The strawberry Kalmar has a very large and a very small eye

This is not as, because he has approached the wrong Strawberry Squid females in the deep sea Disco, but of course has to do with the evolution. The strawberry Kalmar (Histioteuthis heteropsis) lives in the deep sea and be able to eat there, but even he would not belong to the things, are eaten. These squid eyes have to do different tasks. But what I say, it looks to you and squid are cool anyway Animals :)

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Absurd Creatures | This Squid Has One Little Eye and One Giant Eye

Clever dog turns in the park dead, to stay longer can

„Man, I would rather die, as this heavenly place Leave!“ This Golden Retriever will have thought, wanted as his owner to show him, that the time in the park is over. „I'm sorry, we can not go, I'm dead“, is everything, replies which it doggy, tries than its owner, to leave with him to Piedmont Park in Atlanta. The show went on and on, moved to master his secret weapon – a stick… :)

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Lazy Dog Doesn't Want To Leave The Park

Why you should never ever turn a cat's back

impressive demonstration, why not:

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Never Turn Your Back on BIG CATS!

notices that you, Friends, That's what! And three cheers for armored glass!

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Don’t turn your back! ‎lion‬ launches itself at a toddler in Japan

Like a herd of bison to be relocated

In Canada they have 16 Bisons vom Elk Island National Park in den Banff National Park umgesiedelt. The following Video shows, as proceeded…

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Bison reintroduced to Banff National Park

Simon’s Cat looking for Love

Even Simon's little cat can not escape the Valentine…

Simon’s Cat looks for love in all the Wrong pla­ces

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Simon's Cat - Looking for Love (A Valentine's Collection)

As animals can see in the dark

Cats and other nocturnal Animals can see in the dark. But why can the ever? Anna Stoeckl explains exactly in their TED-Ed Lecture, was animated to visualize.

To human eyes, the world at night is a formless canvas of grey. Many nocturnal animals, on The Other Hand, experience a rich and varied world, bursting with details, shapes, and colors. what is it, Then, that separates moths from men? Anna Stöckl uncovers the science behind night vision.

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How do animals see in the dark? - Anna Stöckl

This turtle finds sex just „Wow“

The search for a suitable and willing sexual partners is not always Just, but if you have found this, it is sometimes surprisingly wonderful, so that one can say nothing more to this than „Wow“! This turtle white here, what it feels like and can not stop, on his- or better express excitement with this word… :)

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Wow Wow Wow

Tuna against Seagull

Normally seagulls eat fish. For a tasty, tasty seagull comes in the following case a giant tuna to the surface. He quickly noted, that this gull is not so tasty. And since tunas normally eat smaller fish and the springs of the sea gull must have been a surprise for him, has the big fish spits the bird again…

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Tuna VS. Seagull

Giant Panda up Snowman

Or cuddle panda with snowman? as well as always, this panda from the zoo in Toronto has obviously having fun with the snowman in his enclosure…

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Toronto Zoo Giant Panda vs. Snowman
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