.

In particular, the second paragraph seems to Carol, Morgan, Heath and Tara to play, have been separated from the original group. But even they can not escape the violence and the influence of Saviors and Negan. It is a dismal season for the characters, since we 2010 accompany in their struggle for survival.

John Cleese summarizes us the previous seasons of „The Walking Dead“ together

This summary takes only four minutes and is more entertaining and better, as the first three or four seasons of the series, I have seen all. It was sometimes really bad bad, then suddenly it was good, it got better and now I am again in a phase, in me does not really matter, whom Negan now his Lucille skin around the turnip. Because of me all must die, but I hope a bit, that they as adhere to the Comics. Anyway, John Cleese told here, what happened in the previous seasons, that you quite wonderful to Sunday or Monday preparing for, if it continues at last…

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John Cleese talks The Walk(ing Dead) with NOW TV - with subtitles

First insights to „Vikings“ Squadron 5

The cast of the History series „Vikings“ holding the fans to the shooting for 5. Season to date. While fans in the second half of Season 4 wait, offers a preliminary assessment to 5. Season on Instagram. A few of the best shots we have put together for you.

My son don't mess around #vikings

One of Alexander Ludwig (@alexanderludwig) gepostetes Foto am

Squadron 4 is far from over. In November we expect the second half, includes the once ten episodes. Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) has by his affair - from a child has sprung yet - his with the Queen Kwenthrith and his sudden disappearance of the trust and sympathy Men lost. Seine Frau Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) seems more and more renounce her husband and to strive for the sole authority. And then there were as yet always Ragnar Bruder Rollo (Clive Standen), who was in France a traitor. The 4. Squadron „Vikings“ ended a little too suddenly for many viewers – and this also directly after an exciting time jump, showing the sons of Ragnar than adult men.

Forget yesterday. Today was crazy. @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) gepostetes Foto am

While shooting for 5. Season of the TV series were created following pictures around everyday on set. And not only that, Alexander Ludwig commented a snapshot with Jasper Paakkonen as Halfdan the Black, Alexander Ludwig as Björn Ragnarsson and a small, blond Vikings-Boy, the already holds a sword in his hand, with the words „My son albert not around. #Vikings“. After 10. Episode of Season 4, knew nothing of the audience further offspring. In the new episodes was only revealed, that Siggy, the daughter of Þórunn and Björn, has died. Now Björn father of a male offspring seems to be, whose mother only his mistress Torvi (Georgia Hirst) can be. In the 10. Episode of Season 4 there was a time warp, have elapsed in which about ten years. This can meant, that Björn is now father of several children, we've got just yet to face. As with the 5. Season continues, not yet known. A few of the most recent snapshots around the „Vikings“-Shooting for 5. Season we have gathered here for you.

You know it has been a messy day if you look like this even though make-up already tried to clean you up. ? @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) gepostetes Foto am

When you realise your mom is gonna hate this snap. #sorrynotsorry @historyvikings #season5 #makeupdepartmentoftheyear

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) posted etes Video at the

#brotherlylove with @marcoilsoe

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) video posted on

#brotherlylove @historyvikings #juststupid

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) video posted on

Viking brothers (or maybe sisters). Anyway, I love these fuckers.

One of Marco Ilsø, 21, Copenhagen ⚽?? (@marcoilsoe) gepostetes Foto am

Squad goals ? @historyvikings. Ps who spies new Torvi braids ;) ?

A Georgia Hirst (@geehirst) gepostetes Foto am

Just Happy @jordan_patrick_smith

One of Marco Ilsø, 21, Copenhagen ⚽?? (@marcoilsoe) gepostetes Foto am

Which ways West

One of Jordan Patrick Smith (@jordan_patrick_smith) gepostetes Foto am

Happy days on @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) gepostetes Foto am

Stunt rehearsal @historyvikings

One of Alex Høgh Andersen (@alexhoeghandersen) video posted on

Troll Hunter – Trailer

Mexican director Guillermo del Toro resulted in Director „Hellboy“, was a producer at „Kung Fu Panda 2“, is the creator of „The Strain“ and Writer in all 3 „The Hobbit“ Film. The next project on his list is the upcoming Netflix Animation Series „Troll Hunter“. In the series of control and people are living in a kind of parallel society juxtaposed. Trolls live under and the people on the earth. Actually both species rarely encounter. One day, the trolls have a problem, because dark figures threaten their world. Your mighty warrior sacrificed himself to the magic amulet, which gives the trolls force to protect. Now the trolls looking for an heir for the power and hit the little insecure boy Jim. He is the last hope of the trolls and share with a few friends, Jim enters the battle against evil to. Netflix currently has a first Trailer published and looks not bad. At the 23. December 2016 starts the first season on Netflix.

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Troll Hunter | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Captain Future Remastered in HD

Captain Future Remastered in HD

End of the year appears Captain Future remastered in HD on Blu-Ray, as among other limited Komplettbox, in addition to the German version of the 52 contains Japanese episodes in section of the original. Captain Future was then almost completely recut by ZDF and on 40 shortened episodes, and provided with a new soundtrack. At the same time Captain Future in Japan will also appear first on Home Video. The series has resided there not really ignited, like here, The picture above shows the Japanese Box. Unfortunately, the boxes are not low, 200 Euro for the limited Komplettbox, 100 for BluRay-Box, contains only the German version. There is probably no longer enter the series in a better quality, is my Christmas present 2016 hereby established… :)

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Ash vs. Evil Dead – Featurette for 2. Season and 3. confirmed Season

Ash is simply unstoppable. Since the Horror-Icon has returned from retirement, lined up „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ From strength to strength and there is no end in sight. With the recently initiated 2. Season is far fortunately final, because Starz has already the next season of the Evil Dead spin-offs of Sam Raimi announced, paving the way for even more bloody-crazy adventures in Evil Dead universe. The good viewing figures of Start Season could „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ hold early October almost. In the first episode of the second season Ash returned to his hometown of Elk Grove, to there to take a fragile alliance with Ruby. The following Featurette we learn, among other, as they have tinkered and made up these nasty kids in the first episode of the second season:

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Ash vs Evil Dead | How to Kill a Deadite | STARZ

Stan Against Evil – Trailer

Stan Against Evil - Trailer

The absolutely great series „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ already gets competition from a demon-hunting Sheriff! At the 2. November starts on the US channel IFC series „Stan Against Evil“, in which John C. McGinley (known as Dr. Cox from „Scrubs“) takes on the role of an aged sheriff, who was dismissed due to an incident. However, when he finds, that his beloved over all small town of pretty much 172 Demons haunted, he takes the fight to unsolicited. But he is not alone. Along with other officials, he makes it his mission, preserving each resident of the city from certain death. After the pilot episode the interested audience can expect seven more episodes, which 1. Season will round. And I'll say again, the whole thing looks really very to „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ from. Even the signature at the end looks after and everything before it somehow. Also, the main character acts like Ash, only with even less driving. But you know what? That's really all not that bad, sees it but all still very, very nice and funny from. Because we wissen but all: Learning from Ash means learning to win. Also IFC is optimistic, that is already working on replenishment. So the stage for Stan and his glorious War against pure evil.

Video Thumbnail
Stan Against Evil Official Trailer - NYCC 2016

The Young Pope – Trailer Series

first Trailer the Jew Law Series „The Young Pope“, that looks really interesting, contrary to expectations. The new pope is American and arch-conservative to…

Video Thumbnail
THE YOUNG POPE International Trailer (HD) Jude Law Drama Series

Everything you know about Jessica Jones should

After Daredevil us at Netflix the dark side of Marvel-Comic-universe displays, occurs Jessica Jones in his footsteps and digs deeper into Hells Kitchen, than we have ever seen. Although Jessica Jones, a lesser-known character as „The Man Without Fear“ is, it has received equal attention from fans and audiences, who saw the complete first season of the series. Who does not know the series at Netflix, found in the following infographic everything, you need, by Jessica Jones to know as comic character…

All you need to know about Jessica Jones
(via Purecostumes)

Preview „Fear the Walking Dead“ Squadron 2, Episode 14 – Trailer

Here the Trailer the penultimate episode, which the English title „Wrath“ contributes and tonight in the US&A broadcasting and see tomorrow with Amazon Prime with us. In this episode we see Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) back, which has for America opened, presumably to find her ex-boyfriend. But we also see Travis, standing at the window of a hotel room, looks outside and frantically screaming the name of his son. A note, that he might be alive – but the question is: For how much longer? Derek and Brandon could use it, to gain access to the hotel. Because Travis White, what they are capable and would never let inside the new place of refuge…

Video Thumbnail
FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 2 Episode 14 TRAILER (2016) amc Series

Westworld – Four spots and a featurette

Today you go and I am really excited, how well will now be exactly. I guess times on very, Only the actors are so promising and the spots here we also show ever quite good, which we will involve ourselves here. Sci-Fi and Western, that could work this time real.

Video Thumbnail
Chaos | Westworld (HBO)
Video Thumbnail
An Entire World | Westworld (HBO)

The following clip shows us again, how those hosts, also die Robot in the Western World, so it is and what happens, if they are to their old, already lived life, recall, used during the fourth clip purely promotional purposes. But that's okay, we want to see anyway as soon as possible.

Video Thumbnail
Welcome to Westworld | About The Series - Westworld (HBO)
Video Thumbnail
Maeve & Dolores: Westworld Promo (HBO)

but is also exciting this featurette, which makes it really difficult for me, because I do not know, if I should find the landscapes or the sci-fi stuff pretty. Sci-Fi-Western, Friends, I tell you.

Video Thumbnail
Classic Western Meets Science Fiction Film | Invitation to the Set - Westworld (HBO)

The series starts on 2. October and will 10 include consequences and after all, was man so im Internet can read, should the pilot correctly, be really good. But I must also say, that I've got now expected nothing else and I think, that the thing quite a blockbuster is.

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