„Fear the Walking Dead“ Squadron 3: Promo videos and start-date

Until the start of 8. Season of „The Walking Dead“ In October 2017 we have to endure something. but that does not mean, that we complete the Zombies must refrain from Robert Kirkman. „Fear the Walking Dead“ There are also, starting in June, now 3. Season and for the first time, it certainly looks, as would accept the Companion train ride.

fans of „Fear the Walking Dead“ can look forward to a total of 16 happy new episodes. similar to „The Walking Dead“, there will also be here after half a midseason break. How long this will last, is not fixed yet known. In the new episodes of our blended family must, the last part ways has taken, slowly find each other again. Especially Travis (Cliff Curtis) is now on the support of Madison (Kim Dickens) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) reliant, after he last his son Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) Lost has. The new episodes start on 4. June 2017 on US television. Only a few hours later, there „Fear the Walking Dead“ even in our latitudes, because 3. Season starts on Monday, the 5. June 2017, on Amazon Prime Video

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 Promos (2017)

Daredevil Intro als 8-Bit Animation

I like Netflix Daredevil, what can not be said of the film unfortunately. In the 2. Season's of Punisher with this and that is to say brutal fun! Youtuber doisDI Drawing the intro of the series has been made and very successful as 8-bit animation implemented… and 8-bit are always nice to look at!

Daredevil Netflix Pixel Intro (Daredevil 8bit)

American Gods – TRAILER

Bryan Fuller was able to its award-winning thriller series about the famous cannibal movie history „Hannibal“ not to continue, but responds with „American Gods“ this May just as visually stunning and bleeding on the scene back. Coinciding with the US launch will be the Neil Gaiman adaptation may then take with us in inspection. Made possible by a deal with Amazon Prime, providing, that the new series episodes go just hours after the American premiere in this country on the air. Based on the novel by Gaiman tells Bryan Fuller of a power struggle between the old gods from various mythologies and a new pantheon of gods, whose actions Love modern society to money, Technology, Media, prominence and Drugs reflect. Besides Ricky Whittle (The 100, Austenland) as the protagonist and former prisoner Shadowmoon, Ian McShane (Deadwood, Pirates of the Caribbean) in the role of Mr. Wednesday, the Shadow Moon recruited for his mission and Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, Legend) as Shadows wife Laura Moon, Gillian Anderson (The X Files) in the role of the goddess Media, a spokeswoman for the New Gods, to see. The cast also includes Pablo Schreiber (13 hours, Orange is the New Black) Mad Sweeney and Yetide knows als (Aquarius, Masters Of Sex) as Bilquis…

American Gods | Official Trailer | STARZ

TV-Tipp des Tages: Ash vs. Evil Dead today 20:15 PM on RTL Crime

Friends, who would have thought a few years ago, Sam Raimi „The Evil Dead“ (Evil Dead) goes into production, let alone ever with FSK 16 would be to buy. But times change and so it happened 2015 the series debut of Ash (Bruce Campbell) and his considerable entourage grown and RTL Crime has the rights to „Ash vs. Evil Dead“ secured and showing the first season starting today, the 19. April 2017 always Wednesdays at on the best time slot 20:15 Clock. Groovy!

Ash is warehouseman, aging womanizer and demon hunter - with a chainsaw instead of a hand. The last 30 he has shied away years, to take responsibility, to grow up and to fight evil. As a demonic plague wipe out humanity threatens, Ash, however, forced, to face his demons - in literally. But fate does not seem to antihero trying to escape from the evil clutches.

Ash vs Evil Dead - Official Trailer (hd) 2015, Bruce Campbell

The Sinner – TRAILER

Jessica Biel (Total Recall) starring in the new Netflix series „The Sinner“, where the 34-year-old is also active as a producer. the Boy Mutter Cora Tanner (Jessica Biel) commits a gruesome violent crime, which they themselves can not explain. With the help of the investigator Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) tried it, immersed in their own psyche, to investigate the reasons for its actions. Die Mystery/horror-Series based on Petra Hammes Fahrs Roman „The sinner“…

THE SINNER Official Trailer (hd) Jessica Biel Drama Series

TV-Tipp des Tages: Outcast Season 2 at 21:00 PM on FOX

The exorcism series „Outcast“ is the third series of income for the „The Walking Dead“-Inventor Robert Kirkman and is compared to his most famous creation, but to spirits and demons instead Undead. Thus Kirkman runs at least as successful, that after the launch last year was promptly green light for a second series Season, which we start today Monday, the 10. April 2017 auf Fox always at 21 PM can see. In the new season, the search for the backgrounds of mysterious events and their connection to Kyle Barnes continues. are after the demonic attacks becoming more frequent and more violent, is it for Kyle getting heavier, to protect the people at a personal level. At his side are Reverend Anderson and chief Giles (Reg E. Cathey), while his sister Megan (Wrenn Schmidt) struggling with their own demons. But the supernatural dangers ask Kyle to a sterner test, than he could ever expect. His efforts lead to a struggle for the whole town Rome, after he discovered the ghostly secrets of his own past…

Official NYCC Trailer: Outcast S2 | Cinemax

„Stranger Things“ as 80s sitcom

What would it look, when horror-Series „Stranger Things“ Change the genre and would be presented as 80s sitcom, shows us Youtube contributor Tim Bennett. He has the Netflix series of Duffer Brothers awarded a lick of paint and a more than a minute long fake-TRAILER for 80s sitcom „Stranger Things“ handicrafts, and to naturally picked out the funniest scenes of the series. the trailer was underlaid then with a song by Randy Newman, whose voice many series fans from the intro of „Monk“ should know. An interesting change - but we still remain in sombre mood of the original series and wait looking forward to the first news about 2. Squadron…

Stranger Things as an 80s sitcom

TV-Tipp des Tages: Scream Queens today at 21:10 PM on Sixx

Sixx wants in this country as a suitable platform and home for the mixture of Slasher, horror and etabilieren Mystery. It starts with the broadcasting of „Scream Queens“ immediately after the Vampire Diaries, Thursdays at 21:10 Clock. Here then also two episodes of the 13-part first season will be shown, which has been extended to a second season last September. With „Scream Queens“ introduce Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk a deliberately over-excited Satire, the part slasher, some classic black comedy - seasoned with a healthy dose of thriller-voltage. Each could be the killer ... or the next victim. With this: Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin und Lea Michele (Glee).

iZombie – Trailer 3. Squadron

iZombie“ I had Ehrlich not even told on the screen, because it's felt like ages ago, that the second season ended. In any case, I like the wonderfully comically overwrought series, the colorful, Shrill, very funny, sometimes with Monster of the week and sometimes comes with a slightly larger plot therefore. „iZombie“ now goes on 4. April in die 3. Squadron…

iZombie Season 3 TRAILER (hd)

calculated Tiiime, how much time you have sacrificed for series

Friends, you have the whole weekend spent on the couch because you necessarily even the entire season „XYZ“ see wanted? And, we know the. But sometimes even one wonders, how much time is actually one this whole series rob. Now there is actually a website, the precisely calculated this time sacrificed. „Tiiime“ calculates the entire series Guck time, where you enter all series, one has ever seen. The list is based on the „movie Database“, Even „Scene of the crime“ is 48 seasons here…

TV-Tipp des Tages: Fear the Walking Dead auf RTL 2

In addition to the „The Walking Dead“ and „Z Nation“ brings RTL 2 Today, the 11. March from 22:15 PM German free TV premiere „Fear the Walking Dead“, the following the start of the sixth season „Game of Thrones“ will be on display. Every Saturday there is then equal to three episodes from the first season, their sixth and final episode thus it flickers already a week on the screens. Whether RTL 2 receives the much longer second season in the rotation, is not yet known to date. With „Fear the Walking Dead“ presents Comic-Author and „The Walking Dead“-Creator Robert Kirkman, the first spin-off of the successful series…

High school guidance counselor Madison Clark and English teacher Travis Manawa have laboriously built up a bit of stability and daily life within their blended family. Despite some problems within the family, all have very well arranged together. But suddenly threatening the outbreak of a mysterious epidemic and slow the social structure begins to dissolve. The living dead take possession of Los Angeles and the military takes over the fight against the disease. Here are spreading violence and destruction always more from, resulting in civil unrest. For the blended family is established: You need the city Leave. A hopeless flight begins. An escape, the each pushing its limits.

Fear the Walking Dead - TRAILER (German)
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