DBD: Lateralus – Tool

The song „Lateralus“ der Progressive Metal Band „Tool“ I was the first time in 2009 schon fasziniert und aktuell bin ich aus gegebenem Anlass wieder darüber gestolpert, were respectively noted. When Fibonacci-Folge, named after Leonardo Fibonacci, If it is a sequence of numbers, for each number from the sum of the two previous figures is formed. Looking at the first verse of the song „Lateralus“, fällt auf, dass die Anzahl der Silben – getrennt durch Pausen – der Fibonacci-Folge ähneln. The Fibonacci sequence has also spirals to a relationship (what, for example, also in the blueprint of many plants shows, which in their plan spirals), welche später im Songtext mehrmals genannt werden. Der Takt des Refrains ändert zudem von 9/8 to 8/8 to 7/8, in which 987 the 17. Number of Fibbonacci sequence is. According to drummer Danny Carey, it was, however, an accepted benevolent coincidence…

The Fibonacci in Lateralus