Chuck Berry aged 90 Years died

Elvis Presley is for always as the King of Rock & its roll known, but few would deny Chuck Berry status as the true godfather of rock and roll. „If you rock & Roll a different name want, call him simply Chuck Berry“, once said John Lennon on the large model of the Beatles. Elvis may have worn the crown, Chuck Berry war Rock ’n’ Roll. Now the US pioneer of rock and roll is on Saturday at his home, how the police in St. Charles County (Missouri) announced, aged 90 Years died.

Chuck Berry was on 18. October 1926 in St. Louis was born Charles Edward Berry and mainly as a guitarist for the rock & Roll and the whole rock music style icon. „With his guitar he created a unique rock 'n' roll vocabulary“, once wrote the rock publicist Ernst Hofacker, „with his game, he defined the basics for each, after he picked up the guitar in his hand, to rock it.“ Chuck Berry is the father of rock guitar. The Rhythm and Blues the 40s was still strongly influenced by winds. Berry has translated the brass riffs, transferred to his instrument, thus establishing the guitar as a leading instrument of Pop- and rock music. He has the guitar as the Chicago Blues as rhythm- employed and Solo Instrument. Played rhythmic figures on the low strings, melodic figures in response to the singing voice (Call & Response) and created 1954 on the song „Maybellene“ the first great guitar solo in rock history.

Chuck Berry - Maybellene

„Maybellene“ was an adaptation of Country-Songs „Ida Red“ from the year 1938, Berry with a new text was transformed into a rock 'n' roll number and thus made the national breakthrough. The song stormed not only space 1 der Rhythm and Blues Charts, also place 5 in the nationwide US pop singles chart. This notabene at a time, as a white youth named Elvis Presley just took his first steps and „That’s All Right“ recorded. Chuck Berry was not only there earlier than Elvis, He was also the first African American, the African-American with Music also reached the white Americans. He became a star, a great entertainer, of the „Duckwalk“ a trademark and show element created, the approximately even AC / DC guitarist Angus Young recorded in his program. Chuck Berry has subsequently with hits like „Sweet Little Sixteen“, „Roll Over Beethoven“, „Back In The USA“, „Rock ’n’ Roll Music“ and especially „Johnny B. Good“ absolute classics of rock & created roll.

Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode

Chuck Berry was a child of the black middle class. literature, Theater and Bible quotations belonged to the intellectual staple of the parental home. His song lyrics are because even peppered with puns and tell of life, reflect the reality and do not respect socio-critical content maintenance. something, the American pop of the 50s was a rarity. Insofar Chuck Berry even as a precursor of Bob Dylan, the Literature Nobel Prizewinner, be seen. Elvis was a brilliant performer and entertainer, could move the masses. But unlike Chuck Berry he was neither an innovator nor songwriter. Musically, Chuck Berry has the King to lengths dominates and is more rock 'n' roll than any other. Rock'n'Roll was for Berry not only a style of music, but also artistic expression and also the first step to not separate in black and white pop culture. In his music fused elements of Blues, Rockabilly and Jazz to some of the timeless songs of North America. Berry had greatest influence on almost every, had the rock-star ambitions, as Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen, to name only a few. Both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys coverten his songs. From Bob Dylan, the rock legend was once a „Shakespeare of Rock'n'Roll“ designated.

1984 Berry was awarded the Grammy, two years later he became the first member of „Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame“. Private had Berry repeatedly plug damper. After his first big hits he was sentenced to one and a half years in prison early 1960s, because he had sexual contact with a minor. After his imprisonment he took indeed more music, but the time of the greatest successes was over. 1979 followed by a second in prison for tax evasion. In the 1990s there were allegations of former employees of his restaurant, he had secretly filmed. „All 15 Years, it seems, I make a big mistake“, he wrote in his memoirs. And even in old age Berry had a lot to tell: At its 90. he announced birthday last October to the publication of his first album in nearly four decades. The album simply titled „Chuck“ he had in studios around his birthplace St. added Louis. Berry dedicated the album to his wife Themetta Berry, with which he almost 69 Years was married. „My Sweetheart, I'm getting old! I have been working on this album for a long time. Now I can hang my shoes on the nail“, had the musician explained. The album will be released in the year sounds.

Chuck Berry "Back In The USA"

His appearances had become rare. But the resignation of the stage, he has continually denied. „As long as I get a little see and hear, I can still move a little, I will continue“, he let announced. A rock 'n' roll is not on! Thanks Chuck, for all the inspiring music, you gave us. You brought light into our teenage years. Your lyrics have outshined other and cast a strange light on the American dream. Chuck, You were great and your music is in us forever… Thank you for everything! And now that'll show up there! Go Chuck! go, go, go!

Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell
Chuck Berry - No Particular Place to Go.
Chuck Berry - LITTLE QUEENIE - 1959 HQ!

Ornately carved human skull

As the artist Artists Rachel Lee has come for this project to a human skull in a good condition, does not explain us. But These intricately carved skull there is 2200 $ acquire, in order to decorate the lobby of the office or the bachelor pad. But this is just one of many carved skull, sells Rachel – but mostly it involves skulls of animals, to admire on their Instagram-Feed

Ornately carved human skull

Corpses entha aren without razor

To Leichenenthaarung there 1912in New York a pioneering development: The post-mortem Rasierpulver. I am doing always so with my corpses, gehts powder on it and from, without Acid and without „offensive Odor“. Indeed, there is still a bit Background Info to Leichenenthaarungsanzeige, apparently there was at that time a lot of companies for corpses depilation without razor:

The magazine is Casket & Sunnyside for January 1912, and there are ample references to it in Charles Addams [Addams Family] and Jessica Mitford. The worry for the consideration of the cost of a shave (15 cents) for a dead person seems quite an inescapable weirdness and luxury. The weirdness of the name of the company nearly obscures it common nature–it isn’t exactly the Acme Corpse Company, but it is close to it, and it addresses just one small bit of minuatiae of deadness in the vast sea of Dead, Inc.

The sellers of the razorless post-mortem shave equipment didn’t receive a patent for their process–nor did anyone else, for that matter, at least so far as I can determine.

Corpses entha aren without razor

Bill Paxton is dead

Bill Paxton hat in „Aliens“, „Titanic“ and „Apollo 13“ played, his directorial debut was 2001 With „Demonic“ (Frailty), now is the American actor aged 61 died years after heart surgery.

Paxton has appeared in thousands of classics and specializing in Badasses and astray, his famous genre performances were probably Private Hudson in Aliens and the blue-haired Punk in Terminator. No wonder, he was but one of the favorite actors of director James Cameron, of him always engaged again for its large projects. The Texas native was nominated for three Golden Globes, among other things, for his performance in the series „Big Love“. 2001 He gave the gloomy film „Frailty“ his directorial debut, in which he played himself and Matthew McConaughey, the main roles.

The Terminator - Terminator VS Punks (hd)

Paxton wurde in Fort Worth, Texas born to Mary Lou and John Lane Paxton. Already with 18 he moved to Los Angeles years, where he worked as a decorator and setting aid. Two years later he was 1975 In the film, „Crazy Mama“ (Crazy Mama) the first time on camera. A little later, he moved to New York, where he studied with Stella Adler (Studio Of Acting in NYC) Acting studied. During his studies, he found numerous minor engagements in TV productions, Moreover, he wrote and produced short films. The real breakthrough came 1992 with film „One False Move“. 1994 Paxton was a windy car salesman in „True Lies - The Truth Lies“ to see, 1995 as an astronaut in „Apollo 13“ on the side of Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon. 1996 followed, directed by Jan de Bont disaster movie „Twister“ on the side of Helen Hunt. 1997 he played the role of Brock Lovett in James Cameron's Oscar-winning hit film „Titanic“. Particularly, he has me in films like „Cursed, what makes us strong“, „Phantom command“, „Near Dark – Die Night has its price“, „Trespass“ and „The Colony – Hell Freezes Over“ like and also in the „Tales from the Crypt“ he was seen.

Aliens : Bishop's Knife Trick

Since 1997 produced Bill Paxton and even movies, his debut as a producer, he was with „Traveller – Die Highway-Zocker“ with Mark Wahlberg and Julianna Margulies. 2001 debuted with it „Demonic“ as a director, 2005 followed his second film „The biggest game of his life“. Bill Paxton lived until his death with his wife and two children in Ojai, California. „His passion for art was perceived by all, met in each and recognized his warm and enduring energy“. In a letter, the family of US actor and filmmaker has confirmed the death of 61-year-olds. Paxton died due to complications after surgery, ie it is. „I had a career, which ran somewhat under the radar, even if the varied. I was so blessed, I was paid for it, to do, what I Love“, should have said Paxton. Soon he is again in the cinema in the monitoring SciFi literature by Dave Eggers „The Circle“ seen with Emma Watson. Thanks for all Badasses, R.I.P. Bill…

(Aliens) hudson best moments
Goodbye Bill Paxton

Richard „Captain Apollo“ died Hatch

Als Captain Apollo in der Sci-Fi-Serie „Kampfstern Galactica“ Twisted Richard Hatch in the 70's rows Women the head. Also in the reboot of the cult series, he had a recurring role. Richard Hatch Now is the age of 71 died years of complications of cancer.

As US trade magazines consistently report and have now confirmed his family and his manager, Hatch is on Tuesday, the 7. February 2017, aged 71 died at his home in Santa Clarita, California. For many he is as Captain Apollo, Space pilot in the 70s sci-fi series „Kampfstern Galactica“ For always remain immortal. Hatch was shortly after the war, In May 1945, born in California. aged 25 He began his acting career as a member of the TV soap opera „All My Children“. Early in his mainly from television roles embossed career Hatch made with memorable guest appearances in series classics like „Hawaii Five-O“, „Denver Clan“, „Love Boat“ and „Die Waltons“ aware of oneself. In the final season of the crime series „The Streets of San Francisco“ He joined as a new leading man to do the heavy legacy of Michael Douglas, had exited, in order to concentrate on his film career. Even after the breakthrough with „Kampfstern Galactica“ Hatch looked for smaller parts in popular series like „T.J. Hooker“, „Murder, She Wrote“, „MacGyver“ or „Baywatch“ past.

Not only for his starring role in „Kampfstern Galactica“ Hatch proved its Love for the franchise and sci-fi in general. He himself wrote the late 90s and beginning of the new millennium, several novels, where he further told the plot of the series. 1999 he tried Universal with a specially twisted TRAILER even to convince, continue the cult format with a new series, for which he got on no surcharge. When Ronald D. Moore five years later with his new edition „Battlestar Galactica“ had more success, Hatch got in the role of radical politician and former terrorist Tom Zarek. Then it was quiet around him. More recently, Hatch made also as great supporters still located in the development „Star Trek“-talk Fanfilmprojekts "Axanar" by itself, for its short film history „Prelude To Axanar“ he already stood as Klingon Commander Kharn front of the camera. Die Fanfiction, which was financed through a crowdfunding campaign, can still be accessed via Youtube. Last moderated Hatch evening events on cruise ships.

Prelude To Axanar

He played „Captain Apollo“ in the Battlestar Galactica series and the resulting from it films the Commander Apollo, one of the two lead characters next to Lieutenant Starbuck. Battlestar Galactica was then in the wake of star wars incredibly successful – we had nothing – and from Muffit I still have nightmares. Thanks for all the SciFi fun and rest in peace Richard „Captain Apollo“ Hatch!

Apollo and Starbuck - You've Got a Friend in Me

Sir John Hurt mit 77 Years died

Just in we celebrated his birthday, now we have to say goodbye to John Hurt. „the Elephant Man“, „1984“, „Alien“ or „Dame, king, as, Spy“ – Hurt excelled always. A great actor, hit its always melancholy countenance an immediately under the spell. John Hurt was in its experimental, inquisitive work many loud and silent, But always impressive other ways, to express his characters. All the same, where Hurt appeared, he remained in the memory, He was great in the small rollers.

Eccentric and outcast, mistaken autocrats and tortured resisters: The actor John Hurt immersed himself body and soul into the depths of human nature. No other performer of his generation embodied pain and injury as intense as the 1940 born Briton. Hurt urged his game never forward, was never a man of the first series as his friends and drinking companions Oliver Reed and Peter O'Toole and yet his best roles were burning deep into the collective movie memory: the „Elefantenmensch“ Joseph Merrick, Gay-Ikone Quentin Crisp, Winston Smith in „1984“ or the Roman Emperor Caligula were just some of his most famous roles, he personified. The entire range of human weakness and fragility could embody Hurt with the forcefulness of his early wrinkles furrowed face and sinewy Drahtigkeit his physique. In each of his roles he immersed himself completely, no matter how deep the abyss seemed.

The son of an Anglican vicar Hurt grew up in sanctimonious ratios in the English county of Lincolnshire. The father was aloof, the youngest of three siblings hung Hurt the coattails of his mother, but drove already as an altar in worship all sorts of jokes, when he censers deliberately overcrowded, to the community and to enable einzunebeln fainted. However, at the Church's Prep School, he failed and was sent to a public school. A culture shock, the Hurt deeply impressed: The authoritarian rigor of teacher, the brutality of bullies in the schoolyard, the constant swearing – Hardening of the working class, which had hitherto been unknown to the sheltered son of a pastor. Hurt retreated into fantasy worlds back and developed, teased and intimidated, his flair for Underdogs. 1966 discovered director Fred Zinnemann stages- and television actor and gave him a supporting role as Richard Rich in the novel adaptation „A Man for All Seasons“.

His breakthrough he experienced after many smaller roles and several years as a member of the ensemble at the Royal Shakespeare Company, however, only 1975 for his starring role as scene size Quentin Crisp in the TV biopic „The Naked Civil Servant“. Gay cinema was still there in the seventies, aloof to establish voyeurism or didactics, so Hurts fearless, made bitchy-flamboyant portrayal of queer icon stir. The following year, he shocked television audiences again with his outright wrong Caligula in „I, Claudius“, the crawled to his dying grandmother to bed and his pregnant sister the unborn child cut from the belly. Three years later, Hurt won with his portrayal of inmate Max in Alan Parker's prison shocker „Midnight Express“ a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor and an Oscar nomination. 1979 followed one of Hurts shortest, but spectacular theater performances. In Ridley Scott's space thriller „Alien“ he plays the pitiful crewmember Kane, the for a greedy ate spaghetti dinner the first horror-Creature from the chest breaks. The shock on Kane's face, in the mix of pain and disbelief, is scarier than the grandiose special effects in this scene.

With physical infirmity it was also Hurt 1980 In David Lynch „the Elephant Man“ doing. He played, virtually unrecognizable under monstrous deformations, the affected by the rare Lymphstörung elephantiasis British Joseph Merrick (called in the film John). His outcry at the film went to the marrow: „I’m not an animal. I’m a human being!“ The touching, often compared with Boris Karloff classic Frankenstein performance performance earned Hurt another Oscar nomination. Under the heavy mask alone pained, thrown back frightened or contemptuous glances and gestures, designed Hurt so pitiful as graceful figure. With the same sensitivity Hurt made also with poetry against the authoritarian „Big Brother“-Regime Reluctant individual Winston Smith for acting event. As Michael Radford's adaptation of George Orwell's Gesellschaftsdystopie „1984“ came to the movies in the same year, the suffering and the frailty of his movie characters reflected long and in private life John Hurts: His longtime companion Marie-Lise Volpeliere-Pierrot died 1983 in a riding accident. Hurt succumbed to alcohol, he was fond of uncertainty since its inception.

Nineteen Eighty Four (1984) - Rats - Richard Burton - John Hurt

In later years career Hurt excelled as an experienced and reliable supporting actors and speakers in dozens of roles: remain unforgotten its minimum, but effective as inserts wandmaker Mr Ollivander in two parts of the Harry Potter series, but also concise roles in Lars von Trier „Melancholia“ and as intelligence chief in the Le Carré adaptation „Dame, king, ass, Spy“. ambition, He said once the „Guardian“, had never been his thing. „I have incredibly ambitious people observed: At the moment of success Knowledge they just, where to go, You know, how to deal with it and then the fun begins for them. Toll. But I was not working.“ in July 2015 He was of Queen Elizabeth II. knighted. Religious was four times married, now never been despite his childhood imprint for many years dry cricket fan.

V for Vendetta High Chancellor Scenes

John Hurt died in the Night to Saturday in London of complications from pancreatic cancer disease. A year ago he had in the UK Press was confident, to beat cancer. I can not enumerate, in as many genre films the man was involved, most famous have been mentioned, but are also next to Kane in Ridley Scott's Alien, a role which he himself verarschte again in Spaceballs, Sam Peckinpah in „The Osterman Weekend“ called or he borrowed the hare in Hazel „Watership Down“ his voice and said Aragorn in Ralph Bakshi's animated Hobbit. Hurt remained SciFi and Fantasy immertreu, was the leader of the insurgents in „Snowpiercer“ and of course the diabolical Great Chancellor in „V for Vendetta“. John Hurt was truly a legend of the genre film. A very great actor leaves the stage. Rest in peace. Thanks for all the Magic, John.

Cremation Design: Morbid dishes of human bones

For his deceased grandfather Justin Crowe wanted to create a very special artwork has in his honor 200 human bones in Internet ordered, to them from a very strange Coffee-create service. Meanwhile, from the obstrusen idea actually a business model become. After four months of work, he has held the honorary dinner for eight people. And then began the inquiries, whether one could not even order? Who really wants to have his loved ones after death in the form of a cup or vase with him, looks at Cremation Designs past…

With a background in ceramics, I knew that bone ash was a common ingredient in glaze so I developed a special recipe using typical ingredients like clay, silica, and feldspar, and added my freshly fired, crushed and powdered human bone ash.

Cremation Design: Morbid dishes of human bones
Cremation Design: Morbid dishes of human bones
Cremation Design: Morbid dishes of human bones
Cremation Design: Morbid dishes of human bones
Cremation Design: Morbid dishes of human bones
Cremation Design: Morbid dishes of human bones

In Memoriam 2016

Geraint Hacking has the extremely high density taken to prominence deaths the occasion, to create a beautiful homage to rotoscope style. Four minutes hoping for a better 2017…

In Memoriam 2016 - Rotoscope Tribute by Geraint Hacking

If you do not all of you should have recognized directly:
Gene Wilder – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Anton Yelchin – Star Trek
Tony Burton - Rocky
Burt Kwouk – The Pink Panther
David Huddleston – The Big Lebowski
Alan Rickman – Die Hard
Erik Bauersfeld & Kenny Baker – star wars
Andrew Sachs
Caroline Aherne
Paul Daniels
Frank Kelly
Robert Vaughn
Ronnie Corbett
Victoria Wood
Terry Wogan
Phife Dawg
David Bowie
Maurice White
Muhammad Ali
Leonard Cohen

Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher

at the 23. December, Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack, because she has not survived. The actress, everyone as Princess Leia from the star wars knew trilogy, died on 27. December 2016 aged 60 Years of complications, as „a spokesman for her family to US media“ confirmed. 2016 has taken us many of our pop heroes…

„The world has loved her“, say it in a statement her daughter Billie Lourd, which also as an actress (Scream Queens) works. Fisher was as 19 Years for her role as Princess Leia from the „star wars“-known series. There she played the strong, militant, Elegant, witty, pondered, pragmatic Princess Leia Organa. a role, which should bring her both fame and recognition Kummer. In the years after the original trilogy Fisher difficult doing so increasingly, to build on the huge success of the sci-fi saga, stood in between but always again for genre films on camera. Who does not remember their memorable and selbstrefferenziellen guest appearance in Wes Craven horror-Sequel „Scream 3“ or connecting nut Mrs.. Crenshaw from Sorority Row (Sorority Row)? Carrie was not just the Princess of Alderaan, but a talented, complicated, infinitely funny, successful woman in Hollywood, deserve their impressive career honor.

The daughter of Hollywood actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher (1928-2010) also played in films like „Blues Brothers“, „When Harry Met Sally“ and „Favorite Enemies - A soap opera“ With. She has published eight Books, including recently her autobiography „The Princess Diarist“. In it she reveals, that on „star wars“-have set with her colleague Harrison Ford had an affair. Your books, I have unfortunately never read, but always fantastic Quotes Discovered, which are of course now gesharet again everywhere. Your work as Script doctor was highly regarded for decades, although officially, of course, little has been confirmed. their Talk show appearances were also entertaining and her powerful performance in the award of the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award to George Lucas aka The Roast of George Lucas was legendary. 2015 she returned in „star wars: The awakening of power“ in her iconic role as General Leia Organa as vivid as more than three decades on the canvas back and precisely that trilogy they should also 2017 lead back to the big screen.

Carrie Fisher Roasts George Lucas at AFI Life Achievement Award

Fisher told in her book „Wishful Drinking“ a story, which led to the quotation, she wanted in her obituary:

Anyway, George comes up to me the first day of filming and he takes one look at the dress and says, ‚You can’t wear a bra under that dress.‘

So, I say, ‚okay, I’ll bite. Why?‘

And he says, ‚Because… there’s no underwear in space.‘

I promise you this is true, and he says it with such conviction too! Like he had been to space and looked around and he didn’t see any bras or panties or briefs anywhere.
Now, George came to my show when it was in Berkeley. He came backstage and explained why you can’t wear your brassiere in other galaxies, and I have a sense you will be going to outer space very soon, so here’s why you cannot wear your brassiere, by George. So, what happens is you go to space and you become weightless. So Far So Good, right? But then your body expands??? But your bra doesn’t- so you get strangled by your own bra. Now I think that this would make a fantastic obit- so I tell my younger friends that no matter how I go, I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.

She had often struggle in life with their disease, but her funny and relaxed approach and commitment as an advocate helped. Not only her. In appearance at twitter was always funny, their creative writing for years as kryptisch legendary. As no second coined Carrie Fisher heroines figure of cinema. She was lovely times, times shooting happy and at all, what she did, inviting them to their audience: Take life too seriously! must be to her since 40 Years to measure all heroines figures of cinema and they will have it in the future as well, because enough of you not zoom in its many facets. In „Rogue One“, the film, which tells the history of Episode IV and is currently running in theaters, Fisher's for a few seconds as a very young Leia to see again thanks to digital magic and she speaks a single word: „Hope“. One might think, that their life mission is summed up in this scene, to be forever young and forever hoping to Donate. But to appreciate Carrie Fisher's life, ie, them as fictional and as real heroine, As Boy to keep princess and old Rebellin remembered. Thank you, Carrie. take care. May the Force be with you… Always.

Princess Leia - Carrie Fisher Tribute - BBC Orchestra

Handmade leather skull from Brooklyn

Human skulls as decorative items carry a taboo subject of death right in front of the eyes and for the people has the finiteness of life something mysterisches, what we always has interested and will be interested. „Memento Mori“ calls itself the latest design piece from the house Heavy Eyes, which is a life-size skull replica leather. As the material was not a tough cookie, but high-quality processed Premium Leather. The items will be assembled in a factory in Brooklyn by hand, as connecting elements serve Metallschräubchen. In two variants are the decorative „Memento Mori“-to have skulls: Black leather with black metal and natural leather with silver-colored screws, the unit price is 180 U.S. dollar.

Handmade leather skull from Brooklyn
Handmade leather skull from Brooklyn
Handmade leather skull from Brooklyn
Handmade leather skull from Brooklyn
(via HighSnobiety)

The Merry Cemetery

A small town cemetery in Romania has colorful by its „grave stones“ made a name. The Merry Cemetery in Sapanta uses wooden signs, painted with pictures of the deceased and „colorful“ Epitaphs on them. These were all of Stan Ioan Pătraş and after his death, his protege, manufactured Dumitru Pop. From anywhere in the world, people come to see the cemetery and who now read more Knowledge liked, find more here

Merry Cemetery | 100 Wonders | Atlas Obscura
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