Ibiza Undead – TRAILER

yes friends, the TRAILER looks so bad, as the title of the film sounds. For Comedy „Ibiza Undead“ and its director is Andy Edwards responsible. The cast in the film include Cara Theobold, Emily Atack and other…

A group of young people head to Ibiza for the holiday of a lifetime – all the sun, sea and sex they can handle. If only there wasn’t a Zombie outbreak getting in the way.

IBIZA UNDEAD Trailer (2017) Comedy Horror Movie

Terra formars – TRAILER

Who Starship Troopers was subversive and politically, likely to have at Terra Formars revels. The manga adaptation of Japan's director Takashi Miike is glorious overtightened Mischief, the one his (in places) bad tricks and dubious mutant Design (the template is owed) like forgive. The reward is absurdester with probably three test Bladerunner quote of all time and a lot of insect super power action.

Year 2599 is the earth thanks to overpopulation collapse near. 500 Years earlier, scientists had set the foresight to have a contingency plan in motion, to enable the humanity emigration to Mars. For this purpose they had moss and cockroaches sent the journey into space, around the red planet to make them habitable and there nudge a terraforming process. As the first Explorers centuries later does not return from his expedition, send them the BUG 2 mission on a suicide mission: The cockroaches are due to the inhospitable environment in record time mutated into super bugs and have to be eradicated, to ensure the survival of mankind.

Terra Formars Trailer (2017) sci-fi movie

Iron Sky: The Ark – TRAILER

Long before the start of the second „Iron Sky“-Films „The Coming Race“ is now a part of the third horror-Comedy franchise in the making. „Iron Sky 3: The Ark“ will arise as a Chinese co-production, also be rotated in China and 2018 Start in movie theaters worldwide. Finland is continuing to be one of the European production countries, Producer Tero Kaukomaa referred in the context of intercontinental co-production but to the increasing importance of the Chinese film market, that grew faster than any other in the world. This move will be the „Iron Sky“-Expand Franchise globally. But before we „The Ark“ see with a higher budget than its two predecessors, is once befall part two about the audience - this time with Hitler as leader of a dinosaur army. In the third part of the story of two Chinese university dropouts is told, the embark on the search for a mysterious message on the moon, order against the mother of all conspiracy theories – the Illuminati – to fight…

Iron Sky: The Ark - Promo Teaser

St. Zombie Girls‘ High School – TRAILER

the TRAILER for Japanese Zombie-Trash „St. Zombie Girls‘ High School“ looks really horny and what comes to us as well does not sound bad:

A new type of virus makes ‚GIMP‘, the dead that eats human flesh, which results in leading 99 percent of human in the world ruined. In a school surrounded by fences against Gimps, seven girls lead school lives. The girls are the hope for the human; Nonoka, Moe, Emir, peg, Akari, Karin and Miyu. They are only taught how to fight against Gimps, not knowing the world outside of the school and other than their teachers. However, the nightmare Momoka had have gradually been changing their lives. one day, Moe gets bitten by a Gimp during their training. This incident triggers Nonoka to have distrust for the school. Confliction with the school principal. In the end of the battle, Finally, the girls will learn the fearful truth…!

St. Zombie Girls' High School (Hijiri zonbi jogakuin) Teaser Trailer

Sharknado 5: Syfy announces next shark attack

Every year, as soon as it turns green outdoors, ringing Syfy the next round Sharknado a. 2017 will mark the cinematic Trash-Event now even for the fifth time, what Tara Reid and Ian Ziering but not preventing them, Also 2017 to pull back into the fight against the insatiable sharks. Whether they can preserve land and people before final, to land on the menu of flying sea creatures? For details we know in Bulgaria, where since last week shooting the untitled „Sharknado 5“ Walk across the stage. The Sequel Syfy and The Asylum celebrate the return of original cast member Cassie Scerbo, which has blossomed from a bartender to Haijägerin. Also new is, that the attacks of sharks targeted this year to cities throughout the world and not only to the US&A limited. When the transmitter stations lists including Australia and the UK. When directed Syfy attacks against it back to a winning formula: Anthony C. Ferrante, Creator of the first four films, was allowed to take place from a screenplay by Scotty Mullen behind the camera…

2 Lava 2 Lantula – Syfy announces TV premiere

Syfy continuing the Trash Hits has taken and displays it on 26. January 2017 as German TV premieres. at the 2. March 2017 then proposes the sequel in local trading on. Again one of the party's Steve Guttenberg, the re is the honor, to have the spiders in their place. In „2 Lava 2 Lantula“ reverse the lavaspeienden monster spider back and make mankind literally a bomb under. This may be the proven spider fighter Colton West (Steve Guttenberg) Of course not just let this lying down. The heroic Arachnid killer must fight the spider infestation in Florida this time, where his daughter Raya (Michael Weaver) really want to just enjoy their relaxing holiday. Led by the upper spider Gargantulantula threaten the lavaspeienden Eight legged humanity a crush once and for all…

2L2L Trailer 1080p

Planet of the Sharks – TRAILER

here the TRAILER the new Asylum-Trash „Planet of the Sharks“, looks like „Waterworld“ with sharks. A film by Mark Atkins with Alex Anlos, Brandon Auret and Stephanie Beran…

In the near future, glacial melting has covered 98% of earth’s landmass. Sharks have flourished and now dominate the planet, operating as one massive school led by a mutated alpha shark.

The Devil's Dolls - Official Trailer I HD I IFC Midnight

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens – TRAILER

here the TRAILER with a lush total length of more than two minutes, packed with lots of crazy scenes and more or less prominent guest stars from the current Trash-Sequel of Anthony C. Ferrante. This last category includes time names like Gary Busey (Contact), Tommy Davidson (Black Dynamite), Cody Linley (Melissa & Joey), Cheryl Tiegs (The Apprentice) und Masiela Lusha. But Tara Reid, their fate since Sharknado 3 remained unclear, or David Hasselhoff have to face biting sharks again. Five years after the events of Sharknado 3 it seems, as if the human race from other shark tornadoes in security. Aston Reynolds (Tommy Davidson) and his company Astro-X working on a new energy system to stabilize the atmosphere, is intended to prevent future Sharknados. But an experiment goes wrong and the sharks suddenly appear in places, where they really no one would have suspected. In the stronghold of all gamblers: Las Vegas. END (Ian Ziering), his wife April (Tara Reid), April's father Wilford (Gary Busey) and Fins Father Gil (David Hasselhoff) must take the legs and the saw in his hand again, to save mankind…

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Tara Reid Movie

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens – Trailer and Poster

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens - Poster

The third part is not so long ago, but you can never have enough Sharknado! Most are so willed Trash-Movies rather well, let's say effort, but Sharknado plays quite well and is really entertaining. And Sharknado 4 Wins in advance because its subtitle „The 4th Awakens“ and Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and David Hasselhoff are back with this. This time it is well to Las Vegas. I'm in.!

Sharknado 4: THE 4TH AWAKENS Official Teaser Trailer (2016) Tara Reid SyFy Movie HD

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens – Posters and airdate

„Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens“ uses more particularly the sci-fi blockbuster „star wars: The awakening of power“, That too Poster the latest shark slapstick made by Syfy draws inspiration from the space saga and presents the cast in unusually colorful, futuristic environment. The trashy Hai Tornado fun going into the next round, one of the party are familiar faces like Tara Reid, their fate since Sharknado 3 unexplained RECOURSE and David Hasselhoff, but also newcomers like Gary Busey (Contact), Tommy Davidson (Black Dynamite), Cody Linley (Melissa & Joey), Cheryl Tiegs (The Apprentice) und Masiela Lusha (George Lopez). The Anthony C. Ferrante (Sharknado 3) staged continued flickers on 4. August 2016 on Syfy on German screens and sets exactly five years after the East Coast Sharknado from the direct predecessor…

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens - Poster

Shark Exorcist – Trailer and Poster

Shark Exorcist - Poster

So much for the synopsis of Shark Exorcist:

A demonic nun summons Satan to a small fishing village, where he takes over the Bodies of a great white shark and a young woman. A chain reaction of evil grips the tiny community as shredded bodies wash ashore. A Catholic priest arrives, and he must fight both teeth and temptation on land and sea in order to send these man-killers back To hell before the tide comes in for good!

Sounds delightfully trashy! Unlike the crappy CGI effects that mask the possessed lady actually works pretty well. For our latitudes there are of course no release date, But the English-language DVD released in June, matching the bathing season :)

Shark Exorcist - Official Movie Trailer - Wild Eye

The best scene from Kung Fury: Skateboarding on a Nazi

Should actually be someone out there, which Kung Fury more always has not given, we can not help unfortunately, obviously there are many people, simply do not have half an hour for a stroke of genius from Sweden left. Here the best from our point of view scene (from 18:08) which shines with the beautiful idea, to ride on a skateboard Nazi, to freak him here (the so-called SS-flip), then thanks Lightning rigor mortis to set up the fascists on the tail and to disassemble into its component parts. Great! The entire film we can put you only once to the heart!

The best scene from Kung Fury: Skateboarding on a Nazi

„Sharknado 3“ is Coming

Friends of Trash is this news pleased, Sharknado 3 is in the works and will be released in July on mankind! and I must admit, that the subtitle is extremely suitable… ;)

"Sharknado 3" is Coming

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