Ingenious TRON roller coaster at Disneyland Shanghai

Rollercoaster meets science fiction! In Disneyland Shanghai there is a TRON rollercoaster, die grösstenteils Indoor fährt und mit entsprechenden Lichteffekten eine ziemlich coole Atmosphäre erzeugt. Very successful conversion from film to Rollercoaster…

[hd] Amazing TRON Coaster Ride-through - Shanghai Disneyland

Boba Fett + Tron + Grumpy Cat = RUN!

Magnificent Mashup the deviantart artist HeroforPain, the following about it writes:

This is part of my Multi-Verse Series, Basically a futuristic world that is created after all the fictional worlds implode.
This Boba Fett and his companion Grumpy Cat. Fett has armed himself with as many canons and armor as possible, The top two are controlled by Grumpy cat. These two are basically a two man wrecking crew.

Boba Fett + Tron + Grumpy Cat

„Derezzed“ from Daft Punk goes Old School Tron

Here is the official Video Daft Punks zu „Derezzed“ And as you can see, the band has decided to, für ihr eigenes Video den altmodischen Cyber-Look des Original Tron zu imitieren und NICHT von „Tron: Legacy“ as in the promotional video for film. That should give pause to one… und sorgt bei mir für nen Sympathiebonus, even if the total is not more boring track in :)

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Tron: Legacy – Sneak Peek

Here you get to the Sneak Peek „Tron: Legacy“ on Disney Channel with some not yet seen snippets. This is something big…

Tron: Legacy - Disney Channel Sneak Peek

Brandneuer Tron Legacy Trailer

Friends of the Crypt, I'm glad one of the first to you the brand new, German TRAILER 2 to „Tron Legacy“ or Tron 2, from which 27. January 2011 be seen in the movies is, to present!

For why Tron 2, some will ask readers of the younger generation? Oh well, THE cult film Tron was in the 80s! I'm just saying: MASTER Control program! Already 1982 saw the first Tron (partially) computer-animated feature film by Steve Lisberger sensation and continues today through its innovative visual effects cult status. The design of Tron in the 80 triggers depending joy or reverence from. Now try „Tron Legacy“ (Here, incidentally, goes to Facebook group for the film Dominions) to set new standards for experiencing digital worlds on the big screen and to carry on the legendary story continues, This of course in 3D! Snip von Youtube:

After Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) For 25 Years was caught in the digital TRON world, He now meets in TRON: LEGACY surprisingly on his now adult son Sam (Garrett Hedlund). While the Engineering Genius investigated the decades of his father's disappearance, it was even pulled into the digital world. Together with Kevin's loyal companion Quorra (Olivia Wilde) they embark on a life-threatening journey through this visually-stunning cyber universe, is much more sophisticated and dangerous, than originally believed.

It almost looks, as is Tron THE 3D spectacle next year! Long Speech, short of it, As promised, here is finally the brand new trailer for Tron Legacy or Tron 2. Hell yeah! What should I do? to survive!

Tron Legacy Trailer 2

incidentally, know throne 1982 ausschaute, can ye after the jump to heart…

I want everything, Give me everything➤

Tron Legacy – HD Trailer

Letztes Jahr noch kündigte Disney an, to plan a sequel to Tron. How dare the reader knows for sure the Crypt, was the first part of the year 1982 and is considered a revolutionary work in the field Computer-Animation. For the first time scenes were created on a larger scale with a calculator and integrated in the film. The plot of the film itself took place to a large extent in a virtual reality.

This is in the second part may also be, which 2010 or 2011 under the name of „Tron Legacy“ in theaters is, so Disney am Comic-Con International. As in the original Bruce Boxleitner will again assume the role of Tron and Jeff Bridges will be seen again as Kevin Flynn, has disappeared as a result of those events. His son, represented by Garrett Hedlund, embarks on the search for his father also in virtual reality…

Located is the act 25 Years after the first part. Disney described „Tron Legacy“ als 3D High Tech-Adventure, accordingly should also be on demonstration in 3D theaters, the focus. Sounds very interesting and the TRAILER looks quite promising…

Tron Legacy (2010) Teaser Trailer (hd)