Fire Chasers – 4k

Jeff Frosts Timelapse-Clips are just great, This time he has with the camera wildfires in the US&A detained…

US wildfires burned 10 million acres in the US last year exceeding six billion dollars in costs, making it the most destructive annual natural disaster in the world. Fire Chasers plunges deeper into California wildfires than ever before with unprecedented access granted by CalFire and the breathtaking imagery of acclaimed film and photo artist, Jeff Frost.

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California On Fire Preview

Undisturbed Places – A Timelapse Film

Maciej Tomków spent a month in Namibia and Botswana on the go. places, the least to „lightpolluted“ Places belong on this earth and are therefore perfectly suited for night sky time lapse recordings and you can actually see!

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Undisturbed Places - A Timelapse Film


Here a burning tree in time lapse, taken by Andrew Walker, who had his camera with him at random, burned as a tree in a forest. it does not look so well all day.

As I was DRIVING through Northern Arizona in early May I came across this controlled burn in the Kaibab Forest.

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London: The Square Mile City – Timelapse

Lon­don bietet ja die eine oder an­de­re Se­hens­wür­dig­keitund und genau diese haben Devin Gra­ham und Car­ter Hogan mit ihrer Ka­me­ra ein­drucks­voll fest­ge­hal­ten

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London - The Square Mile City in 4K! | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

Burning Man 2016 Hyperlapsed

Mark Day accepts virtually every year on „Burning Man“ Part, so auch in diesem Jahr und davon präsentiert er uns den Wahnsinn vor Ort und filmte einige der Verrücktheit, that happen at this event…

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Burning Man 2016 Hyperlapse

Boston Layer-lapse

Lay­er-lap­se ist eine Timelapse-Va­ri­an­te bei welcher die glei­chen Sze­ne­ri­en zu un­ter­schied­li­chen Ta­ges­zei­ten in­ein­an­der ge­mischt werden. Ju­li­an Tryba hat solch ein Lay­er-lap­se in Bos­ten er­stellt und dabei nicht we­ni­ger als 100 Stun­den al­lein für das Fil­men in­ves­tiert, once more 350 Stun­den für den gan­zen Edi­tier-Part und dabei über 150’000 Bil­der bearbeitet.

Tra­di­tio­nal time-lap­ses are cons­trai­ned by the idea that there is a sin­gle uni­ver­sal clock. In the spi­rit of Ein­stein’s re­la­ti­vi­ty theo­ry, lay­er-lap­ses as­sign dis­tinct clocks to any num­ber of ob­jects or re­gi­ons in a scene. Each of these clocks may start at any point in time, and tick at any rate. The re­sult is a vi­su­al time di­la­ti­on ef­fect known as lay­er-lap­se.

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Boston Layer-lapse

NYC Subway Timelapse

Auf dem Youtube-Ka­nal von DJ Ham­mers sam­melt er unter an­de­rem von di­ver­sen U-Bahn-Li­ni­en in New York Vi­de­os aus der Sicht der Fah­rer­ka­bi­neganz in der Ma­nier der schöns­ten Bahn­stre­cken Deutsch­lands, if anyone knows yet ;)

I’m a Video jour­na­list and tran­sit en­thu­si­ast from the NYC area that main­ly co­vers the NYC Sub­way. Here you will find lots of vi­de­os of sub­ways, rail­roads, and tram­ways.

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⁴ᴷ NYC Subway Timelapse - The Queens-bound 7 Line

Exhale 4K: North America landscape timelapse

Photographer Jesse Attanasio was even a few years a lot and has tried in its actually free summertime, as much as possible to discover and suck. But last year was over - time to exhale. Relax. And to make a film about…

After those two years of traveling and ‚inhaling‘ experiences. I’ve picked through my favorites and put together this short film I call ‚Exhale‘. Exhale is what I finally get to do after spending weeks planning, hours on the road, days processing and rendering so I can show what I’ve worked so hard on.

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Exhale 4K

How to Make a Life-Size Lego BB-8 builds

Das Team von Hell Bricks hat für die UK Premiere des neuen star wars Film built this BB-8 from Lego. In the following Video können wir die Entstehung und den gesamten Bauprozess im Zeitraffer sehen!

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Life-Size LEGO Star Wars BB-8! - Bright Bricks Timelapse

Frankfurt Moving

Timelapse from the banking city of Frankfurt, to even the finest in 4K eye candy. Implemented by fennel & Janisch August to December of last year,. Gar nicht mal so unschön, this Mainhatten.

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Frankfurt Moving | Timelapse Film (4k)

Finland in 4K timelapse

Riku Karjalainen präsentiert uns wunderschöne finnische Landschaftsaufnahmen in wunderschönem 4K

Today I’m privileged to share with you the Finland I got to experience. I’ve witnessed the diversity and immense beauty of this land from the very north all the way to the southern parts, yet every time I set off I’m in awe. Finland never ceases to amaze me, And so, I’m truly honored and blessed to call this Country my home.

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Finland | 4K Timelapse

Hollywood Nights Timelapse

Hier eines der neue­ren Vi­de­os von iVi­deo­Ma­king:

We are back with a mini vir­tu­al tour of the En­ter­tain­ment Ca­pi­tal of The World: Hol­ly­wood.

This Video in­clu­des photo se­quen­ces from the Hol­ly­wood Bou­le­vard, the Sun­set Strip and the Hol­ly­wood Hills but we also in­clu­ded the Hol­ly­wood Tower, which was added to the Na­tio­nal Re­gis­ter of His­to­ri­cal Pla­ces in 1988. Each one of the areas came with its own set of dif­fi­cul­ties

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Hollywood Nights Time-Lapse - TimeLAX 04 (Hyperlayers)

Nano Niagara Falls Timelapse

Joerg Daiber has under its LittleBigWorld-Reihe die Niagarafälle einer Miniatur-Behandlung unterzogen. Accustomed finest Tilt-Shift Timelapse in 4K-Auflösung. The stars are actually all the little human ants, scurry around in the funny colorful rain capes…

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Nano Niagara Falls (Time-Lapse, Tilt-Shift, 4k)
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