Dog warns girls in horror movie

Khaleesi, a 4 year-old English bulldog, loves to watch TV. She recently saw Guillermo del Toro Horror „Crimson Peak“. When approaching the supernatural threat and a young girl attack, bellte Khaleesi „racing! racing!“. But unfortunately, the girl has the dog ignored…

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English Bulldog warns girl on TV during horror movie

In Brazil fish drink beer

A hot day on a lake in Brazil. And because it is so hot, the fishermen brought beer – which they also share love generously with one of her new friends – a fish, which is bound for a sip from the water on the boat…

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fish drinking beer

ticklish cat

YouTube Nutzer Ekram Cagala discovered this cat in his backyard. He greeted them with a loving full Stroking, when he noticed something on the basis of the weird reaction, that the creature is probably a little ticklish… ;)

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Adorable cat with a ticklish back

Meeting with family Skunk

Pssst, dont move! Finally, you will not scare this family! Francois Arsenault was traveling on his bike in Pointe-Taillon National Park in Quebec, when he was stopped by a rather tame mother skunk and her litter. Fortunately, only the curiosity, without defenses, satisfied… :)

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A skunk family

captured scary shark attacks with GoPro

Scientific studies have shown, that sharks are not the killing machines, as we see in films like „Jaws“ and „Sharknado“ want to believe, but one should keep close to his sharks limbs better in the boat. Because sharks are unpredictable and known, to use their teeth, to investigate matters on which they encounter in the water. Hereinafter Video we see a few sudden shark attacks, showing us, that you can not go swimming better in shark infested waters, but should have a GoPro camera on hand…

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Great White Shark Attack Caught On GoPro, Shark Attack Footage Caught On Tape 2016 #Rachel

As winter ants

In contrast to many wasps- and bee species hibernate in ants not only the queens, but also the workers and often the larvae. This is done by body fluids are concentrated to reduce its freezing point. The hibernation takes place in late September-early October and lasts ca. 5-6 Months…

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How Ants Survive the Winter

This homemade laser pointer your cat is for Ninja

If you do not feel like having to play with the cat, you can these laser tower with servo motors and an Arduino reconstruct. For safety reasons, the power of the laser has been reduced with resistors. In the following clip, the laser is still bright, so you can see him well

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Cat laser tower

Perfect symbol of America in 2016: Adler becomes entangled in the car

The bald eagle itself is a proud and noble creatures, the chosen the United States long before the time of their national symbol. Recently a Weisskopfseeadler has in Florida caught in the grille of a car and this is the perfect symbol of America in 2016 become. An America that just starts its engines. Police and rescuers could free the unfortunate creature from her predicament. The bird will be nursed back to health in a nature reserve.

Perfect symbol of America in 2016: Adler is caught in a car
(via Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Florida)

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