When two large, black wolves 50 running here km / h next to your car

Last Friday was Rhonda Miller on a Canadian highway road, when they sighted something, the ran off the road. For a moment she thought, be it a man or a bear. But a bear could not be, because it was simply the wrong time of year. Then another figure appeared moved. On closer examination, Miller saw the unexpected and realized, that this huge two, black wolves acted. The woman decided, for a few minutes to follow the animals and to film them, When they walked beside their vehicle…

Woman Races Wolves in Car

As a T-Rex in disguise fool teases big Alligator

This is not just particularly clever guy in the following Video has donned a T-Rex costume to tease an alligator. the 35 Year-old admitted, that he could not really see in the costume and joked, that he a „bad day“ had, as he teased the predator… Schni Schna Schnappi…

Moron Decides To Tease Enormous Alligator While Dressed As A T-Rex

Frightening! Fluffy Bunny eats meat!

Most rabbits are just nice, but the SuperDuper fluffy Angora breed are among the sweetest of all rabbits, even if only a part of their face can be seen under all that fur. This soft, fluffy and oh so cute looking rabbit are scary in any way… unless they nibble meat. It is flesh of red fruit that looks like blood…

Rabbit Eating Strawberries & Cherries (Cute Rabbit Eating Raspberries)

(via I can has Cheezburger)

Ringo the Rhinozeros-Baby

Did you really, that cute, small rhinoceros babies make incredibly cute Quiekgeräusche? BarcroftTV war im Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya go, one Ringo, course after named a Beatle, to visit. He is currently 5 Months old and must be supervised by a whole staff of nurses, because his mother once violation has. The aim is of course, auszuwildern him after two years…

Ringo The Rescued Rhino Star Loves Being A Diva

I’m forever blowing bubbles

I'm forever blowing bubbles

Hach what a fun! Putting our heads all the way into cool water and blow bubbles air bubbles from the nose. Something like that I sit at high summer temperatures at the breakfast table… :)

Maya, the Siberian husky, likes to entertain herself by sticking her face in her water bowl to blow bubbles with her nose, Over and over.

"I'm forever blowing bubbles"

Kitten stuck in a sunflower

We all know the problem of young kittens, which climb trees and then not Knowledge, as they come back down. In the following case the rescue was just, because the kitten has climbed on a sunflower up. What from the perspective of the kitten acts terribly high, is probably the simplest rescue a cat, we have seen…

Kitten Stuck In a Sunflower

Fish swallowed by a jellyfish

Something you do not see every day! Photographer Tim Samuel has in Byron Bay in Australia very special can capture images, as he witnessed them, like a jellyfish swallowed a fish… The poor fish :(

@franny.plumridge and I were starting to think we were the only ones to witness anything like my Fish Trapped in a Jellyfish photo. That was until this afternoon when I received a very exciting email "I too have witnessed this rare phenomenon. I captured it on video while snorkeling at Double Reef beach in Guam in 2013. Over the course of several minutes I watched the fish exit the Jellyfish, swim back inside the Jellyfish, and apparently steer the Jellyfish at will, and repeat. I researched the unusual behavior when I first encountered it, however could not find anything on the internet to explain the behavior. Perhaps others will communicate their experiences and a collaborative understanding of this behavior will immerge" – words and video from Brent Collins

One of Tim Samuel (@timsamuelphotography) posted etes Video at the

Why kill the fly just will never work

BBC Earth Unplugged torments here with a slow motion camera and a fly swatter Animals. For this they had in truth never a real chance, because flies are simply superior to them in terms of perception. This is mainly due to the natural compound eyes, but actually you would only see but also, suggests someone full pot with a fly swatter on a fried… ;)

Ninja Fly Vs Swat In Slow Motion - Earth Unplugged

Rocco, the clumsiest dog in the world

Rocco is not a ballet dancer and his clumsiness is irresistible. In the following clip, we see the English Sheepdog, as he struggles to climb to a bed or to catch a ball, but it is his happy-go-lucky attitude, the always winning

Clumsiest Dog In The World

Wildlife in Highspeed

In the following Video we see nature in Super Slow Motion. Beautiful shots of Alan Nogues, of some nature documentaries filmed and scoured in the last three years. Two minutes, in which nature sometimes a transition switches back and a special view of the otherwise hidden from the human eye movements permits.

Wildlife in Highspeed
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